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  1. Ah, yes, I thought as much... only came to my mind after I made my post. I actually wanted to do the same... would have been great to get hold of two coins, but my funds didn't allow me this time.
  2. You didn't get one from the coin connection?
  3. LOL that would work, wouldn't it? 😛 But naahhh... I like these beauties too much to say goodbye to them
  4. Probably £900 by lunchtime. OKay guys... enough fun for me for so early in the morning Have fun!
  5. Oh, definitely... it's a steal at £550 still. Wish I had more cash, so I would have gotten a second one at CC to flip...
  6. He means for the Coin Connection I think
  7. Hmm... not sure what this month's code is... EDIT: yeah it is "CHRIS"
  8. It showed sold out since 7:03 already... Added 0 minutes later... For those who missed out, it should be available soon at the Coin Connection....
  9. Just refresh it and you will be able to add it to the cart when the time is right...
  10. Yes I can agree on that. I'm specifically interested in hearing what people's opinions are of the 2019 design.
  11. The 2017 bullion sov is a special one because of the privy, and I'll have to get myself one at some stage too.
  12. I'm curious... what do you think of the 2019 design? It seems to be quite popular, and I also like it a lot. None of the other very recent Britannia proofs have convinced me so far, but the 2019 stands out. Time will tell in later years if it will become one of the iconic designs, or just a forgotten one. I think the addition of the lion in the design is a plus.