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  1. I have been placing an order with GSBE every month since around April. All orders arrive in approx one week with no problems. The only issue I’ve had, was waiting 24 days last month for my order to arrive, because of the new 2oz White Lion of Mortimer being out of stock.
  2. I should be able to relax now!
  3. Thank you everybody for the reassurance, 🤞for a Friday dispatch. And yes, getting slightly twitchy ahead of a hard Brexit!
  4. I placed a large (ish) order with goldsilver.be on the 1st if the month which included a handful of 2oz silver white lions, their website said stock would be in on the 2nd. When I checked my order a few days later stock was then due on the 16th. As I check today my order is still waiting for stock and there is no indication when it will be ready! Is anybody else experiencing this problem? And how long do we think it will take??
  5. I know European mint in Estonia offer a free collection service. Does anybody know if you can collect your silver from Gold silver be. I could incorporate it with a trip to the Christmas markets in Bruges.
  6. @kneehow2018 thank you for these beauties 👍
  7. I have a set amount I use to invest in silver each month. My main focus is 1oz Silver Britannia’s due to cost and CGT advantages. 90% of me is a silver investor but 10% of me is a coin collector 🤭(love the QB collection). I will keep stacking silver every month until the GSR is below 50 then start flipping into Gold.
  8. I’ve been waiting for these boxes for a while. Big thank you to @Alun for knocking these up for me 👍 Love them !
  9. Amazing boxes, beautifully packaged. Love them!
  10. OMG, I’ve just received a couple of these boxes, wow! They are truly amazing. Alun is a fine craftsman, anybody who has The QBs MUST have these boxes to store them in. I will post some pics tonight! thanks Alun!
  11. Thanks for the horse Richard 👍
  12. Horse for me please. I’ll message you 👍
  13. I’m gutted, I spent all my September silver money yesterday 😕 I need these in my life 🤗