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  1. Hi all, I have the following for sale: 2019 Australian Silver Kookaburra (in capsule) - £20 2019 Australia Rectangle Dragon - £19 2019 Silver Panda (in capsule) - £22 2019 Krugerrand (in capsule) - £19 Plus postage of your choice.
  2. Couple of lovely little bars courtesy of @StackSellRepeat. Thanks again!
  3. A nice little box from the European Mint arrived today.
  4. Hah, “Kockaburra”. Slight typo!
  5. Interesting, thanks for the info! How often do the group buys tend to run?
  6. Out of interest how do you make it worthwhile buying from the European mint with the delivery cost? Wouldn't you need to buy in bulk for it to be cost effective?
  7. Could I have two of the Scottsdales? Could you PM me postage and payment details?😊
  8. Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say hello from a new member 👋. I've recently ventured into the world of precious metals and started off with a silver maple and Britannia. Looking forward to chatting and learning from you all!