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  1. The iShares fund is SSLN, which splits the difference at 0.40%. I'm happy enough 😉 But to the OP - listen to @Bimetallic !
  2. Agree with pretty much everything that @VikingJester11B and @Bimetallic have already posted. I would go with 10 oz silver bars (minted) and 1 kg silver bars (cast). That's just my personal preference. I like the Britannia bars in the 10 oz size and the Metalor bars in the 1kg size. Personally I avoid gold bars but that's just beacuse I have a preference for the coins.
  3. I use the iShares Physical Silver ETF and I'm very happy to keep investing in it. In fact, I bought more units on Monday.
  4. Stuntman

    Old Sovereign advice

    Well done all round. You've gained some more knowledge and experience, and you have also bought yourself a lovely coin for a decent price 😊
  5. ^^^^ Sounds like a good plan. Perhaps set yourself some cash limits for the various types of items in your stack or collection. If you're buying with the intention to sell when it goes up in value, put say 75% of your cash limit into this kind of purchase. Then you can devote the remaining 25% (or whatever proportion you choose) to buying things you probably want to keep, rather than sell. As has been said above though, whatever works best for you is the right stack for you 😀
  6. I do the same as @mdp2505 in that I use the iShares physical gold ETC fund through HL. I also use the iShares physical silver and platinum ETCs.
  7. If you really want some physical, a 1 oz Platinum Britannia is probably your best route in at the moment. But I agree that the premiums are very toppy (and increasing), even though the spot price appear cheap (about £600 per ounce at the moment). ETFs are a good way in. I hold SPLT which is an iShares Platinum ETF which (according to them) is backed 100% by physical platinum bars. As you're in the UK (well, the edge of the Fens, anyway😊 ) you can buy these ETFs by having an account with a share dealing platform (I use Hargreaves Lansdown) and then create an account. You can also hold these ETFs in an ISA or a SIPP. That's how I do it. I hold 4 oz of physical platinum too: a Britannia and 3 Queen's Beasts.
  8. Stuntman

    Old Sovereign advice

    If you like the coin then I would be inclined to keep it. The hairline scratches from cleaning don't detract very much from what otherwise looks to be a very nice coin. And in today's climate, £395 may turn out to be a bargain even versus spot in a few months 😁 If it was mine I would probably keep it.
  9. I'm working from home too, and likewise my workload has increased as I now have additional daily responsibilities as a result of the Covid-19 situation. And my employer has 'asked' me to take a 20% salary cut as well. Hey ho. At least I still have a job and some income for the moment 🙂
  10. Some lovely bits of history there. Godless Florin, William IV shilling... The guineas (and third guinea) are probably only really worth melt, with the possible exception of that last one (1787) if it isn't ex-jewellery as well. I'd definitely keep that one 😊 Have you gone through the predecimal silver and bronze for rarities and varieties?
  11. Nice coins! Shame they are probably all going to be dates with very high mintages. What are you planning on doing with them?
  12. Bought quite a bit more silver about a month ago when the price was about £13. Bought some more a couple of weeks ago when the price was about £10.25. Will buy again once I've got paid at the end of the month. Am definitely in at these prices.
  13. A Lion is probably the wrong example to use, because it has an element of numismatic premium in the buying price, and this has increased in the buying price since July 2018. A better example would be to compare a 2018 platinum Britannia with its 2020 equivalent. But in any event, Platinum is cheap and I'm buying to hold, despite the premiums and the VAT. In fact I have two QB 1 oz winging and galloping their way to me.
  14. Nice @5huggy. But I think this thread needs a bit of balance 😉, the pictures are not to scale...😊 They are weigh too big!
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