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  1. If I were to do that it would be in ETF form only - not physical. Physical silver in UK is a mugs game imo
  2. Ray Dalio’s thoughts on gold in the medium term: https://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/ray-dalio-says-gold-may-be-king-as-era-of-low-rates-comes-to-end-20190718-p528c6.html Keep on buying then!
  3. so nice to see proper poured silver bars via an awesome video - and great to see your bromance with Silver Husky 🙂
  4. i heard it was Backyard Bullion putting in his silver shot buy order for post Brexit
  5. been a self employed plumber for 12 years - VAT really not rocket science
  6. Agreed - income minus outgo * 20%. Dont see many other sole traders online whinging about it on YouTube.......
  7. Bullionbill01

    Michael H

    Sounds a worse investment then physical silver bullion
  8. I’ll have what you’re drinking!
  9. £510 for the peso and sov - final offer?
  10. Hi - I’ll offer you £500 for the 50 peso and sovereign?
  11. The GSR is also an old age way of valuing silver in terms of seeing if it’s under or over valued. The silver pumpers love showing this as an argument for people to buy silver. since silver has no longer been used in currency this argument just doesn’t have value anymore. Can banks use silver as part of their solvency balance sheets? No! Can they use gold? Yes! Silver is purely an industrial driven commodity.
  12. We sold most our holdings at £200 and got laughed at - what will be the reaction if we bought it back at £1,150??
  13. As well as gold holdings why not spread your cash in a basket of different currency liquidity funds - spreading your GBP risk and also receiving income. Norway (no national debt) and Singapore currency’s are pretty strong.