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  1. ok thank you @sixgun I shall have a little look around see if I can find anything I like and hopefully will make my first purchase on the weekend, Hoping to make a purchase every month going forward
  2. Ok thank you @Oldun what type of sovereigns should I look to buy @sixgun as in any specific dates or I think I seen ones that are graded is it worth buying them purely for investment and not collecting? Brilliant thank you @HelpingHands I will take a look shortly
  3. Hi everyone, hope your all having a great day. Just after some advice really I’m looking to start investing into gold and silver mainly for my retirement which is about 38 years away. But just wondering can anyone point me towards any good articles of videos explaining the differences between all the different bullion and there types please? Hope that makes sense, cheers 😁
  4. Hi everyone, looking forward to being part of this community I’ve been interested for a while and finally glad to be here 😁