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  1. I've certainly seen an original Una & the Lion £5 die with DIRIGIT, and an original coin with DIRIGE.
  2. ^^^ I use the iShares ETFs for Gold, Silver and Platinum, held either in my ISA (the Gold ETF) or my SIPP (the Silver and Platinum ETFs)
  3. I have bought a little bit more physical gold, and have added to my ETF holdings of silver and platinum. Will keep buying over the next few months if prices remain at or near current levels.
  4. They SO need to do this as either a 1oz Gold Bullion series with mintages of 5000 per coin, or as a Quintuple Sovereign series with mintages of at least 1000 per coin. The 2oz gold proofs can then continue to be special and rare, whilst allowing relatively more people (like me!) to own and enjoy these beautiful designs once again at a sensible-ish price. Come on Royal Mint! And do a 1oz Gold Bullion Valiant while you're at it 😊
  5. I like the milled edge on the pie coin 😋
  6. I sincerely hope they eventually release a 1oz bullion gold coin version. I'd be all over it in an instant. Come on Royal Mint, you know you want to!
  7. I'd get that severe case of dandruff treated, if I were you 😋
  8. Well done chaps. I occasionally attend the Midland Coin Fair, so will look out for you next time I'm there 😀
  9. I have about 3% of my combined ISA and SIPP savings in that fund, and my holdings are down about 40% versus their peak. I've just resigned myself to the loss and will move the money into another active UK equity income fund as soon as I'm able to.
  10. @Serendipity dive in and tame that Lion!
  11. So at today's price at the RM, that would be £1080 delivered. That's quite a toppy price, but might actually look cheap in a few years' time. (I paid £829 for one from the RM, including the VAT, about 15 months ago when the price of platinum was very low. I bought a 2018 platinum Britannia from Bullion By Post for £890 (again including the VAT) a couple of months earlier).
  12. I don't think you'd regret purchasing a Platinum Lion if you just wanted to add a piece of Platinum to your stack. As well as it being the iconic first Queen's Beast, it's also numismatically interesting (well, slightly...) as it's the first ever UK 1oz Platinum Bullion coin. Especially if you happen to think that Platinum is currently both relatively and absolutely undervalued, as some of us on here do. Might be quite difficult to find one now though? Can't remember where I read it, but I think the official mintage was 4135. Edited to add: Platinum is denser than gold. The coin is the same diameter, but it is thinner. I think the relative densities are 21.45 and 19.3 grams per cubic centimetre. Silver is 10.5, and water is 1.
  13. I like the Stephen Hawking coin design, but not enough to buy a BU or precious metal version from the RM. If it was released as a circulating 50p coin I would definitely look out for it. Enjoy collecting whatever coins float your boat 😊
  14. ^^^ Which is fair enough. Just not for me 😋 I'm not the target market for such coins and as such, won't be buying them. But if it brings in new collectors, all well and good. Everybody starts somewhere. Since I rekindled my interest in coins (when the Olympic 50ps started appearing in circulation) I have moved on to buying older UK predecimal coins, as well as PM bullion coins. For instance, my last coin purchase included a George I halfpenny, a George III halfpenny, a Victoria Sixpence and a George V Florin!
  15. Stuntman

    Collecting gold?

    I love those Silver Britannia bars. (I only have one of them - I fondle monogamously) 😉