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  2. some days 60 feels like I was run over by a truck!! For the newer stackers set a goal and when you reach your goal raise it. I started years ago with 500 ounces of silver and when I hit that goal I raised it to a 1000 ounces. I think it is very smart to buy gold also as pretty soon paper currency will be worth less and less. Jim
  3. You have to treat these countries like a disease, do you attack the disease when it is small and weak or do you wait until the disease has consume most of your body? In the 1930's look what happened when Chamberland gave in to Hitler. If you give in to bullies they will take more. I hear people bitch about the USA and when they bitch to me I just tell them it will not hurt my feeling if they moved to Mexico or even Hong Kong. Won't bother me at all. Jim
  4. blindguy

    ngc proof grades

    Awhile back I talked about sending proof coins in to get graded. Just thought you might like to know I sent 40 in to NGC. I got a lot of 70 ultra cameo including my New Zealand laughing owl in 70 ultra cameo. Very happy. Jim
  5. First off I am a lot older then you most likely so I stopped counting the silver when I hit 5000 ounces and I am still buying more silver and gold each week.
  6. Go to ha.com heritage has some good coin auctions. Goldberg is also good as is Stacks.
  7. I talk today with some major coin dealers. They told me that proof liberty or V nickels are cheap right now. Cheapest they have seen them in many years. They also said that three cent nickels in proofs are also very cheap now. The only problem is they think it might take 10 to 20 years for them to go up in value. At my age that is to long of a time but for you collectors in the 20 to 45 year old range you might want to consider buying some nice proof cameo coins for your later years. Jim
  8. I have to sell some of my slabbed collector coins and currency due to unexpected medical bills and I was not happy at how much value the coins have lost. Mint state Morgans are 10% to 20% back of grey sheet and just about every coin I have to sell has lost money for me over the last 30 years! So from now on I am going to buy gold and silver coins as close to melt as I can. I think gold and silver are going to keep going up. J P Morgan said yesterday they expect $2000 gold and I am in that camp. I still own lots of collector coins in high grades but I will not be adding to that collection anymore. Jim P.S. My wife is fine after the surgery and we will beat the breast cancer.
  9. Talk to a friend who owns a coin shop in the states. She said that people are lining up to sell silver yesterday and today. When I talked to her today she had around 10 people waiting to sell silver. I am not selling but buying more silver and gold tonight from a person who called me yesterday. My question is are you a buyer or a seller at these price levels ??? Jim
  10. Hi from South Dakota and welcome. Jim
  11. Welcome from South Dakota. Jim
  12. It is not a secret as much as where and how you bid on auctions and dealers you buy from. Give me a call and I will try to help. My friend Mike K. and I have used this to buy gold and platium for 3 or 4 years now on auctions to buy gold at or very close to melt. My number is 605-381-4625 Jim
  13. Hi, if you were here in the states I could and would help you by showing you places I buy gold at melt. I only buy NGC or PCGS graded gold coins and pay melt and that includes the shipping. But it a whole different ball game oversea where you are. Last week I bought a quarter ounce gold panda 1987 in ngc ms69 for $356 and that included the shipping.