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  1. There are many flaws indeed. But a lot of the anti communist hate is biaised because of soviet union and cold war. At some stages of development and especially for very poor countries ; communism has proven to be beneficial for the population . Thomas Sankara ( Burkina Faso ) and Enver Hoxha (Albania ) are two examples of communist success . now there are plenty of negative examples too. ; Where communism was used to destroy the population and the morals. A lot of communist regimes in Africa were made to destroy the religious identity of the countries but this is another topic.
  2. I respectfully disagree. Communism has a far bigger scope and "truth" than socialism. Communist ideas (Marx, Engels etc) are structured and even if i despise most , I have some sympathy for a few communist leaders or thinkers , especially those who kept true and rejected mercantilism for real. Socialism is just the incarnation of hypocrisy. If I had to choose , I would take communism anytime. Great leaders such as Thomas Sankara or Enver Hoxha have done a lot to develop their nation (even if they harmed religion) , not all communists were Vietkongs or Soviet Union.
  3. Of course Hitler was a socialist. HE was representing the left wing when elected.
  4. 143 GBP + 8 GBP for postage . total 151. We can round it to 150 GBP total - purchase + postage. Let me know if interested in MP
  5. The problem of giving the right to governments to play with our freedom and to make compromise with our politicians - at the exact moment where they totally do not respect democracy , a "system of values" which they are bombarding us with since childhood as the ultimate source of freedom.
  6. without being disrespectful , then aren't you a bit part of the problem ?
  7. If I was English ; I would try to establish an independant region / state and part with the UK. All people.voting leave would gather there and mass immigration wouldnt be allowed.
  8. Shipping with tracking number to the UK is 8 GBP (9 Euro) , doesn't matter the amount of coins inside. You can pay via bank transfer in GBP (UK account) Without tracking number is less I guess , but never sent that way..
  9. We can close this sale- most of the commemorative stuff have been taken by someone on another platform.
  10. Hi everyone , Got 3 Finnish markka coins to sell .All in very good condition. You can buy only one , or all of them , or only two. Price for each coin : 400 Euro or equivalent in GBP (361 GBP today) . Bank transfer for payment (either on UK or French account). Years available : 1904 , 1912 or 1913 Possibility to exchange with coins of the LMU which i do not have - either bullion or numismatic ones - for the same total value (or partial value + money etc) Regards
  11. Hello I have got this for sale - all coins in very good conditions Russia - 5 Rubles - Nikolai II - 1900 - 180 Euro - SOLD TO A FORUM MEMBER Netherlands - 5 Gulden 1912 - Wilhelmina 160 Euro Netherlands - 1 Ducat 1928 - 160 Euro Sweden - 5 Kronor 1920 - Gustav V - 120 Euro if you take all the coins = very good discount available. possibility to negotiate but not too much Also possibility to change vs some 20 francs formats of LMU coins ( even exotic and numismatic ones , or bullions etc , contact me for more) Bank transfer to the UK (in GBP) available - postage is 9 EUR (8 GBP) for any amount of coin - including shipping number.