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  1. I actually feel bad that modern french coins are so bad and that the French cannot produce something like the ASE or the Philarmonik ; Maple Leaf etc. They are unbeatable with the rooster and the Napoleon coins for old numismatic coins but for the very modern coins it seems weird to me that they cannot produce something decent
  2. 20 Francs Leopold II would be considered bullion if i am not mistaken
  3. I find the 5 quetzales of Guatemala - Even though this is central America -particularly beautiful as well .
  4. I see no other solution than capital punishment for melting a 50 pesos ! I am shocked ; literally
  5. Thanks for the info Does this apply to other nations as well ?
  6. is it guaranteed to sell here if i sell sovereign or any other recognized bullion at spot ?
  7. Absolutely. It s not like they have no allies anyway.
  8. I am ignorant in this topic. But how is it possible that they do not stop the fires ? Can't they just use those airplanes releasing water ? If it s not enough , can't they ask the other countries for help ?
  9. Hi everyone , Got 2 coins on sale. 750 EUR each. Coins are in very good conditions . I would say between UNC and BU (it's always subjective) Method of payment : Bank Transfer to the UK if you pay in GBP , Bank Transfer to France if you pay in EUR Shipping of your choice. Coins sent from France. The most common is usually an insured transfer - so this will cost around 20 EUR for most countries in Europe, including the UK. For both coins probably around 25 EUR. Including shipping , tracking number and insurance.
  10. other countries I know about : In Belgium you can buy up to 3k EUR in cash , anonymously (they can ask for your passport but usually they don't). You can sell and get paid up to 500 EUR in cash , the rest in bank account. (I guess any bank account , at least for France they do it). But for every sale they ask for your passport. I guess the difficult thing to find is a country where you get paid cash and anonymously , so the best is to sell to other forum members or other individuals to leave no trace
  11. In France you cannot buy 1 euro of gold in cash .
  12. Indeed a beautiful piece ! I d also be keen to find a 20 lire San Marino