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  1. It is not just the bbc. CNN ,nbc, abc cbs and even bloomberg all have their agenda. They are no longer news programs. They are not fair and balanced and a lot of times they are just liars. The real problem is a lot of people believe the bad that comes out of their mouths. Last week on the so called news a professor from California said on the news show that all people east of his state to New York don't deserve as good of health care, food and a good life as we are not as important as the people on the west and east coast. This moron teaches our kids and does not even know where his food is grown!!! Jim
  2. I hope crypto's are safe for you younger guy's out there. As I hope the stock markets keep going up for you also. For me I have been investing since the mid 1970's. In the late 70's I was told the power of the stock markets is unstoppable told that again in the late 80's and again in the 90's and again in the 2000's. Years ago was told that accounts like paypal and your bank accounts were safe and could not be hacked. With time we see that there is always someone smarter than the experts. Through time I learned to not trust what people tell me and learned to go with my gut feelings about things. Jim
  3. Anything digital can be hacked. No matter how good someone is on computers there is always someone better. And also look in to what a solar flare could and can do to the digital world. I just saw a TV show on this that said a solar flare could shut down the grid and internet for months and even years so I will keep my stuff close to me.
  4. Hi, I believe in buying stocks only after a market crash or major down turn. I was taught to buy at lows and sell when markets are hi. I have no use for crypto's at all!! I will at this time stick with gold and silver. As you said the world is a mess right now and I do not trust governments and anything on the computer or in paper can be taken away from you. If you don't hold it you do not own it!! I wish the best for all of you out there with your crypto's but I think you will get burned in time, and as far as stocks a very smart man in the 1980's told me to only buy stocks in company's that make something you can hold and if you drop it you will feel it hit your foot. He told stay out of the clouds. I always wonder what he meant back then and now I think I know what he was trying to say. Good luck investing. Jim
  5. AS far as using 40% Kennedy's for barter, do you think the people you are bartering with will know what they are, their silver content or that they even have silver in them? An example of this is what happen to me yesterday at the grocery store. The store had turkey (whole) for 67 cents a pound. I bought two with a total weight of 48 pounds. The cash register said I owed $80. I told the checkout that that amount was wrong. She call over a manager who had to get another manager because none of them could figure out how to get a total I told them to take 48 times 67 cents and that would be the total. You would have thought I was speaking Greek and I left with no turkey''s as they said they could not sell them until the computer was corrected. I do buy 40% but when silver goes up the 40% silver coins are the first to be sold for a profit. I do the same with the Canadian 80% silver coins. Jim
  6. Over the years I have bought lots of tubes of silver, some from mints and some from dealers. The tubes from mints have always had the right amount of coins but also contained a few mint errors that were worth extra money. And from dealers I bought tubes of dimes (silver) that I was told had 50 silver dimes in a tube. When I got home from the show the tubes had between 50 to 54 dimes in each tube. Another time I bought tubes of silver half dollars and the bottem of one tube contained 5 Iowa commemorative half dollars. I sent them to NGC they graded ms63 to ms65. One time I bought from a dealer a sealed $50 bag of Mercury dimes. I was told that his help had gone through the bag for key dates. He should fire his help as I found 11 1921-d and 1921 dimes and one 1942/1 overdate. So check those tubes. Jim
  7. I open every tube I buy. Never know what you might find.
  8. blindguy

    Silver price survey

    As long as there is no black swan event I think silver should be between $19 to $22. A lot depends on the election next November in the United States. If Donald Trump wins it should slow the rise of silver but if say a Warren or Sanders wins with all the new taxes and regulations they want silver and gold should go way up. Most of the people I listen to on bloomberg tv think if one of those two dem's win the stock markets will fall around 30% which will be good for the metals. And just yesterday Mrs Clinton said she is thinking about running again. So with all of this mess I am buying all the metals I can. Jim
  9. The dealers I talk to are coin collectors themself. They make their living by selling collector coins. I still like rare coins but I think the rare coins will drop even lower then they are now. And with the world the way it is (screwed up) bullion will go up for awile and collector coins will stay flat to lower in price. Buy $20 gold lib's in ms62 as of right now they trade at melt on the auctions here in the states. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!! Jim
  10. fractional bars and rounds cost more then one ounce bars, but my wife and I like them also. We like the valcambi bars, mapleflex bars and the stage coach rounds and bars. If you have never seen stage coach bars they are one ounce bars that break apart into 1/4 or 1/3 ounce bars. If you are going to buy 90% silver coins stick with mercury dimes, walking liberty half dollars and ben franklin halfs as these are easier to sell when the time comes. If you need help finding these and I will try to help you with the name of some dealers. Jim
  11. blindguy

    gold auction win

    The nearest help we found so far is 400 miles away on the eastern side of South Dakota. In our town the only thing I got to help me was a red and white cane. My wife bought me a Topaz machine which enlarges print. There just is not much help out here and my wife hates computers and dose not know much about them. Jim
  12. Never dip a toe in, just dive in head first!!! Jim
  13. blindguy

    gold auction win

    I wish I could but I no longer see well enough to write long coin articales like I use to. I can no longer read coin world or other magazines. I have the time as my wife and I are home bound until Feb. due to her chemo treatments. My fun is bidding on auctions with a friend of mine and working the bid increments as to win gold coin near or below melt. Even this reply took me over 20 minutes to complete. Jim
  14. blindguy

    gold auction win

    This weekend on a auction I won five NGC graded 1/10 ounce Gold American Eagles shipped to my door for $738.08 U.S.All were ms69 grade. Also won a NGC ms70 year of the horse gold 1/10 ounce shipped to my door foe $151 Jim
  15. We do not have sale tax on coins and bullion in South Dakota. What is your tax on bullion in California? We also have no state income tax in South Dakota. Jim