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  1. Reasonably happy with my PM buying this year - certainly the prices I've paid look good in retrospect. Added the Yale, Royal Arms and 2019 Oriental Border Britannia in 1oz gold, the Yale and an RM Lunar Monkey in 1/4 oz gold, 3 x 2019 sovereigns, a Royal Arms and 2019 Oriental Britannia in 1oz silver, plus a 10oz silver Britannia bar and a 10oz 2018 Valliant. Haven't bought any physical since the price started spiking in mid May. I am waiting for the price to dip again, but if it doesn't, I will just reset my buying range and save up a bit more... Next year I'm looking to add the remaining Queen's Beasts in 1oz and 1/4 oz gold, and buy a 2020 sovereign. Anything else will be an impulse buy, driven by its design, its price, or both 😋
  2. Maybe try the London Coins website? I've just searched for '1770 Thaler' on it, here's the link: http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=1770+Thaler&searchtype=1
  3. Lovely pics there @AuricGoldfinger. Can you share the location of that collection, assuming it's in the UK? Would be worth a visit. Here's my current stable - very happy with both of them 😀
  4. Stuntman

    White Lion

    I think this may be one of those designs where the proof version looks better than the bullion version. For those of you in the UK and over a certain age - the design reminds me of the Hofmeister lager 'follow the bear' ads in the 80s 😋
  5. Nice. I've seen a couple of LaFerraris at Prescott, and another at the Silverstone Classic - do you ever go to either of those meetings? Another one into cars here - my current sports car is a Cayman GT4 😊 I'd probably choose the 600LT from your shop window but I think the 720S is a good looking beast in a dark colour, and appears more 'from the future' compared to the 600LT. Keep the Gallardo or change to a McLaren - nice dliemma to have!
  6. Adding my own best wishes for your wife's (and your own) health. Most of my gold is bullion, bought (with hindsight) reasonably well - although all of it is coins, with virtually all of these coins being very specific purchases that I really wanted. I have a couple of BU Quintuple sovereigns that I bought on release in 2017 and 2018, these are definitely held for pleasure rather than investment and I hope that I never have to sell them.
  7. I was preparing a budget presentation in the UK headquarters of the US Multinational that I was working for at the time. Somebody came down and told us about the events that were unfolding as the first plane struck one of the towers, and we then watched the live television news coverage open-mouthed. A truly shocking event, for which the entire world is still feeling the consequences from.
  8. Nice coin. I think the half-ouncers are a good size. I'd put it in a capsule as well, just because it will look nicer and I think you will enjoy it more while you own it. Keeping it in the sealed Mint packaging will make such a trivial difference to its future value it really isn't worth worrying about. Enjoy holding it by the edges and admiring the beauty of the coin in hand.
  9. Stuntman

    White Lion

    Like many of you, I think this is the least successful design of the series so far. But also like many of you, I'll still be buying it 😊 Here's hoping either that the White Horse & White Greyhound are either similar (so that these last three 'White Beasts' coins work as a mini-series), or that they are triumphant returns to form, rivalling the Lion and Griffin (my two favourites so far). I like the Yale!
  10. Of the ones I have - the 2005 design because I won it as first prize in a 10km race. Of the ones I don't have - the 1989 design. I do have a 2017 BU Quintuple though, which is absolutely stunning and definitely my favourite if we're counting all denominations of sovereign 😀
  11. I have about 120 numismatic pre-decimal UK silver coins dated between 1676 and 1946, some of which I may sell over time and possibly buy modern UK silver bullion. But these old coins have lots of charm and intrigue.
  12. The Royal Mint Two Dragons coins are a nice design as well, I think. I've only collected one Royal Mint Lunar series year, being my own Chinese sign. But I've got it in four different denominations across two PMs 😀
  13. I might be going against the herd here, but where I am (in the UK) I think we are going through a very good patch of bullion releases at the moment. The standard Britannia design I think is very nice, the Oriental Borders even better, the Royal Arms is a stunner, the Queen's Beasts are always interesting and usually fantastic, and if you're also into silver the Valiants and Britannia Bars are tremendous. So basically I'm mostly buying from my home country. The exceptions to that general rule for me are the (silver) Krugerrand, Turtle and Somali Elephant, and the (gold) Buffalo. It's great to have so much choice, there truly is something for everyone.
  14. How about a 2 1/2 Gulden silver coin from Holland, sometime from the 1960s perhaps? Or some Krona/Krone coins from Norway and Sweden with silver content? Danish Skillings? Swiss 2 Francs or 5 Francs? A nice idea might be to choose coins from countries where the date is an important milestone in that particular country's history. If the coins you choose are circulation coins, you can speculate about who used them and held them when they were new 😊
  15. @SILVERFINGER Decent thread here from 3 years ago, including links to other reviews including one from me: