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  1. Would the Harrington Byrne - £229 sovereign be good for a first time buyer?
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah the gravity and ping test sound cool, I'll definitely be having a play with those at some point.
  3. If you have scales, measuring caliper and a magnet, is there any reason to splash out on a verifier, XRF analyzer or any other device? This is in relation to well known gold and silver coins only, so specified dimensions are known. Surely then with the mentioned tools we have everything needed to weed out fakes? I'm fairly new to all this but have a background in science, so I'm wondering what equipment I should get starting out.
  4. Torak


    Thanks @BackyardBullion I was hoping you'd answer, I've been watching your videos for a little while now! I'll PM you
  5. Torak


    New user from the UK here I'm looking at getting in on group buys from Europe but am a little skittish about it!