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  1. I have done exactly this , but was looking for other opinions here. thanks anyway
  2. Hi everyone , not sure where to post this. I am getting closer to get hold of various perpers off a reliable local old collector. I have done my research for the 10 , 20 & 100 perpera gold but I still need confirmation of what your prices would be. I have a question for silver coins there is 1 2 and 5 perpers from 1909 , 1910 and 1909 respectively. For 1 and 5 there are 1912 and 1914 coins. Also mentions restrikes. Does anyone have any clue about the premium (roughly) these coins hold ? This would help me in negotiating well. These coins are somewhat not mainstream and I do not have the experience yet to feel entirely confident. Regards
  3. agreed to have a plan for every situation now , when ti comes to predicting , i think even the best analysts are wrong so it s better not to think about it
  4. Selling up to three Chiwoo 2016 - silver , in their capsule. One of the capsule has been opened to check one coin and is a bit damaged but all coins are in very good state. Price 85 euro each Would be sent from Europe , preferably to the EU to avoid large sending costs photos on demand.
  5. Based on the fact that gold price is unpredictable ; wouldn't it be wise to buy whatever the price is ? Since you can't anticipate the selling rate either....
  6. Toshunya86

    NK gold coins

    Hello. I know zero about NK coins. Are the Horses, Accipiter Gentilis, Bald Eagles, Grus Japonensis, and Strix Aluco part of one series ?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if unfortunately ; there would be some political false flags bomb or terrorist attacks in a few months ...Christchurch style So the world can talk about "return of fascism " and how to protect " cosmopolitan values_....
  8. that's incredible that we let drug users ( if not drug addict) run a country no wonder we are going down , degeneracy at its best. same for the population , not just for politicians.
  9. Compared to the destiny of an entire nation ; does that really matter ?
  10. These intelligent people can study anywhere in the world . You have 170 countries outside the "EU" .
  11. Thank you @Frenchie . You might be right , I will sporadically invest in some new obscure series from time to time if i can afford it , but the choice of bullion "close-to-spot" will be Kangaroo. I see more little potential in speculation for old semi-numismatic coins
  12. If i was English , I think i wouldn't have your patience. They are simply trying to steal the sovereignty back , waiting for new elections where one candidate will promise that if elected , he will overturn the referendum.... planning on the new demographics to win
  13. Deep into LMU coins , I do not have the courage to check my catalogue or to check year by year or which mint is it etc... I stumbled across these three coins , what could be the market price for these 3 coins ? Any of them more expansive than the others ? Please check the photos to see Thanks in advance for your help
  14. I am not ready because not only I dont believe in it , but more importantly , while trying to get interested , I do not understand the technical mechanism behind it.