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  1. Same here, generally go with the medium stubble look most days. Hard to get too beardy teaching, though got a few months now to have a go if I really wanted!
  2. A nice, shiny train and a couple of bonus silvery bits from @InvestInCoins888
  3. A little something from our favourite postcard and paper dispensary... Pic insisting on being upsidedown 😆
  4. Think I'm around 50:50 (quite a few only slightly numismatic, a few rather high premium), I do like different and interesting, which makes up a lot of what I have but got a few tubes of low premium bullion to balance things out.
  5. First piece of platinum on hand, courtesy of @kneehow2018 (second purchase but first arrival - Britannia on the way from European Mint).
  6. My S&S ISA down by ~9% and S&S LISA down by ~20% but hadn't built them up all that much yet so not a big hit in the grand scheme of things and do have them set to high risk - so hopefully high reward once this crisis is done with. For me there's still plenty of time to build up pension funds and plenty of PMs and 'safer' savings to fall back on but I would be very concerned if I were older and had less time to rebuild the pension funds.
  7. Still buying here, mainly as a hedge against riskier investments and something more 'fun' than low interest savings and premium bonds. Though only as I'm in a secure financial position thanks to Mrs The Taller's frugal nature - marrying an accountant does have its advantages. If my easy access savings were not so healthy I doubt I would risk the potential need to liquidate PMs in an emergency by buying much right now.
  8. Couple of 1/25oz tiddlers from @DarthGareth to tide me over until I can get my hands on some bigger things.
  9. Placed an order last Friday, took until late on Wednesday for the confirmation. Expect they're just a bit busy right now.
  10. Got a decent amount out myself the last couple of days, just as a hedge against any IT issues cropping up in the various banking systems (possible if staff levels drop too far).
  11. I'll volunteer for this... Got no teaching or marking to do for the time being now!
  12. The current alcohol stack... Might need a bit of topping up soon!
  13. Just got an email from UK Bullion about this, they say they won't be able to send my order due to no insurance - can still collect from them locally though
  14. Last of the dragons, courtesy of @BackyardBullion
  15. First gold pieces of the year from HGM: a French 20 francs and an Austrian 8 florins/20 francs.
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