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  1. I think there is a topic European coins - LMU coins could be there inside - all formats - and this topic would be specifically for 20 francs format ?
  2. We can see with the recent influx of 2-3 million ukrainians (and belarussians) in Poland a huge rise of real estate price. In Albania there is also a huge change in prices due to the diaspora coming back and investing in the key locations of the capital or key touristic places. Unfortunately , it is almost the entire world having a real estate bubble. Maybe only the very rural zones of the very poor countries are spared , but noone wants to live there as there are no jobs. And people who work remote from their computer usually do not want to move there.
  3. Absolutely . I am just thinking about it , because new members won't be attracted to "20 francs advise pleasE" as a title . So maybe 20 Francs Format LMU is the right name for the topic
  4. I would like to ask all the participants of this topic if we could rename the title of this thread - into LMU coins or something similar. What do you all think ? I m wishing to hear opinions before to submit the idea to the moderators.
  5. Are these coins circulated originally , or commemoratives ? OR some are restrikes of others ? 1902 to 1964 is a huge time period.
  6. False in my perspective of course. Bear in mind English is not my native language . I could say maybe erroneous? Subverted ? Wrong ? Deceptive ? Unbeatable in everything , but since you are ( in a not so subtile way ) trying to paint me as a monster or a genocider ; I will go that road with you : the only high scale genocide Catholicism has done was in South America . Surely you would have preferred the sacrifices of kids done by the locals before catholicism stepped in ? Why shouldn't catholics be proud of the conquests ? ( Which by the way we're an answer to assaults from the umeyyad for centuries ) Aren't you proud of what you are ?
  7. Because the very nature of a religion is to be proselyte (I hope that s the right word). Elites can also manipulate and take advantage of the religious fact to cause wars because of money. It is not without risk. But the spreading of real catholicism has a positive effect on the common good , which is ultimately something we should strive to achieve.
  8. When you try to kill the distance between men and god - you are actually killing the distance between humans. There is an equal distance between men and the higher powers ( god or not) - and a society or a social construct trying to kill this distance will need to create a new narrative. This narrative (God does not exist , God is a fallacy , religions are deceiving people etc etc ) , should it be right or not - it s not the question - will be spread into the entire population by force and nothing good will come out of it. Check the Cristeros revolution in Mexico , check the civil war in Spain , check the French Revolution , with thousands of priests slaughtered and churches burnt . ( I will not mention the reform because i will get kicked out of the forum:) ) Atheism brings the same amount of terror / hatred / division than religions because in essence it is a religion , with the only difference that it does not put the same distance between men and god than Christianism do - hence allowing the powers of money to take over. That's why atheism is promoted both by radical socialism/communism and free-market globalist capitalism. It "cleans the ground" from any sort of spiritual resistance and from the possibility of god-fearing leaders putting an end to the absolute circus the world is right now in terms of predatory elites vs starving population
  9. The problem of atheism is that , amongst other things , it puts science and progress above anything else and considers religion as machinations/ narratives . Atheism is similar to a religion since it needs to spread to the entire humanity to stop being contested. This is the biggest paradox. Now I can understand that many people are atheists , what I do not understand is their constant hate of religion , as if they were superior to "The stupid people who believes in stories of Jesus" or "The stupid muslims" . There is a sense of arrogance in most high-profile atheists - deeply linked to the self-hatred and inflated ego - which tells a lot about today's society.
  10. Then you do not understand the history of Christianity. The reform was nothing else than a looting operation coupled with an operation to change Catholicism into another "religion" closer to to Judaism - which would allow Christians to basically behave like Jews. It's too late to develop on this for me right now but I promise I will try to bring more content to explain myself. Protestants were considered heretics for a reason - and orthodox are considered schismatic - not heretic so to speak. Catholicism as a whole was nearly unbeatable with a good Pope (Middle ages has shown this ) so the Jews had to step in and set up a fake religion - harming and dividing inside our ranks. I will pass on the particularly despicable and immoral personality of Martin Luther , himself a pimp and forcing many catholic nouns to prostitution - in additional to a very very dubious personal lifestyle because of course there were also despicable people in the catholic church - and unfortunately the clown pope Bergoglio is one of them. PS : And i say it again : I do not despise protestants as people - I respect them - especially when they are good Christians , but I feel sorry for them that they are being misled into a false Christianity.
  11. This is the sweetened message of post Vatican II council - Real Catholicism leaves absolutely no space for self-destruction. (For instance at the time of the Council of Trent)
  12. This is an interesting argument ( better than calling me ignorant) and is often used in neo-pagan circles. That Christianity is a cult of Judaism etc... One thing is sure : No jew , even the most radical kabbalists - has ever contested the presence of Jesus Christ. They have fought catholic cult and tried to subvert it - for 2000 years or so but they never said that Catholicism is made up. This should be a clue for you ! However I am aware that the gospels were rearranged - and were classified in a very convenient order - everything is not perfect and there are some details we can think about - such as inaccuracies , fallacies etc... that s one reason why quoting or interpreting the Bible is not always a good idea. But the catholic social doctrine is the only way to balance the extremism of socialism/communism and free-market capitalism because ultimately , it cares about the human and its condition , more than any man-made system would do.
  13. Atheism is mostly the comfortable choice. You do not account anything to the higher powers , you erect yourself as God - I cannot think of something easier and with so low ambition than Atheism. Having said that I can understand that religion can be a massive turn-off for people , it is only the last few years that I started to firmly believe in God . But one thing is sure - God will talk to you - God will "call" you - either on your death bed or later in life , it just happens and you cannot control when.
  14. I see what you mean , but you are a bit playing on words. There are two types of racism/hatred (call it the way you want) : a)The primitive one - the simple hate and fear and what is different. This type of racism has gone from the Western World and if not - is usually max 5% of "conservative" people or very old people. But it is prevalent in almost every bottom 150 countries in the world - my professional career can attest it. b) The one based on behavior. Example : tribe A is foreign and has another religion but fits in the society they live in - or at least do not cause any damage - or behave in public respecting the local law etc ... they will not get hated. tribe B is foreign and has another religion but struggles or doesnt want to fit in the society they live in - delinquency , scams , assaults etc - and behave in public very defiant and hostile. Then i think it is healthy to "hate" the tribe B as they are the ones destroying the harmony you are seeking - and i believe your Love is genuine and you mean it. The example a is usually not tolerated by the catholic teachings , the example b is debatable , but is usually not tolerated by the catholic doctrine. Of course you can call me a traditionalist/integrist/danger for democracy , but the facts and the recent developments in the western world tend to prove me right.
  15. Calling others ignorant and not wanting to hear their argumentation is a bit condescending. But you may be right. This is not a discussion for this forum. I had no time to express my thoughts clearly , and I am sorry that you took it as a personal offence. I know a lot of protestant people who are good people and try to be good christians - the problem is not this - the problem is Protestantism at the theological level - it is for most Catholics and even Orthodox a false cult. I can try to express my views later on , and yes , i do not claim to know the Truth.