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  1. The specification says it will be 999 fine silver for the 5oz. I assume the others will be similar. Not sure if it would be colorized too. But with colorization seemingly being a thing these days, as in recent coins, they might well be too.
  2. Fascinating, I just saw this on the Chards website: https://www.chards.co.uk/2020-james-bond-007-silver-proof-5-ounce-coin/11440 The Privy Council have announced that the Royal Mint are to release James Bond 007 themed coins in 2020. The coins will likely celebrate the release of the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die. These impressive coins are set to be released in sizes ranging from 5 oz's up to 7 kilos. Information about the coins is scarce and we do not know a release date. Privy Council The Privy Council is made up of senior politicians who advise the Queen on such matters as bank holidays, coinage and lively company statuses. The Royal Mint have to submit any new coin designs to The Privy Council for approval. The information is then announced on the Privy Council website. The Royal Mint have not yet relesed information about the coins and when they do it will be subject to embargo. James Bond 007 Coin Weights These impressive coins are set to be released in sizes ranging from 5oz's up to 7 kilos. 7 kg Gold Coin. Face Value £7000 2 kg Gold Coin. Face Value £2000 1 kg Gold Coin. Face Value £1000 5 oz Gold Coin. Face Value £500 2 kg Silver Coin. Face Value £1000 1 kg Silver Coin. Face Value £500 5 oz Silver Coin. Face Value £10 Obverse The obverse will feature the Jody Clark fifth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Reverse The reverse will feature a depiction of James Bond's car, along with the 007 logo.
  3. I don't understand... how do you get the prices so low? For example, at the moment BullionByPost pays £269 for sovereigns... that's a huge difference from the £226 - £229 you're talking about... those are early last year's prices... not this year's. Sorry, I'm confused... EDIT: I see, you got a brilliant deal way under spot... wow!!! Lucky man.
  4. These success stories of the Una and now the Queen coins do a lot for the Royal Mint brand, and could positively affect the values of all RM coins in some way. It's certainly welcoming for collectors and investors, and coin shops I guess!
  5. I saw on eBay there are oriental silver proofs for sale too.. apparently was low mintage... I never knew these came out in proof too, must have missed it!
  6. These Queen coins are not exactly numismatic beauties, but they have secondary market value mainly because of the fanatic fan club base.
  7. I have received a few gold rings (inherited), some 18ct and some 9ct. I'd be looking to sell them.
  8. For the 2017 proof sovereign, SPINK Coins of England 2020 catalogue values an FDC proof at £800 ... which is, I think, pretty much what they are going for.
  9. Yeah I think so... I tried a test by putting 100 in the basket, to see how many I was allowed. Thereafter I couldn't access it, gives me an error page. It would probably work on my mobile or if I cleared my laptop cache..
  10. Wow... this will be something else, indeed. Looks like another Una-type coin offering, which will be very exclusive. I might dip my toes in that 2oz, if it would be possible to get one... 500 is very low mintage. PS: I'm not a Queen fan at all. but I'd go for an exclusive coin.
  11. Eh, the link doesn't seem to work anymore... sold out?
  12. So, my parcel has arrived from South Africa. The coin looks splendid, I wouldn't guess it to be 120 years old! Not bad at all. I add a few pictures. Any thoughts on grading?