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  1. Thank you 🙏 I greatly appreciate your kind words glad you like him 😀
  2. 1F943F26-DA6E-4161-8C2A-5DA49937025F.m4v
  3. Hi guys, I have some new pieces available and thought you might like to see them Stackerqueen buttons are 1oz and £22 posted The Pile of skulls is 12oz and 240 posted penguin is 5oz and 100 posted the see no evil skull bar is 13oz and 260 posted The DC are between 4ozt and 4.5ozt (Batman, Riddler and Joker) these are 85.00 posted The groot in Carbonite is made to order and the weight varies but it is approximately 6.5ozt and 130.00 posted Thank you for looking
  4. https://youtu.be/yIfRNZUdrc0
  5. Quirky little pirate bars in their own wee chest
  6. Thank you, I appreciate the kind compliment x
  7. Thank you for your kind words x
  8. Hello there thank you for the warm welcome Added 0 minutes later... Hello there x Added 0 minutes later... Thank you I appreciate the warm welcome
  9. Thank you Ryan, I try to be a bit different x
  10. The boxes are a hobby keeps me away from the other half as i can say sorry darling busy cant hear you for the hammering 😂😂
  11. sure so if you buy the jigsaw piece for example, he is 8ozt troy so cost would be £144 for the piece, £5 assay fee and £7.40 special delivery customewooden box with artwork and brass fastners and velvet inlay is included free so all in cost is £156.40 for forum members, instagram followers, youtube subscribers friends, aunty margaret etc added pic of the box which i hannd make and include free as its pretty awesome 🙂