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  1. This site Bairdmint has remained cheaper than most other bullion websites during this crisis, good on them. You used to be able to find Krugerrands elsewhere at such a low premium, too, but since most dealers have hiked their prices due to high demand. Bairdmint will probably do the same if conditions remain the same for long or supply is interrupted -- which is very likely.
  2. Krugerrands traditionally have low premiums, they are manufactured and sold mainly for their gold content, it has been the leading global gold bullion coin for investors for decades, and the first one. They do high volumes.
  3. From the Royal Mint half price... actually very good price, close to spot: 2020 Half Sovereign rings for men £175: Different sizes: Grab them before they're gone... the money clip and cufflinks are already gone (was similar price)
  4. Oh.... not genuine... bummer. Oh well... things like these happen... 😕 Thanks anyway Numi.
  5. Looks like gold has finally been let loose. I hope I'll still be able to afford a sovereign next month!
  6. This is only the beginning. Inflation hasn't even started yet.
  7. Wow Baird has got them for £380 but a week's wait... that's not too bad! Edit 3 weeks wait for silver.
  8. NGC population: MS70: 150 MS69: 132 MS68: 13 MS67: 4
  9. That seems about right to me. I wonder what an MS70 should be expected to achieve, perhaps in the region of £1,000. There seems to be a lot of MS69's...not that many 70s, but I haven't checked the population yet.
  10. Why are these so expensive? What is the mintage?
  11. You should be able to source some of the recent years' bullion sovereigns close to spot from some here, I think (since spot is quite high at the moment). Good luck with your quest! Looks like want to add an entire date run as collection Very popular coins, can't go wrong with this.
  12. Well done, I managed to get one for £357. Your price is probably the lowest it went to as far as I know.
  13. At £93.12 for one, the bullion coin now costs more than the proof one did.. which was £85 (now sold out). At other dealers, this coin is not so expensive, but costs closer to the other one ounce coins.
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