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  1. I bought 3 more sovereigns before the price bump, so im about £100 quid up on that, that's enough for me :). Hind sights a wonderful thing!
  2. Just an update on this, I have opened a SIPP today. Figured I could start now whilst I have the spare cash. I live within my means as well, im not flashy, never seen the point, I have a roof over my head, healthy food in my fridge and stomach, and clothes on my back, its all I need. I'm one of those (in my opinion) lucky people that never had a lot when they were growing up so the value of money has been instilled from a very young age. Thanks for all the advice guys, you've all been a great help!
  3. Since April this year the minimum contribution is 5% from the employee, 3% from the employer, so you are not wrong. I haven't seen any information in regards to the government upping this amount as of yet.
  4. It says on the page "make further savings when ordering by phone" be worth knowing if anyone has tried this to see what they mean by that. Probably an upsell tactic though...
  5. Just seen a H&B sov on there for £293 😕
  6. It's on the list, once the course is done I have about 5-6 books I want to read, this one is included in that list 😊.
  7. Yeah I've never been one to follow the crowd, the whole reason I'm aiming for 5 years is there are things I want to do first before buying a house, just so I don't look back and wonder what if. When the time comes though, depending on how much of a stack iv got, and the price of PM's, ill look to sell some for said house, maybe all if it means a better mortgage, guess we will see when the time comes.
  8. Just tried buying the sovs for 224 and shopping basket says empty . Must've missed the opportunity!
  9. @PansPurse I see what you mean and I have thought about it. Might open one with an old work pension and take it from there, at least I have control over what is invested! @Paul I know what you are saying, hopefully within the next year my business venture will take off and won't be working for anyone else, these things do take time though! Can I ask, where did you learn all that from? Would be good to know the source so I can add it to my things to read. @Martlet agree on the £:$ but who knows what going to happen! Thanks for your input! @vand I've been watching your threads closely and I'm quite a fan myself, some solid knowledge has been gained. Unfortunately they don't match contributions at my work, hence minimum contributions. It was my first question about the pensions When I started working there. This was only 6 months ago though. I always try to "avoid the noise". Again this was just to run it past like minded individuals who may have an insight. @AuricGoldfinger thanks for the input! I am waiting for the housing market to crash again if I'm honest, it's just too expensive at the moment and I'll hopefully have a sizable chunk when when that time arrives. Going back tobwhat Paul said I have something in the pipeline at the moment so side hustle will start very soon! Also appreciate what you're saying about a solid foundation. Noted.
  10. That's factored in separately, I only do minimum contributions as I prefer to have access to anything I invest at the moment. I don't have a SIPP, but have looked at transferring other pensions I have from other employers into one.
  11. Thanks for the positive comments all. Always saving around 15-20% sometimes more depending on the month. I don't have any debt by the way never went to uni. Didn't know what I wanted to do and wasn't prepared to pay £30k+ for something I may or may not use. Thanks for the useful information none the less, I'm here to learn from others!
  12. First of all I hope this is in the right section so apologies if it isn't. I have had a look through the site to find something similar but as this is a personal circumstance I thought it best to start a new thread. So a little about myself so you guys can get the full picture first, I aim to buy a house within the next 5 years, and I already have £5k saved for house deposit through a cash lifetime isa (I'm 27), I also have S&S Isa (3.5K) so I want to keep this money separate from that. The main attraction of course is that if you deposit money into a lifetime isa you get an additional 25% on top, which would give me and extra £1k, which is fantastic (fully aware of early withdrawal fees and don't aim to withdraw what so ever, I have a 3 month emergency fund else where) Thing is, I've been doing a lot of research about the volatility of the economy at the moment (Brexit, china/Usa trade war etc) and feel that instead of just ploughing it into the lifetime isa for a house, would it be best to split the pot to preserve the wealth a bit? I already have 15oz of silver and 1 sovereign, and the H&B sovereigns for £224 look tempting. I feel for my age I'm doing quite well but is there anything I'm missing here? I've almost got a mental block about it and just need some outside perspective. Obviously I have posted on a forum which has a keen interest in PM's, so aware of the advice that might be given already 🤣. Just wanting to give myself the best future possible, for the sake of any future family I may have.
  13. As a person studying to become a personal trainer, I couldn't agree more!
  14. Growing populations and the realisation that final salary pensions are too expensive. Although my generation doesn't have this luxury (I'm 27), what I am thankful for is the government making workplace pensions mandatory. Of course you can opt out, and I know people that have done that. But people my age will be thankful for this when they are older. Especially the ones that don't do what we do for a hobby. I do not expect a state pension hence why getting your ducks in a row at my age is quite important. I've never really understood why its such taboo talking about this sort of stuff, glad I've found a forum that talks about this openly. Most people my age don't like talking about this because its waaaaay in the future, plus most are in debt (not a mortgage) one way or another. Guess I was born in the wrong decade or something 🤣.