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  1. According to his aunt PC Boschmans is a massive player indeed. He didn't sell it for cash, but I do have some proof and another update! I don't think it is. His house was built in '66 and before that there was a stable or something on that land. I think it was a fence to keep animals inside. ------------------- Well, he sold it! Didn’t get a premium for it, not even the 17000 quoted first, but I bet it’s still one of the greatest things that happened to him 😀 Maybe not so for PC Boschmans as he damaged the gold bar a little bit. I wanted to spare you the pain at first, but I find it pretty amusing now 😄 The gold bar was only 15 centimetres / 6 inches deep when he found it. Can you imagine taking 2 scoops and digging up some garbage and a gold bar? He couldn’t either. He thought it was a sick joke or a fake, lead or something. So he used a saw on it 😛 I guess when the inside showed the same color he had that 'could this really be …' moment and took it inside, started googling and sent me some pictures. We looked at options to test it at home, but he didn’t have a graduated beaker for the water displacement test so apart from weighing it there was not much to do. It was a sunday and jewellers stores don’t open on sundays where we live. So I advised him to bite it, which he did. Yup, teeth marks, great! 😆 Those things happened before I posted on this forum. Next day his wife took it to a jewellers store and completely ignored the advice about the XRF test because, impatient about the truth and they took a little piece to test it. PC Boschmans was not informed about this in advance and I bet they were excited about this old bar being found, something they never experienced before. So he went there and met some employees and the managing director who set the price based on weight and nothing else. That’s when he told them he used a saw on it. It didn’t change the price he got for it, but he told me it instantly changed their mood. Those poor people, I can only imagine It would make a great headline though: Man finds exclusive vintage gold bar and reunites it with family who produced it, after butchering it with a saw and putting it through other bizarre tests. Family in tears. He asked if they were going to keep it and the director replied he wanted to, but the sawing issue changed his mind. Oops 😂 The sketchy looking document he got in return for his gold bar: They didn’t know what to write on it since they don’t deal with regular customers normally. 16650 is maybe not the highest price, but who wouldn’t be happy with it? Meanwhile the digging continues, but no interesting stuff so far. Much more junk than you can imagine, these bricks for example come from one square metre. Also a lot of metal, so much that his new Garett detector was useless, it’s going nuts everywhere in the garden. He sold it and decided to turn over every grain of dirt and removing all junk while doing so. Some more junk
  2. Add 50 meters of barbed wire to the list of strange objects!
  3. It was tested on monday and it is legit! 🎉 Actually, his neighbor started building 10 years ago and then never looked at his property again, it's just sitting there unfinished. So he has the opportunity if he really wants 😄
  4. I had a long day at work yesterday, no worries, I will keep the updates coming as long as I get them 🙂 He visited his aunt yesterday who has a jewellers store and she advised to take PC Boschmans offer. Selling them on the vintage market is very dangerous and attracts a lot of people with bad intentions. She added that PCB is the N#1 authority when it comes to gold in Belgium, and getting a chance to visit their premises is a once in a lifetime opportunity. She's been a customer for over 35 years and only got 2 invitations. He's also going to buy another metal detector, he found the one shown below used at a great price (450€) so that way he has plenty of time to dig up the rest of the garden. So at the moment it looks like he will sell to PCB, he's been in touch and will visit them shortly. I'll keep you posted!
  5. Well it’s not gold but he keeps finding interesting stuff! A lot of animal carcasses and now this
  6. Oh she’s the one who’s been calling around all day for digging machines. Don’t forget what gold does to women 🤣
  7. His kids and dog would not be happy 😃 Besides, how to prove you actually dug it up there. Anyone can dig a hole in his garden and claim they found gold... If you want to make an offer I can get you in touch though 😏
  8. The digging continues, I’ll keep you posted 🙂
  9. Yeah I think he will end up selling it for spot price. He can really use the money so he’s looking to sell fast. I contacted rarebullion.com to see what they have to say. They’re also from Belgium so they might know more about the history or even the stamp. It’s still possible PCB lied about the age and it is in fact WW2 gold
  10. He has a cheap one, that’s how this whole thing started. But he thinks it’s not good enough for gold. It’s going nuts all over his garden. There’s a lot of buried iron and copper too. He decided to investigate that one spot because nothing was growing there, not even weeds
  11. They’ve been calling and getting prices for that kind of machinery all day long. By the end of the week that whole garden will be turned upside down 😆 They both have gold fever madness right now. He promised me some pics of his ‘garden’ to share with this forum.
  12. I share your opinion. He doesn’t seem very willing to give a lot of details about it, except they changed stamps in ‘54. I contacted catawiki about it, they auctioned some recent silver bars from the same company at a nice premium so I’m excited to get an answer from them. What do you think is a fair price for this bar? I found a website with 50 gram vintage gold bars from PCB and they all sold out for 52€/gram. But small bars are more expensive per gram, am I right?
  13. I assume PCB is the only one who can check records to see when it was minted? Or is there another way to get that information?
  14. He just asked PC Boschmans if he could get more for it at an auction and they replied: Your jewellers store didnt inform you correctly, 24K gold should have a 999.9 stamp, not 993 so this one is not 24K, which is not abnormal due to its age. If you were to sell it at an auction, you would receive a converted old gold price. Banks would not even take it because it’s 993. An official bar for resale these days (Lingot) is always 999.9. It’s still an amazing find and the purchase value is about 17000 euros. We can exchange this for you if you want to keep it as an investment. Cost for this is 250€ for purification and you also need to purchase 5 grams of gold to get to 500 grams (185€). Like I said before, you are welcome. Best Regards, Johan Boschmans ——————— Looks to me like Johan is a true capitalist and trying to get this bar for a nice price 😁 I don’t believe he would actually melt and refine it, he would probably give my friend a recent 500g bar and make some money doing so and then continue to sell the vintage bar at a nice markup. Their website states loud and clear that they don’t deal with individuals, but they seem very eager to meet my friend 🙂
  15. His wife took it to a jewellers store and they said it was worth €18300 and wanted to buy it immediately 😄 I think an auction would be the safest way to get the best price for it. We have some who specialize in luxury collectibles like this.