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  1. Black 2oz and black 10oz please. message me with payment details! 👍
  2. Hi Alun Can’t wait to get my hands on a black 2oz box and a black 10oz box 👍 BullionBarn
  3. Hi there, I am in need of 1x rectangular tube to store some odd AUD dragons in. If somebody on here has one spare I would be happy to help you upcycle it for a couple of quid. Failing that I will just add one to my next order from EM.com Thanks Bullion Barn
  4. I think it’s true, we all have our own plans, we just need to know what they are before we need to use them.🤔 Half of me wants the Silver price to stay flat so I can build my stack, the other half, to the moon!🚀🌙
  5. Like you my plan is build a pot for retirement. But I know at some point there will be a “too good to miss opportunity” and I don’t want to be influence by greedy emotions. I need to create a cunning master plan to remove emotions and just act at key market points. Time to plan now before this Silver price goes too high!
  6. BullionBarn

    When to sell?

    For those of you who are stacking silver, what is your strategy to sell and cash in your stack? What spot price are you waiting for, and what percentage of your stack would you sell? Or, are you waiting for the gold silver ratio to drop and then flip your silver into gold? Would love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions, it’s easy to buy silver every month but when the prices shoots up, when do you take action??
  7. Interested in the 10oz Griffin in the price is right.
  8. I’m interested in a 10oz Griffin if the price is right!
  9. Hi there, I have one you can have, £34 plus postage of your choice. It will come with a free capsule!
  10. Could I arrange to have one from you please.
  11. Thank you for the responses. Only looking at getting a few each month (less than 10)
  12. I’m based in the UK. Really like the idea of adding some 10oz Scottsdale silver stackers to my collection. Where does everybody else get them from at a really good price?