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  1. A lovely 10 Oz hunk of silver from @ATL85 (been eying these up for a while and it's even better in the flesh) and a nice little gold elephant from @morezone.
  2. I'd be interested in taking one off your hands. 🤲
  3. Latest forum purchase arrived today from @Robjw - a trio of trios, 2018/19 Oriental border Britannias and 2018 Dragons. Hopefully I can resist the shiny things on here until the end of the month... The stack is growing a bit quicker than it's supposed to be! 😳
  4. Generally okay but obviously a lower quality standard than the Valiants I got at the same time (compare the rims of each picture), the rims have a little bit of 'scuffing' here and there on the milled edges and there's the occasional scratch on the rims (see just under the 'G' on my picture for one of the worst) - probably bumping together in the tube as there's a bit of space for them to move about. Both faces seem pretty much perfect in terms of condition on those in my tube.
  5. First forum purchase arrived today, couple of very nice TSF 1Oz bars from @BackyardBullion
  6. Mine from gsbe came in capsules this week.
  7. A trio of 1Oz Valiants and a full tube of 2017 Voyaguers - fancied a tube of something (have been a bit of a magpie pciking up things in 1's and 2's as I spot something pretty) an these came in at a good price/nice balance for me. Think the valiants look really nice in the flesh, might have to look at getting a 10Oz.
  8. I'd be afraid of accidentally breathing it in! 😂 I do wonder at what weight gold loses that, for want of a better word, "gravitas"?
  9. First foray into 1/10 Oz - relative newbie to pm stacking and been mainly sticking to sovereigns & 1Oz silver/gold bullion coins. Thought I'd see just how small these tiddlers are in the flesh! (May need a better camera lens if I'm getting any more things this small)
  10. As a newbie gold/silver stacker I took advantage of the maximum 3 at £224 last month... Not tried again yet. Lots of nice postcards for my wife to use for entering competitions have been arriving until today - a H&B junk mail arrived with no postcard in it! I may have to write a 'cease and desist' if I'm not getting my postcards 😆