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  1. HI I am coming to the UK in August to visit family. I was thinking of bringing some Perth Mint coins and bars to resell in the UK. pricing will be competitive and no VAT 🙂 Inbox me for details or queries. Mike
  2. I have sent them an email to be sure, I believe it has to be declared but no duty is payable.
  3. Ironically gold coins and bullion is tax free in australia except Sovereigns / Krugerrands and US Eagles which attract 10% GST (like VAT) because they are not regarded as investment grade gold at 22kt.....go figure 🙄
  4. Hi all I am new to this forum. I am a British expat living in Australia (Perth). I have some investments in bullion (Perth Mint Bars) and some Silver. Being relatively new to this I am looking to grow my knowledge in this area as I do believe that PMs will be safest place to have my savings in these uncertain times. Looking forward to chatting with other members. I may be relocating back to the UK in the next 12 months depending on the local economy and the outcome of the upcoming election in Australia. Cheers Fastrhino.,
  5. I am a British expat thinking of returning to the UK. I want to hand carry my gold bullion bars (80oz) to the UK. Will I be liable for import taxes on gold bullion which is essentially my life savings. From what I have researched it is not subject to VAT as it is investment grade bullion. I would hate to get it confiscated by customs when I go through customs and excise at the airport.