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  1. I stored up all their junk mail and put it in a big Jiffy bag envelope along with an old house brick and stuck their pre paid envelope in the front - the lady at the post office weighed it and said it’ll cost them £32 to receive it. what I did forget to do was write on the junk mail to remove me from their mailing list 🙈
  2. But everyone would just pick holes in it😬
  3. Yes minor detail missed - my sincere apologies sovereignsteve and thank you so much for your comprehensive constructive criticism.
  4. Or Isle of Man / guernsey - even Ireland is only 10% corporation tax hence why all the big boys are there - google, facebook etc Just saying there are options if tax is really crashing you profitability - UK is a rip off.
  5. Profit but as company is Jersey registered it doesn’t pay corporation tax and dividend payments don’t exceed the min income tax thresholds - rest goes into pension. So yes it’s 7.5% tax (used to be 10%)
  6. But they aren’t cheaper than HGM........
  7. Well it is for me - I do contracting work and my ltd has 2 shareholders - me and the Mrs. Once a year accounting and 10% tax on £150k revenue. Simples
  8. Well if the extra work saves you ’000s in tax and worry then surely must be worth it? only extra work is producing annual accounts and sounds like you’re already doing the basics by knowing how much tax you are liable for?
  9. Nope it’s well within the laws of tax - I’m a higher rate tax holder - sold a holiday home and few months prior put it in my wife’s name as she’s a lower tax band payer - paid less CGT. Its just common sense
  10. If you don’t use HGM then who would you suggest? cheers