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  1. One can submit coins for grading through Numistacker, it should cost around £30 per coin I think. And yes, if you get a 70 it would definitely be worth it, the price value uplift would be worth it. Would also give buyers more comfort for a quicker sell.
  2. That's a very good price. If I didn't just buy a krugerrand I would have taken it. The rarest proof sov of the 2000's after 2012.
  3. Okay I'll take it. Was thinking of buying a sov but I'll have this instead this week.
  4. How much is the yield? It's like a type of interest?
  5. I guess many people don't know about it, I certainly didn't. Just saw the word here and there but never looked into it.
  6. Nice coin. Is this the same size capsule that H&B uses for their sovereigns, or a bit bigger?
  7. It all depends WHAT sovereign it is, and how many silver coins you're talking about. If it's just an ordinary bullion sovereign (of any date), then it's worth less than the silver coin roll/tube, and not an equal deal. The silver coins are worth more. To make the deal more equal, you'd have to take a few silver coins out of the tube. Or, if it's a more special/rare sovereign, one of the special designs or a rare year, then the deal could be more equal too, or even skewed towards the gold. It all depends on the intrinsic value of the coins, you'd have to check what the reasonable sale value of each are, and then make a decision. It's not a question of gold vs silver at all.
  8. Wouldn't having it graded give you more peace of mind though? Say for example they give you a 69... but everyone else gets 68 and 67... then you have the best result
  9. It is worth noting that all of these coins that sold for under £1,000 on Ebay didn't provide clear, close up pictures of the coins to show their condition. It shouldn't be taken as a guide for pricing a flawless coin.
  10. Yes. Indeed. I'm looking forward to see them coming back from grading. At least if almost ALL of them have some faults, one can lower your standards of expectation of what is considered average or normal for this coin.
  11. Yeah, I think you're absolutely right. I think this coin, not being a proof, is not always guaranteed to get a high grading... we may see several 68's and 69's... 70's will command a decent premium. Mine is not bad but I'm almost scared to send it off to be graded lol. 😛
  12. I've seen it too, isn't it curious that the black spot is always at the same place?