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  1. Chard's, was on offer for ~1% over spot and, as I had just about enough in the PM budget for it, I couldn't say no!
  2. Collected from the delivery office today: A nice low numbered little owl, courtesy of @BleyerBullion along with what is certainly my #1 most beautiful bit of gold so far...
  3. Had similar with an order that arrived in September, paid shipping when ordering and got the 'safe-#2' update once the pre-order was in stock. Sent an email asking for them to send it out a few days later and it got dispatched fairly promptly after that (no direct response from them though).
  4. No real issues with my GSBE orders this year; one with a pre-order coin in it needed an email prompt to get it on its way once the pre-order was in stock but for the others all arrived within a week of placing the order. One slight issue with FedEx as they used TNT for one delivery, had a FedEx tracking number which wouldn't work on TNT site to arrange redelivery (found a TNT number eventually).
  5. This week's arrivals, probably last major buys of the year unless some great deals come along. Couple of libertads, Canadian mounted police and white lions, tube of 2019 'roos, along with a second Krugerrand (Chard's best value 1Oz, my favourite kind of lucky dip!) and a 1/10 Nugget. Pretty good stack building haul overall this year for a 2019 newbie, need to decide on my goals going forward now I've established a nice stack.
  6. Lots of bits I've been waiting for are finally in my possession - Gilded lunars from @Gildeon made it safely across the Irish sea.
  7. As others have said: bars, even though I want to say triangles as they're something a little different. The bars just have some sort of 'je ne sais quois' about them.
  8. Aiming more towards stacker, though I do like variation among my stack so don't mind paying a modest premium for something I like the look of (I do have a couple of very high premium coins on order, purely due to their aesthetic value to me, as their premiums would require a 'silver to the moon' scenario to recoup in melt value). As a UK based stacker there's always the VAT vs shipping from abroad issue on silver which can make collecting more desirable with potential numismatic values exceeding any VAT/shipping losses.
  9. Got it this afternoon, seems the "no one's in between x&y" worked. Driver did have a moan about how hard it is to get back across town from my area in the afternoon!
  10. Not GS.BE's issue but my current delivery via FedEx is a pain in the proverbial. Missed delivery on Wednesday, got home to a TNT card as it appears FedEx/TNT are sharing deliveries; no option on the FedEx site for redelivery and the TNT site wouldn't accept my FedEx tracking. They tried redelivery next day, at almost exactly the same time! Finally figured out where to find the TNT shipment number last night to make sure they try again today... Only out the house a few hours this AM, so, despite adding a note to the delivery stating "no one will be in 'X'am-'Y'am, expecting them to try delivery during those hours again!
  11. Thought that's what it meant... Though I selected the delivery option and paid at the time of ordering. Must've been a crossed wire somewhere!
  12. Anyone know what 'customer-safe#2'' means? Order was waiting on a pre-order to be in stock, which I think it is now, before being sent out...
  13. Had no problems with delivery with my previous two orders... I was in when they arrived though. DPD have been a bit rubbish recently, leaving two packages on the front door step which looks out onto a busy road - fortunately both packages were low value and didn't wander off but the second got absolutely soaked through!
  14. Would be interested to know why we (UK) can't but France (and possibly others) seemingly can?
  15. It is a slightly odd one, as all the research I've ever seen (having previously worked in neuroscience research) points towards women preferring low risk/low reward methods of saving etc., often avoiding even so much as S&S ISAs and sticking with standard savings accounts or Premium Bonds. My wife is a perfect example of this, despite (being an accountant) having far more financial knowledge than I. Now, while we know gold and silver coins to be a good store of wealth, there is a lot of risk that you don't really know what you're doing when you first start - my wife thought you had to get a broker involved to buy investment gold, for some reason - so perhaps that is risk enough to trigger subconcious biases against risk?