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  1. HI STU---many thanks--regards G.
  2. HI--AG--thanks for the welcome-how long have you been a member and how do you find the forum---I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the number of members that have contacted me in 24 hours and the amount of advice I have received in regards to US const. silver and UK coinage .It has been very helpful --I wasn't aware that the European Mint even existed-so I will probably be looking into that in the near future--my interests are UK half crowns and US const.--but the latter can be pretty expensive in the UK.Have you any specific interests or are you stacking-which is getting really popular over here now --especially with the BREXIT fiasco in play.Hope to speak with you soon--regards--G.
  3. HI --CF--many thanks for the welcome--it's appreciated---what are your interests regarding precious metals and how do you find the silver forum? --it seems really friendly and the advice I've had in the space of a day is incredible-my own interests are UK half crowns along with US const . silver--regards G.
  4. gary

    US 90%

    Thanks--DC for your help--wasn't aware that BB did this and have not seen any of their videos yet --I'll search U tube and check these out--what you call thrift stores over there are known as charity shops in the UK.--I visit them regularly--but numismatic items are very rare in these places and they mostly contain furniture and general items.I will certainly go to the BB site have a look what's what there---many thanks once again--speak to you soon---G.
  5. gary

    US 90%

    HI DC. thanks for the reply--how reliable is the eu mint and how about delivery times--do you have to pay import charges to get anything in to the US- it can be a minefield importing into the UK.--which UK coins if any are you collecting -is there a specific denomination you prefer or is it aimed more towards the 925 content of pre 1920 coinage--regards Gary.
  6. Thanks K. sorry for delay in replying--trying to negotiate around the silver forum site--unfortunately--not finding the computer that easy(It's an age thing I think)-but I will get there with the help of my other half --she manages very well on it and to be quite honest I never thought I could use one--I suppose it's all down to practise--so just bare with me.--regards Gary.
  7. gary

    US 90%

    I watch U tube regularly and enjoy people like--silver joker etc.nipping down to the local coin shop and having a look around--I say local but local in the US is probably a long drive relative to the UK--I really envy you guys out there--the shops seem to have buckets full of const: silver--but here in the UK there are very few actual coin shops-never mind US currency and most of my time is spent searching on line--I picked up a lovely walking liberty half recently on line--1943(no mint mark)--so I'm assuming it's a P minted coin.--really nice condition--12.48 grams so it looks genuine.they can be really; what I would class as expensive over here-the odd decent lot sometimes comes up on ebay-but you are competing with a lot of opposition-which normally means-high price---US coinage seems to be very popular in the UK --sorry for late reply and many thanks for the advice --regards Gary.
  8. gary

    US 90%

    HI--CG--thanks for the welcome-hope to speak to you soon---still trying to negotiate the forum--retired and not 100% compatible with computers -so bear with me --many thanks-Gary
  9. gary

    US 90%

    HI A,Z&M--many thanks for your reply to my post earlier--1kilo for 482.91 euros plus carriage--that seems pretty good to me--I will certainly be looking into that--it's great to receive some help on issues like this as I have struggled so far --information- wise and probably paid over the odds on some items I've purchased--but I suppose that's all part of the experience---once again I thank you for the information--hope to speak with you again sometime--best wishes and regards--Gary.
  10. gary

    US 90%

    HI---H.H--many thanks for your reply to my post this afternoon---I'll be trying what you advised and see what happens--let you know how I get on---regards Gary
  11. gary

    US 90%

    Hi SSR---many thanks for your reply---sorry I'm late answering--I've just got back in--the wife doesn't seem to understand what retirement means--I only collect-halfcrowns or silver threepences in the UK coinage --but US anything barring commemorative and notes. What have you got-----Gary.
  12. gary

    US 90%

    Hi--all---my name is Gary--retired joiner with plenty of time on my hands and fairly recently became interested in US const. silver along with some UK stuff as well--namely half crowns--silver threepences. US coins are not really plentiful as far as I can see in the UK--correct me if I'm wrong--so I ordered a bag of $5 face pre 65 mixed which came back yesterday--just to test how easy it is to buy this stuff--it came from CANADA--through Silver/Bull UK-based in London--I was expecting a long wait if it came at all as I have heard of some non deliveries when buying from US and CANADA--but it came through my letterbox after 6 days--which surprised me (hence-$5 face as opposed to anything larger).One drawback was by the time you added the shipping and dreaded vat.you can forget spot or anything near it--but it has proved to me not to fear buying from the US or in this case Canada.I'm looking for supplier preferably in the UK--reliable and reasonably priced.There's a lot to learn about this---and I thought binoculars were a very deep subject--after many years of using and collecting these.--Eyes are going now -way past the dioptre adjustment on some of the models.--hope to speak to soon---regards Gary.