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  1. Jesus 3 minutes That's gotta be a record Will pm the now
  2. 2020 1/10th gold britannia coin in capsule new from mint £127 delivered Bank transfer plz Thanks
  3. I wouldn't worry about it tbh I can't see us leaving the EU anytime soon,If at all unfortunately
  4. 500g 999 umicore silver bar Very nice condition £280 including postage Bank transfer plz Thanks
  5. 250g 999 silver umicore bar Nice condition £140 including p&p Bank transfer plz Thanks
  6. Great condition 2012 1/10 kangaroo In original PM capsule £112 delivered Payment via bank transfer please
  7. Does this apply to coininvest purchases also? @STG @CoinInvest
  8. I ordered 10x of the buffalo rounds @17.10 oz Going to get another 10 on Friday Do Atkinson's do this all the time?I've never seen them do vat free silver before
  9. Sturgeon could go for a "reverse Greenland"and try and keep Scotland in the EU without leaving the uk It boggles the mind the snp's mantra is to be free of interference from Westminster but it's totally acceptable for Brussels to call the shots As a pro union Scot im glad we're out of the EU I just hope everything settles down soon so I can get more PM's coz I'm not buying at these prices
  10. Hear!Hear! We voted to remain in the union,the union has voted us out the EU END OF! Or will we have a referendum every time the SNP disagrees with something
  11. Happy to be out of the EU But it's not a good day for the union Scottish indyref2 on the cards