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  1. We will put up a Valiant fight and defeat the Royal Mint Dragon.
  2. That's great to hear. I've never used their services, but I'll be taking a closer look. Well done to all concerned.
  3. The Royal Mint can't have it both ways, though. Their reasoning is disingenuous in my opinion. They are implying that the core bullion coins (including Queen's Beasts) shouldn't be viewed as collectables, whilst at the same time they are currently offering different bullion coins in the same series for significantly different prices on their own website. Example: Lions and Griffins are offered for sale at much higher prices than Yales and White Lions. I think most stackers, never mind most collectors, would be interested in obtaining the mintage figures just for reference anyway. There's definitely a public interest right there. After all, the Royal Mint continues to publish mintages for circulating coins, and (of course) the secondary market value can change accordingly. Kew Gardens, Jemima Puddle Duck etc etc. That's always been the case for circulating coins, certainly since the early 19th century! They aren't intended to be collectables either... I call hypocrisy.
  4. If silver - it's a tie between these two, although the coin probably takes it over the bar: If gold - probably this one (2017 BU Quintuple Sovereign):
  5. If I was in the US, wanted 1oz gold coins, and was looking to diversify away from Eagles, I think I would choose Libertads, Buffalos and then Britannias as my first three options.
  6. I like these as well, and have the 2018 and 2019 versions in silver and gold. I think the 2018 design is the nicest and most cohesive border design as I think it's closest to the original trade dollar coins. From the point of view of my bank balance, I am pleased that they are drawing a line under this series after 3 coins
  7. RMB website pricing is slightly less than the price for 2 x normal bullion sovereigns. I'm quite happy with that, well done RMB. Although I HATE their stupid website ordering process. I will order one when (if) the gold price goes back down a bit, but would still potentially buy at today's level of just under £600 delivered. The coin is a good size, and repesents something different for probably most of our stacks or collections (it certainly would be for mine).
  8. Mine were attempted to be delivered yesterday but I wasn't in. Collected them this evening - all good.
  9. Still doing exactly this. Bought silver and platinum again in Dec, bought gold again in Dec and Jan.
  10. ^^^ Agreed on all counts [Nerd mode] Closer thistle leaf, which also has fewer prickly points! [/Nerd]
  11. It's on the RMB website sale section at the moment. You can buy one today (with the gold price at circa £1195 per oz) for under £330 per coin. Still a pretty good deal, IMO. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Gold-Standard/Gold/UKBGS19O
  12. Cheers. For the real coin nerds, it's the variety with the heavier garnishing on the reverse!
  13. ^^^ Seconded. Probably the best choice for decimal coins.
  14. Good advice. I already had an account with H&B, and I did double-check the total amount payable. If they charge me £299 per coin (I ordered 3) I will be having words with them...