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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovereigns & 1 Oz Silver Coins

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  1. Also received today (after several phone calls and emails & over 1 month from paying).
  2. Yann

    Hi All

    Just to introduce myself. New member to the forum but been lurking for a while! Been a very useful resource. Relatively new to PMs, have only been stacking for the past couple of years. Originally started to diversify (modest) long term investments in index tracker funds. Current strategy is to keep ~half of my PMs as paper assets that can be sold to rebalance the portfolio, and to keep the other half in-hand long term. For in-hand stuff been mostly sticking to Sovs and any 1oz silver coins that I can get for a reasonable premium relative to spot price (not so easy in the UK!). As someone who use to be a coin collector trying to my best to stick to a long term strategy, mostly for weight. For the on paper PMs, used to use vaulting services, but currently trying out ETCs Anyway, look forward to making more use of the forum and will keep an eye on trades & deals from forum members