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  1. The Royal Mint Two Dragons coins are a nice design as well, I think. I've only collected one Royal Mint Lunar series year, being my own Chinese sign. But I've got it in four different denominations across two PMs 😀
  2. I might be going against the herd here, but where I am (in the UK) I think we are going through a very good patch of bullion releases at the moment. The standard Britannia design I think is very nice, the Oriental Borders even better, the Royal Arms is a stunner, the Queen's Beasts are always interesting and usually fantastic, and if you're also into silver the Valiants and Britannia Bars are tremendous. So basically I'm mostly buying from my home country. The exceptions to that general rule for me are the (silver) Krugerrand, Turtle and Somali Elephant, and the (gold) Buffalo. It's great to have so much choice, there truly is something for everyone.
  3. How about a 2 1/2 Gulden silver coin from Holland, sometime from the 1960s perhaps? Or some Krona/Krone coins from Norway and Sweden with silver content? Danish Skillings? Swiss 2 Francs or 5 Francs? A nice idea might be to choose coins from countries where the date is an important milestone in that particular country's history. If the coins you choose are circulation coins, you can speculate about who used them and held them when they were new 😊
  4. @SILVERFINGER Decent thread here from 3 years ago, including links to other reviews including one from me:
  5. There's a gold 1952 South Africa half pound on ebay at the moment for £275 buy it now: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/South-Africa-1-2-Pound-1952-Gold-Coin-Scarce-Low-Mintage/163662275137?hash=item261b082241:g:nkUAAOSwN0hcv2~o Not the best example in the world, but may give you an idea of price.
  6. For 1901, you could get a Victoria Crown (George & Dragon design), or a Half Crown, or a Florin (my personal favourite of these Veiled Head designs) or a Shilling. If you are including 1900 in your 20th century list, get a different denomination from the above list for 1900!
  7. A much cheaper option for 1937 would be to get a nice George VI Coronation Crown (50% Silver, a good one is no more than about £30). I like the Wreath crowns of 1927-1936 and the George V Silver Jubilee Crown of 1935. Wreath Crowns are rare and thus expensive, but a good 1935 'Rocking Horse' crown is £25 -ish. Other options for UK Silver would include the Edward VII 'Standing Britannia' Florin of 1902-10. Cheapest will be 1902. Sterling silver. Worth also looking at the Lion on Crown Shilling designs of Edward VII and George V, 1902-1927. The Acorn design sixpences of 1927-36 are nice too. Hope it helps!
  8. Stuntman


    Just my personal opinion, but I would only buy graded coins if, like Junkbond has found, they are cheaper than the equivalent raw coins. Personally as well, I would aim to buy proof gold coins in their original box and with COA. I would then break the graded coins out of the slab and enjoy them in hand, but put them in a simple capsule (Lighthouse or similar). But this is probably because my gold coins are mostly bullion, although I do have a couple of BU Quintuple Sovs (in the original packaging and with COAs).
  9. You've had some excellent advice already here, OP. The Royal Arms coin is a stunner in-hand, if that was your first thought then it will indeed be a special purchase. You can't go far wrong with Britannias or Sovereigns either. Yes, the gold price has gone up about 30% since early May and I am holding off purchasing for now, but once the next Queen's Beast coin range gets released I will probably re-evaluate and just set myself a target buying price for the next coins I'd like to add to my collection. Enjoy the journey. The best bit of course is when you actually get the coins in-hand, they're beautiful objects.
  10. Really nice - well done. Big thumbs up from me. Simple, clear, intuitive, easy to navigate. All that needs to happen now is for the gold price to fall back by about 20% (I'm still a buyer rather than a seller right now) and I'm all over it!
  11. Royal Mint for me, but I'm also partial to an After Eight.
  12. If you say that someone (as opposed to something) has 'a high relative density', it's a good euphemism to use at work when the person in question is a bit thick... 😉
  13. I like the 1oz Royal Mint Platinum Britannia. You can also get a 2019 1oz Platinum Unicorn or Bull: https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Platinum-Coins/Platinum
  14. For me it's a really easy decision. Of course I'd return it or hand it in to the authorities. I could then walk down the street with my head held high - and with both hands still attached to my wrists 😉
  15. The 1/4 oz QBs are a good shout for that price point. I'd also vote for a modern bullion sovereign, especially if you can get a 2002, 2005 or 2012.