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  1. Aiming to get some tubes of some sort of 'standard' bullion silver (ASEs, Brits etc) later this year so this could tip me towards getting a tube of 2020 eagles... Hopefully they don't muck up the design change given that 25-year law!
  2. After diving into PMs in a bit of a headlong rush last year I'm aiming to be a little more considered and selective this year. Couple oz's to add to the gold stack and no more than 100oz silver. For silver, got the World of Dragons and Queen's Beasts sets to finish off but will be aiming for low premium bullion, either a couple of full 1oz tubes or a foray into 10oz coins. Got a 1kg bag of 90% US constitutional silver on its way for a bit of something different to start the year. For gold, low premium bullion 0.25oz or sovereigns as I think a larger proportion of fractionals will fit my long-term aims better.
  3. 😄 1oz silver coins with pretty pictures on them - the two with gilding are particularly nice in the flesh.
  4. A trio of fancy paintings... Been waiting ages for these thanks to the constant delays on the 'pre-order' Cameroon Rembrandt one!
  5. Couple of sovereigns (1909/2015) from Atkinsons, another 2014 Libertad and my first buffalo added to the collection this week.
  6. Liberated from the RM delivery office today, pretty little Britannia from @Daytona
  7. It's mine now! You can have it back next year... Unless I get something really good 🤞
  8. 😂 It is just the 1 oz, auto-correct does like its capital letters!
  9. I'm in - will be donating a 1Oz Germania/Britannia Allegory (few small milk spots around Britannia's shield, unfortunately).
  10. Latest silver dragon and its coppery friend to take up residence, courtesy of @BackyardBullion
  11. Chard's, was on offer for ~1% over spot and, as I had just about enough in the PM budget for it, I couldn't say no!
  12. Collected from the delivery office today: A nice low numbered little owl, courtesy of @BleyerBullion along with what is certainly my #1 most beautiful bit of gold so far...
  13. Had similar with an order that arrived in September, paid shipping when ordering and got the 'safe-#2' update once the pre-order was in stock. Sent an email asking for them to send it out a few days later and it got dispatched fairly promptly after that (no direct response from them though).
  14. No real issues with my GSBE orders this year; one with a pre-order coin in it needed an email prompt to get it on its way once the pre-order was in stock but for the others all arrived within a week of placing the order. One slight issue with FedEx as they used TNT for one delivery, had a FedEx tracking number which wouldn't work on TNT site to arrange redelivery (found a TNT number eventually).