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  1. Just picked this from the article The charity is calling for an improved welfare safety net to prevent families where someone loses a job from ‚Äúhurtling towards homelessness‚ÄĚ. To some extent I do agree with this, but there is a problem when it comes to relying on a welfare system as a backup plan, people really struggle with the idea that they need to take responsibility for themselves rather than just expecting the welfare system to catch them as they fall. I've recently helped someone I know get out of debt of around ¬£9k (couldn't be better timed!) and is now understanding the fundamentals of financial intelligence/responsibility, its so rewarding to see them increase their net worth through their own efforts. Instead of calling for a better safety net, maybe call for better education of finance in general, then charities like this wont be so far stretched in uncertain times.
  2. 504,303 volunteers. Amazing. Well done to all those who have volunteered. We needed some good news this week.
  3. Morning all, After Speaking to @ChrisSilver he has given me the go ahead to put this link up for anyone interested in volunteering to support the NHS in its time of need. I have signed up myself for all options, but even if you can talk to someone over the phone for 10 minutes It would make all the difference. I'm amazed at the response it has had already and it makes me incredibly proud to be British. Link Below for anyone interested: Stay safe. Max
  4. Post birthday treat for myself plus with everything going on I needed cheering up. First proof coins, bought at spot price! Perfect!
  5. Just wanted to get everyone's opinion about whether now is a good time have some cash (or maybe all..?) at home as apposed to in the bank? Been toying with the idea for a couple of days now. What are your thoughts?
  6. Afternoon all, Looking to tidy up my stack with H&B packages and silver coins in capsules so will be needing the following: 1 Royal mint gold sovereign tube. 1 Royal mint silver Britannia tube. If you have any of the following (ideally both!) let me know! Thanks Edit - just realised that I should put this in the non PM section so admin please feel free to move, apologies.
  7. I'm aware of this mate but I think you've misunderstood what I've said, I'm asking if the guys who run, or have strong afilliation with the silver forum are likely to attend any further events up north, I'm not asking about a generic coin fair ūüėä.
  8. Great to see a good turn out, id love to go one day. Can I ask, in the future will there be one of these based in maybe central UK? Might give more of us guys in the midlands/north more of a incentive to come down/across and meet with you all as travelling wont be as much of an issue or cost.
  9. 1 QB Lion and 1 Dragon for sale. On the obverse there is marks from where I tried to get rid of milkspots on the Lion, as well as a finger print on the obverse of the dragon (bought like this) . The reverse of both are actually in good condition. Slight milking on the top left of the coin on the rim of the dragons reverse. Selling as a set at £75 due to conditions stated, plus postage of buyers choice and risk. Bank transfer only as well as UK buyers only. Open to offers!
  10. Thanks for this mate, I can see it's sold but I only wanted those 2 coins as my other ones are fine.
  11. Morning All, Long story short my lion and dragon are not in the best of shape, lion is messed up from me trying to make the milk spotting disappear (lesson learned) and the dragon has a got a finger print on the obverse (bought like this). Looking at the Bleyer Bullion they have the lion for £65 and the dragon for £50, cant see them cheaper anywhere else but wanted to get these two in near perfect condition so don't mind paying the premium, but has anyone seen any others cheaper elsewhere before I commit? Thanks
  12. This! Check out Michael Pollen's book "in defence of food". Really eye opening how the FDA really don't know what the hell they are talking about, as it compares diets all around the world to the western diet and the effects it has on our body. Vitamins A D E K are ALL fat soluble, which means you need to take in fats with your diet order to absorb them fully. Vitamins B and C are water soluble, which means the same as above but only with water. If your struggling to get your vitamin b12 in, I would recommend looking at growing your own vegetables and not washing the dirt off (obviously take the lumps etc off with your hands) soil contains natural sources of b12. Also if you like marmite then also a winner. I'm trying to find the details of vitamins & minerals from my course on my laptop, if ill find it ill attach it as its super helpful. Update Check out this PDF file I've attached for you, start from page 65 and work your way down, page 87 gives you all of the vitamins, their uses and what best sources to get them from. Id personally recommend having eggs in your diet, they are a superfood that gives you so much of what you need as a human. Hope this helps. AIQ_L3.pdf
  13. Came through the post yesterday, 1908 half sovereign from @Tommmmy555.
  14. Received the 1/10oz Kookaburra gold coin today. Although tiny it's a lovely coin.
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