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  1. Absolutely. I am anti EU , anti Nato , and pro- Russia. This doesn't mean we have to copy russian society or be involved with them at many level. They are just business partners and we respect each other. That's how I see it. Don't forget that Moscow is the biggest european city , and Russia the biggest european country. Russia is a state-continent , and a gateway to Asia , China . Why close ourselves this country ? Just to be docile vassals of the USA and the atlantic bloc ? We all know this who governs the US . Look at how Russia was created , and its cultural links with Europe and Asia. In contrast ,l ook how North America , and the USA in particular , got created. On the basis of a genocide. And purchasing Louisiana (which was at the time a third of the USA). USA bought Alaska from Russia. They bought more or less every land they had. Usa is the golem steming from state-sponsored usury , that s why they dislike so much catholicism or islam. Russia on the other hand , even if they are mostly orthodox , peacefully manages their islam federal subjects such as Bashkiristan or Tatarstan. Caucasus is a bit more tricky but we all know there was foreign agitators involved. All the issues Russia did on the world scale were because of soviet union ( and you know who was behind soviet union). Before that , the only countries suffering from the Russian Empire under the Tsar , were the countries around Russia. At least , they won their conquests with their fist and swords , not with purchasing.
  2. I personally believe that the scaremongering doesn't scare anyone anymore. West European elites & Great Britain must simply make some changes in their internal & foreign policies in order to overcome this crisis. Noone trusts the official versions anymore or agree with the way our countries are evolving.... They will manage to destroy the entire work of many centuries of building a (once great) civilization...
  3. It was a -0.8% premium for the 10 gulden (Netherlands). After further research , the website in question corrected the premium to a strange +4% , and anyway had fixed awful postage fee & a "6% tax" on every internet buy. (they are a physical shop with presence in many cities) So no regrets !
  4. Will the Brexit party win the European elections ?
  5. the main thing is , what is the point if that particular coin is "rebought" at 90% or 95% of its gold content for example ?. Or if the coin becomes rare and then will not be taken back by dealers. Because you buy a coin at 99% of its intrinsic value but you will sell it at 95% of its intrinsic value , so you still lose. I understand that main dealers will not arbitrage each other but im wondering what is the logic ? Does that mean the coin in question is destined to become a numismatic item only and not investment gold ?
  6. Toshunya86

    Negative Premium

    Hi everyone ; I am in the process of understanding how premiums can evolve . I am taking an example : I found some old coins which are quite generic coins in the sense that they are recognized and from a serious country and on sale in many places. They are sold with a 0.7% or 0.8% negative premium . My questions : 1) Am I correct to believe that this is done to stimulate the sales of these coins as there is less demand than usual and "too much " offer ? 2) what is the point of buying gold under spot ( with a negative premium) apart from trying to resell them to shops if the rate of gold goes up by 5% . Is it just a way for an investor to be reducing the spread ? 3) would you recommend buying below spot in any case ?
  7. Go Brexit go We need a strong sovereign message to the world
  8. I am sorry that I have triggered a political discussion. Whoever is interested in what I'm thinking can PM me . Anyone interested in these coins ( archangels ) can let me.know as I'm going to grab some this summer
  9. in my opinion nationalists of all europe should ask for independance. let the globalists have half of the world and the nationalist the other half.
  10. There are a couple of videos online , and a couple of websites mentioning it (mostly not in english language). This union is actually quite well known in France , Belgium , Spain etc. For gold coins you can refer to my list (also the liechtenstein coin is not correct and the albanian coins are not mentioned) of 20 francs , but many countries also had other denominations. I would suggest we all work together to make a full list of coins. Maybe it can be done on a separate topic if i have 2-3 helpers
  11. Hello mate , thanks for your kind answer. I am not here to create a conflict at all. I understand , in hindsight , that you could have written this in the heat of the moment and in a particular context. I do not deny the fact that you know about the topic and you have your opinions and they are well sourced. We all have our life experience and a reason why we believe in what we believe. Without entering the political debate too much as we are on a precious metal forum , I am pro-Putin and pro-Ukraine , and against this idea that Ukraine is under assault of Russia. Yanukovich had a very clever balanced foreign policy, as he refused to join the Eurasian union and refused to join the European union at the same time. Ukraine was a bridge and a buffer state between Russia and Poland and should remain so. These are brother countries and will always stay , there have been billions of attempts to de-russify Ukraine but it will never work. Putin has answered masterfully to the Nato-led orchestrated coup by taking back Crimea and there are millions of Europeans happy about this. The fierce corruption and lack of intelligence from Ukrainian leaders , the refusal to allow autonomy and federate the country , plus the discrimination against minorities in Ukraine will just make sure that Ukraine will split in the future and one part will join the Eurasian Union. The US , and their vassal the EU & England , having realized they cannot take the east , have decided to give up on Ukraine. They have been ridiculed by Putin , who one against all the world , has managed to win again , as he did in Georgia , in Syria , and as he did almost everywhere. The only sad story is that Ukrainians and Russians are the ones to suffer from all these unnecessary wars and sanctions. If there was no Putin , third world war in Europe would have already started. At least he is delaying it. He is no saint for sure but he is by far the most respected leader in the entire world (Asia , Africa , South America included). If you want to discuss more and confront opinions we can do it in private messages. Btw having said that , I really like this coin and will have the opportunity to get some this summer.
  12. It does not matter how old the post was ; it was shocking to read it for me . Anyway the archangel is a really nice coin .
  13. I have the feeling that the "mainstream" people (non-collectors) get interest in this banknote because it is an exotic country (Zimbabwe).
  14. Really hope Brexit happens. Time to show Brussels and European leaders that nations are sovereign. If England does it , it will show the way to other countries. Germany will obviously not leave , so it will be up to France to leave and destroy the EU.