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  1. It's a steal. Get it while you can. Easy money.
  2. Well I disagree, it all depends on which year sovereign it is. You can see evidence for this on this forum, on Ebay, etc. Not all sovereigns fetch the same prices. Also, the size also makes a difference... for example, a 2012 proof full sovereign will set you back about £1,000, whereas the 2012 half sovereign is not much more expensive than the other years. The 2016 butler effigy proof is definitely not a "run of the mill" year sovereign. They are quite sought after and the 2016 proof full sov can fetch £800 - £900 if graded PF70. In general, half sovereigns don't seem to attract the same premiums that full sovereigns of key dates do. There are some exceptions... for example, if you can get a cheap 2017 half sovereign please show me.. I will take it without a second thought (if I had the money of course). As for this 2016 half proof... at £160 I really do think it is a steal, I would have gone for it if I were you, Goldmick.
  3. Received the lion, it really is stunning... I can recommend it. The elephant is great too, I'm going to collect the whole series. This series stands out over the other Big 5 ones from other countries. It's in a different class. Quite a premium but I can only see it going up from here, there is a strong demand for it especially in Europe and it's limited mintage.
  4. Well, this is turning into the buying opportunity of the century. Load up before end of October, preferably before the EU summit, or during, if it is choppy when they are negotiating. Anyway I can't share their optimism for a Brexit deal at this stage. I think Boris is bluffing and Varadkar fell for it... he is buying time, of course, and doesn't want his parliamentary opponents to think no-deal is a strong possibility when we have still a few weeks left, and they could potentially wreck his plans if they knew what it was. So... he's been very clever and mislead Varadkar who will in turn influence the EU to be complacent. We will see Boris is smart...
  5. Considering the company it keeps, I assume the 1959 MS64 is a good grade for the year, right? I'm looking at the NGC population, there are only 30 coins graded higher (1xMS67, 7xMS66, 22xMS65) and there are in total 19x MS64. They're probably not easy to get hold of.
  6. Yes, I think so too. Mine is being graded at the moment, I'm going to hold on to it for a long time.
  7. Well done, good to see they're fetching high prices. Graded should be over £1,000.
  8. Price lowered, now only £32 each, or £60 for the pair!
  9. I can see why you say that, for me it seems like it can go either way from this point...