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  1. Tekweni

    Hallmark ID please

    Thanks Sixgun, very helpful. Regards,
  2. Tekweni

    Hallmark ID please

    Hi Sixgun Thanks for the very comprehensive description. I can see the 'O' resemblance but in the date charts I have looked at the 'O' letter is shown in an oval, not in the square with chamfered corners, so I think I will have to stick with 1895. Cheers,
  3. Hi All I am a badge collector and recently acquired a badge with the attached hallmark. The maker is Fattorini & Sons of Bolton and the hallmark is a Birmingham mark but it looks like an old English 'D' but the closest date letter I can find is the 'V' which would date it 1895. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance, cheers, Alex