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  1. The copper bars look pretty, but should be viewed as mainly for show, not investment. This is because these bars that are sold by bullion dealers are massively overpriced, and you would not in a hundred years get back your money that you paid for them -- bear in mind that the spot price for copper is around £3 per kilogram ... also, nobody is going to buy your copper bars, except for fellow stackers perhaps on Ebay. So, copper is definitely not something that can be turned into silver or gold later on. Unless you have rooms full of it perhaps. But even then, you would struggle to find a buyer for all that. Copper "bullion" and coins being sold online is primarily a money-making con enterprise.
  2. Yeah, but since they look the same as the real ones, I think the real issue is if some of the buyers try and sell their bought fakes as the real deal... that's what scares me a bit.
  3. I didn't buy it lol... I was just looing at the entry, and thought I better warn some people.
  4. I was surprised to see a supposedly one ounce silver Australian coin being sold for £2.94 only, so I checked it out. In looks it is identical to an Australian one ounce coin (it even says so on the coin... ), but if you read further in the listing, I saw it is actually silver-plated iron... so the silver content must be very low, and it's mostly iron. What is disturbing, is that this listing is very popular, and over 500 units have been sold. What do the buyers want to do with that? Let me guess... sell on as supposedly 999 silver bullion to unsuspecting buyers? I think we need to be careful. This company seems to have copied several different designs already. Here is the listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WR-2016-Australia-1-Dollar-Kangaroo-SILVER-Coin-Round-Queen-Elizabeth-Souvenirs/182822272766? Your thoughts?
  5. Thanks everyone for the friendly welcome
  6. I just received two falcon one ounce silver coins from the mint. And both have small scratches. The scratches are quite small but I don't like it...if I have it graded it probably will be picked up. I'm in two minds whether I should just accept that there are no perfect coins, or ask for replacements?
  7. So, I found my way to this forum. I've recently become a "stacker", and my pile is still very small. But the bug seems to have bitten me, and I'm looking to network with like minded people, and hopefully increase my knowledge about matters...and perhaps contribute to the greater cause!