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  1. Received the 1/10oz Kookaburra gold coin today. Although tiny it's a lovely coin.
  2. Picked up my first dated full sovereign from another forum member today. Chuffed to bits with it!
  3. As I said I would here is my end of year full stack photo. Although modest I'm quite pleased with how it went this year, considering starting in April.
  4. Further to this I've had a look and I think its the variety number S-3863 (spink) or McDonald 018a. Now I might be getting way ahead of myself with that as it's categorised as R3. Opinions welcome. Link for information I found https://onlinecoin.club/Coins/Country/United_Kingdom/Half_Sovereign_1877/
  5. He doesn't have it unfortunately but we've had a look online and found some interesting information on numistip. I do think it's the wide ribbon version which apparently there is 20,000 of them. (I'm guessing that's obverse 3 from that book you mentioned @sovereignsteve?) I think this might be a job for @Numistacker...
  6. Amazing thank you, I think he also might have this one as well! I'll check that out before I go any further I think. Appreciate the help!
  7. Cambridge coins, didn't know there was more the one by him. I just borrowed this from my dad.
  8. If this is "The gold half sovereign" by Michael A Marsh. Could you tell me which page you are looking at please for the obverse 3.
  9. Hope this is what you're after. After several attempts this was the best of the lot. Noted about the details grading. I'm not really fussed about it being graded at all, i was just curious to get other people's opinions.
  10. Afternoon all, Looking to get the opinion of more experienced eyes than my own about this sovereign and what you would grade it at, as well as what you'd pay for it. Not looking to sell it I just can't quite figure it out by myself. You can see that reverse side looks really good but the obverse is much more dull in colour with scratches. Whether someone has got some polish to this I've no idea. Interestingly it's showing as a scarce coin with only 80,016 minted from Melbourne in 1877. So very pleased with this purchase.
  11. Could very well be, although people as a whole aren't great with money, things do crop up which put on you on the back foot and then if you have a stagnant wage with rising costs, its a very slippery slope. I know a lot of people struggling right now, some of whom have actually asked to borrow money. Worrying times.
  12. Not only that but they are also increasing rates for premium bank accounts too. Someone I know who pays for their bank account (for additional perks of course) is having the rate being hiked up in the new year. Regular savers giving 5% have all pretty much dissipated as well.