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  1. my favorite online auction started again this weekend. but prices were very high on all gold coins. a mercury dime book with no key dates brought over $4 a dime. gold american eagles were around $1800 a ounce or more. silver rounds were all over $20 a ounce.
  2. i have a friend that puts his mail in a lock box outside his house for 5 days before he opens the mail. my wife and i wear gloves to open the boxes and then burn outside the cardboard and paper, and gloves. the coins get put away after we sanitize the silver bars or coins, only bullion. jim
  3. hello and welcome from south dakota. jim
  4. the interesting part of the silver story is the price that you have to pay to buy any silver
  5. i have very little vision left from a stroke in my eyes and been having trouble using this site. my wife tries to help me but we are not sure how to sell on here. jim
  6. i ordered some queens beast from one company and 100 half ounce rounds from another company. order was placed on march 16 and as of today nothing has been shipped. and my favorite auction house (online) has been shut down now for three weeks and is not going to reopen for another 7 days. so i have been bored! my wife and i are out of quarantine on april 2 but every coin shop here is closed for the next 3 to 4 weeks so still no where to go. jim
  7. hi i was wondering how long will your inventory that you are selling will last and how are you planing to restock collector coins with no coin show or shops open?
  8. i wonder how long the postal service will keep up. i hope the virus does not hit the post office.
  9. i wonder if this virus will be the last straw that kills coin collecting. think about it. there are no longer any coin shows maybe for a few months or maybe longer. online coin auctions are postponed or even canceled. coin shops are closed until further notice. coin clubs are not having meetings. and yes this might be only for a few months but will this social distancing change peoples attude about being in a crowd? if the virus changes the way people get together coin shows might never come back the way they were. at the shows around here the age of dealer and guests was in the mid 60's very few young people. also for the bullion guys and gals with the coin shops closed we have fewer places to buy or sell bullion. refinery's are closing making it hard to get metals in some cases. how long before some mints slow down or close to protect their workers. these are all thing we should think about. on the lighter side i think this virus is a alien plot dropped in china to destroy man kind so the aliens can get our gold. why china, because they have a lot of gold. Jim
  10. they are closing in the states also. silver is getting harder to fine. they even shut down some of the online auction houses.
  11. i never blamed china you assumed that. i blamed no one or no country. the facts are the facts. maybe the virus is a act of god, who knows but i do not blame the british, germans, chinese, christian or anyone else i take great offence to anyone who assumes I am blaming anyone. Jim
  12. the new york times did a article that blames the virus that started in china on christians. that is why i say they are a cull. in cattle country a cull is a specimen that is so worthless and inferior it is cut from the herd. new york times is a cull!! Jim
  13. the point is that no one blames spain for the flu and no one blames china for the china virus. it is just a name, thats all.
  14. it has been a long time practice to name virus and such things by where they came or started at. such as ebola from the river in africa, lyme disease from Lyme Conn. and so on. why does everyone change the rules so we have to tip toe around and kiss china's back side. it is a fact this virus started in china!! it does not mean its china's fault it is just a fact. for all you politicaly correct learn to deal with the truth. I suppose the spanish flu of 1917 should have a name change.
  15. i want to go back. we have had clean air, cleaner then most, birds singing, deer around the house, geese flying over head. these things we had before. now at my age we have the threat of getting sick and dying from the china virus. my wife has been getting cancer treatments and on March 18 a nurse went to work at the cancer center sick. she tested positive for the china virus so now we wait in lock down with over 100 other cancer patients to see if we get the virus get sick and maybe dye. so if this does not seem great to myself and others try thinking about your friends and family members who might get sick and maybe dye. is the cleaner air and less traffic worth the thousands of people who will die. very sad thread. Jim
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