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    How much for 5 posted? 
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    Lewbear got a reaction from Stu in Buying gold now   
    Definately a lot of interesting points raised and a lot to take on board. Ended up picking up a few sovs just ti get foot in the door really, im also terrible with holding cash (big reason for saving thrpugh PM) and i know a bit of self control goes a long way and am getting better but cash is too spendable!! In terms of the current high if there is a minor drop not too worrying as more for pong term anyway bit also was lucky before, i only own about 30 oz of silver but current spot is way above what i paid per Oz anyway do hopefully balances out a bit! Nice to see a few different thoughts and opinions though, gives a few more angles to consider! Certainly feeling better just to get off the start line and think it will make it easier for me to hold and wait when the peaks high, although holding the sovereigns does make me want more... the bug has begun and thinking so 24k may be necessary... 
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    Lewbear got a reaction from 5huggy in Buying gold now   
    Once again muxh appreciated all! 
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    Once again muxh appreciated all! 
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    Lewbear got a reaction from Fastnick in Buying gold now   
    Thanks very much, i appreciate the responses! Think its too easy to worry about small variations in price and looking at what it was when i first started looking... shouldnt matter really as in for the long haul anyway! 
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    Lewbear got a reaction from goldmember44 in Buying gold now   
    Hi all!
    Just in need of a biy of advice seeing as there there seems to be a wealth of knowledge on here!
    So im very new to this all, looked into this all about 4 yeard ago and picked up some silver but realised wasnt a good time.
    Long and short of it is finally in a good position to make a real start (6 months ago would have been nicer!) But have been watching for a while..
    Question is seeing as i own no gold at all at the moment is now a good to time buy with this current high or is it worth sitting on the cash and seeing how things play out over next few months? Was looking to pick up maybe a sov and a tenth oz or sov and half. Or looked at some of atkinsons special offers (although buying preowned coins seems cheaper, all about weight at mo!
    Sorry for long post and thanks in advanced for any advice!! 
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