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  1. They are indeed only proofs.
  2. Interested in that too.. Pm me what you want for it.
  3. Bump, surely someone has one they don't want (he says with crossed fingers)
  4. As title, any one got one to sell/swap.
  5. It's getting close to breaking the 200dma
  6. The pound has clawed back a bit against the dollar this week too, if it was at last week's levels we would be at £1260 again.
  7. We will see tomorrow after JP's comments at Jackson Hole.
  8. Then higher gold prices in terms of sterling.
  9. Increased tariffs on Chinese imports into the US. Increased tariffs on Chinese imports into the US.
  10. Maples sold pending payment.
  11. Welcome offers and will do deals on multiple coins.