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  1. The Chinese Communist Party is definately fudging the numbers in my opinion. Apparently they are running out of test kits, so can't 'confirm' people as having the virus. They are also recording cause of deaths as 'viral pneumonia'. Also, crematoriums are reported to be running 24hrs a day, versus 4hrs a day normal running time. All hard to confirm definitively of course, but this is from people in China who have managed to upload videos reporting on the situation. They wouldn't lock down millions of people in quarantine, unless it was something they were gravely concerned about.
  2. So I purchased my first ever silver proof coin from the Royal Mint the other day. It came in the post today and I'm quite disapointed, as it has some sort of dotted staining on the coin itself and staining on the rim of the coin as well. This isn't normal right? Should I return?
  3. That's why I'm confused because the RM are charging VAT on allocated silver / buying silver coins for storage. Which I find a bit odd.
  4. Interesting article from the FT: https://www.ft.com/content/d1a5cd9a-4292-11ea-a43a-c4b328d9061c If you don't have a sub, I've pasted here: https://pastebin.com/s8riKur5
  5. Judging by some of the videos I've seen from Wuhan, I think this is way more serious than the Chinese government is letting on. I don't buy the official numbers of deaths / infected at all. I guess we'll see in about a week, given that it has a 14 day incubation period.
  6. Thanks. Wow, like others have said £500 quid extra for basically a privvy mark. Interesting... Is that mintage considered low, or no?
  7. Where does it say £800? I can't even find the page for it on the RM website. Anyone have a link?
  8. Would this impact something like this: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/vat-free-storage/ Currently they only charge VAT when you require delivery of the items.
  9. Interesting. I may pick up some silver as well. Will wait for your thread in Feb.
  10. They can only run up this much debt because they are the reserve currency of the world. China, Russia, and India are buying massive amounts of gold, as they are trying to move away from the USD. My guess is that we'll see a gold backed currencey within the next five years.
  11. Hmm, so apparently this is wrong. If you buy silver from the Royal Mint and have them store it, they still charge you VAT! They even charge VAT on their 'signature' range! Pretty sure this wasn't the case previously, but might be wrong. Pretty rediculous charging VAT on items that you aren't taking delivery of. That's like charging VAT on a silver ETF investment.
  12. Never had any problems with my post where I am now. The postie is quite friendly.
  13. I know they are supposed to be bullion coins rather than numismatic, however some of the earlier ones are fetching nice premiums. Just wondering whether it would be worthwhile to get them graded or not? Does this assist in selling on ebay (for example) or add any premium? What do you think? Worth it, or waste of money? Appologies if this has been asked a million times before.