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  1. Thanks for the info. the person selling it said its mintage was 150
  2. Is the 2014 Proof sovereign rare? I have the chance to buy one and was wondering whats it worth?
  3. I am and will be buying silver! People have seem to not be bullish on silver right now and that is why I am buying. Some great deals out there right now. This last weekend silver rounds at a show here were selling at 40 cents over spot. I prefer maple leafs and other govt. .999 fine silver coins over rounds but a deal is hard to turn down. Do not forget 90% silver coins. In the UK I think more people lean towards gold due to the taxes but here no taxes on gold or silver. Do not forget platinum, I think its cheap right now. Also check what sell well in your area no use buying something now that will be hard to sell later on. Over here in my area sovereigns do not sell well in in other areas they sell just fine. Stack all 3 metals and in time you will do fine. Jim
  4. My wife collects the gold cat coins and we buy most of them on auctions. Even at the auctions or shops we have no sale tax on coins and bullion in my state. Most states are like South Dakota with no sale tax but a few still charge tax on bullion / coins. I did notice that ebay is charging sale tax on coins sold to people from some states like Washington state so they must have tax on coins. If you come to the U.S. on vacation and buy coins do you have to pay the vat tax on the coin when you go home? Or if you send them home by the post office? At the fun show years ago I meet people from the UK there buying coins. I wish there was a way to change or find a loop hole around your tax system over there.
  5. From what I have been reading it sounds like you do not have that many coin shops or coin show to go to in the UK or other countries over there. Is this true? Here we have coin shows every week somewhere and most towns of any size have a coin shop. This weekend in Sioux Falls SD there is a small coin show with around 100 tabler/dealers there. I use to like to drive to coin shows so I could hit coin shops there and back for days before and after the shows. Just wondering how it is over there? Jim
  6. I was planing on upgrading my membership as soon as I got more comfortable on the forum site. I am not a business just a collector.
  7. I was wondering how selling and/or buying works on the forum? Are they private sale between 2 parties or does the forum get involved? Does the forum get a percentage of the sale? I just wanted to know hows it works, all the ins and outs of it? thanks, Jim
  8. Fiat is any form of money, govt or private that is only back by the confidence that individuals have that it is worth something. Script, gaming chips, currency and crypto's are all fiat. Roll the dice and buy bitcoin, you could make money but don't forget the truth in what you are buying. You might win. Good luck! Jim
  9. Bitcoin and all the others , over a 1000, are fiat. You have the promise that its worth something the same as fiat currency. and how much did it drop last year. I am old school so when bitcoin has been around as long as gold and silver has been used as money only then it will be money. If you do not hold it you do not truly own it.
  10. This news story seems high but where else can they invest their money? German bonds do not pay and the stock markets seem to high. And all we here on the news is central banks are buying gold and some big banks in the U.S. are buying lots of silver. As far as myself I never buy anything when the price is high so now I am buying gold and silver and when the stock market drops 20% or more then I will buy stocks again.
  11. If you are in the U.S. read pages 90-103 of the Dot-Frank rules. The part about SIFI will make you not trust banks much anymore.
  12. I just bought at auction 4 ngc graded 2017 Palau big skull half kilo coins. I do not know much about them execpt there are 555 minted and are .9999 fine silver. The one coin is number 001/555 which is neat but any other info you have on these coins would be helpful. Thank you, Jim
  13. The one question I use to get ask the most is should I get my coins graded? For me I liked graded coins. They are easier to store and take all the worries out of caring for the coins. They also make some coins easier to sell. Here we see alot of fake coins. Mostly key dates like 1909-s vdb lincoln and 1916-d mercury dimes but lately we are seeing more fake gold coins. I will admit that some coins are not worth grading but send in all coins worth $100 or more in for grading. I sometimes send in lesser coins also just because it easier to store them long term. I like ngc the best but pcgs is also very good. You make the choice what is best for your collection for long term storage.
  14. blindguy

    Hi, I am new

    kneehow2018 thanks and that size of type is perfect for me. Thanks again and have a great day
  15. blindguy

    Hi, I am new

    I am legally blind from a stroke in my eyes. I have 10 % vision left in one eye. Even that is not clear. When I look at the words you guys write I can see towo to three letters of each word at a time. My wife bought me a 60 inch computer monitor and a oversized key board with 1 inch letters. I no longer see colors also so just black and white and shades of gray. My wife is also a long time coin collector so she halps me. I also have a topaz machine that makes larger anything I put in it on a large screen. I use to take members of the coin club I help start in 2005 to coin shows such as fun show, central states, ANA an ect. but since I lost my vision no one even calls me. I got very bitter and quit all the clubs I use to belong to last fall. Then I saw the silver forum and thought I would try to get involved one more time. I still am having trouble with seeing parts of the site. The worst part of being blind is not being able to not see its the way other people treat you. I am still the same guy as before, love to stack and collect coins. I had some t shirts made up last year with a saying on them " YOU CLEARLY SEE WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR VISION" Jim