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  1. It is a slightly odd one, as all the research I've ever seen (having previously worked in neuroscience research) points towards women preferring low risk/low reward methods of saving etc., often avoiding even so much as S&S ISAs and sticking with standard savings accounts or Premium Bonds. My wife is a perfect example of this, despite (being an accountant) having far more financial knowledge than I. Now, while we know gold and silver coins to be a good store of wealth, there is a lot of risk that you don't really know what you're doing when you first start - my wife thought you had to get a broker involved to buy investment gold, for some reason - so perhaps that is risk enough to trigger subconcious biases against risk?
  2. My latest addition to my World of Dragons rounds from @BackyardBullion, along with my first copper one (really nice!) and the 2 Oz version of the first Allegories round from @SilverStan (nice presentation to go with the chunkier round). Then an interesting take on Alice in Wonderland from a Kickstarter I'd got some non-PM rounds from in the past, happy with my decision to go for a silver one this time - some really great details on the white rabbit side in particular (camera's refusing to play nice today though!)
  3. A big brother for my 2x 1Oz bars from @BackyardBullion.
  4. Might have to have a go at this myself, got a couple of coins with issues that would be only worth spot at best now so might as well try something to make them look cooler. Any useful tips from you experimenting so far?
  5. A bevy of beautiful allegorical ladies from @SilverStan - pictures don't do them justice, particularly the detailing on the reverse.
  6. Cheers for the info, not up on my treasure hunting knowledge, just remember the big .gov.uk warning!
  7. In the UK failure to report 'treasure' finds to the local coroner within 14-days carries the threat of unlimited fine or 3-months prison. If the coroner's inquest finds it to be treasure the crown 'own' it and you, as its discoverer, along with the land owner/tennant each get a share of its value. If it's not treasure you get it back once you work out with the land owner/tennant who gets what. Seems to work but only hear about treasure finds when it's a significant find so don't know how many smaller finds feel ripped off with their settlements!
  8. Pretty sure, came through in the same text conversation as the one to arrange delivery. Supposed to be delivering next Monday, as I had to rearrange it due to vacation, so I guess I'll find out then.
  9. Is there any way to find out what a package contains before paying DHL's charges? I'm asking this as I've received a text about a delivery which has £17 "importation charges" due. I believe the package is a case of beer my wife won ages ago: likely 5-6 Tsingtao beers (for once, a 'gift' label on a Chinese package was telling the truth 😂) so not worth more than £12-15. Assuming £10 DHL fee and 20% VAT puts the "value" of the package at £35... So either I'm getting a more beer than expected or the charge is wrong and I'll be paying more for "free" beer than paid for beer!
  10. A 1 Oz version of everyone's favourite Mexican to keep my 2 Oz company. Two probably doesn't count as an obsession just yet...
  11. Really tempting but sadly already spent my PM budget for August/September. 😔
  12. I find this, along with my desire for variety, the main factor behind me not just ordering tubes of Nuie Athenian Owls (usually the cheapest to acquire for me).
  13. Well Pandas, Kookaburras and other yearly design change bullion have the advantage of different/fresh designs keeping interest that little bit higher - give me a choice between 20 coins that look the same or 20 sharing a theme but looking different and I'd go with the latter. Among "stable" design goverment bullion I feel that our Britannias just about hold their own in terms of derisability of the standard design - I'd generally go with those over equally priced silver Eagles, Maples (I do like the detailing on the leaf) or Krugerrands. The Armenian Noah's Ark is up there in terms of 'artistic-ness' but Libertads would just edge it for me.
  14. Couple of very near-spot rounds from eBay, just to get the stack weight up a bit and play with.