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  1. Got my bars today thanks backyard bullion they look awesum tell misses B thanks too
  2. Hi sterling welcome aboard I'm new myself check out backyard bullion bars they look pretty nice
  3. thank u guys again any ganewz iz good ganewz with Gary ganewz ahhhh the simpler times
  4. Relatively new to stacking only have a little over 100oz of silver 1 good expensive piece backyards 2 pieces will make 3
  5. Me I'm from ohio in the US
  6. Thank u pretty big community & from all around the world?
  7. Hi all new to the silver forum my handle is Cornbread I'm from the US ohio to B exact. Thanks for having me I'll be looking around. Found u guys thro backyard bullion he has some interesting pieces
  8. how much for 2 bars & how would i do payment? would go over seas to usa