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  1. blindguy

    vat question

    the reason i asked is i talked to a dealer from the south west who has a woman that comes from france twice a year and buys $20 gold lib's to take back to france and claims them to have a value of $20. i guess she has done this a few times with no problem.
  2. blindguy

    vat question

    when importing silver or gold coins from the u.s. do you have to claim their melt value or can you claim the value on the coin? lets say you are importing american silver eagles, do you claim that they have a melt value of $18 or can you say they are a legal tender coin with a value of $1 printed on the coin? same with u.s. 90% could just claim their face value as they are still legal tender coins? is this a loop hole in the vat law? jim
  3. maybe the uk could set up a tax free trading with the states. i would love to see you guys in the uk buy metals and coins tax free like i do in south dakota. it might be wishful thinking but who knows. jim
  4. i do not know about in the u k but here in the u.s. if i run ads to buy silver at melt i can buy a lot of silver. so much so that i stop buying for now. the ads i run are free ads on craigs list, facebook and flyers. The flyers work best with the older people like myself. i have a hard time with facebook but a friend helps me and places the ads and we buy the coins together ( i hate facebook) so my question is do you do the same where you live? jim
  5. If the goal is to protect the coins for the next generation of collectors get them graded. i had some mint bu rolls of 1950's lincoln cents. i knew that if they did not grade ms67 i would lose money on getting them graded i got them graded just to keep them for the next generation of collectors. most of them graded ms66 red and ms65 red but in 50 years they will look just as nice as they do now. Jim
  6. Good luck. i will buy any good deals i find, gold, silver or platium. i do not care which metal it is as long as its a good deal.
  7. hi and welcome from south dakota
  8. Every thing that is bad for you is just stuff. No one died or was hurt, no one is sick. I think you are very lucky and would trade troubles with you any time
  9. I never clean coins. To great of chance of damage to the coins. If it is just bullion scrub away as it will only be worth its melt value. Just remember to rinse with distilled water and air dry. If shiny is all you want i will list some methods i seen other people used. 1. soapy ammonia, borax, rock tumblers, sos and steal wool, buffing wheels, pencil eraser, toilet cleaner and my all time favorite oven cleaner. over the years i have seen a lot of things that have ruin a lot of coins. P.s. the rock tumble took all the service off the coins and i did not buy them from the lady. jim
  10. Hi, NGC has a site that gives you melt value of United states silver coins and world silver coins. Also gold and other metals. The site updates every day. I buy a lot of silver and find the site helpful. The nickels they were selling, were they the silver war nickels from 1942-1945? The silver quarters have a melt value of $3.22 each as of this morning. As I am stuck at home almost every day a few people I know call me for updated silver values when they are out shopping or at a coin show. Maybe you can find someone to call also. P.s. the ngc site is free. I just bought a large sealed bag of silver war nickels 2000 of them. These sealed bags always seem to have a few non silver nickels in them. this bag had 1920 silver nickel, 12 buffalo nickels and 4 v nickels. So be careful when buying sealed plastic bags of silver nickels. This bag came from bells vista, ark. just south of you. If you need more help just ask. Jim
  11. Hi , this time of year is hard for older people who are alone. Everyone out there knows someone who is alone so please take the time to call or visit them this time of year. You do not know how much this means to someone who is alone. Jim
  12. The windy city banned guns years ago and now more people are shot there than any other city in the states. I believe in the right to own guns and I get tired of other people telling me what I can and can not do.
  13. Hi from South Dakota. Have fun and merry Christmas. Jim
  14. Hi from South Dakota. I have been colecting and stacking for 54 years or so. Just have fun and if you buy rare coins make sure they are graded ny NGC or PCGS. Jim
  15. Hi, Sell the silver in small groups so the buyer does not have to send a 1099B into the federal govt. Right now any purchase of 1000 ounces of silver the buyer must send a 1099B into the IRS. Also keep your receipt for what you paid for the silver so you do not pay so much in capital gains on your tax returns. I know of 2 persons who got into big trouble because they did not claim their sales of gold and silver on their tax returns. I use a CPA to make sure its done the right way.