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  1. Now that the good offer's gone, you should definitely send a 'stop all junk' letter/email to H&B along the lines of https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/letter/letter-to-stop-unwanted-direct-marketing-with-an-article-21-notice I can vouch that it definitely works. I'd had about 25 spam offers in total before I decided enough was enough, sent off the notice and I've had nothing since.
  2. You lucky sods. Badly regretting my not striking while the iron was hot there Anyhow well done on getting some very cheap sovs in the current climate.
  3. And no strict limit of 3 per household on that bargain either ... sign me up!
  4. Blummin eck! You could nearly make a jacket out of those.
  5. I just do the Scrooge McDuck / Peter Griffin test. If I need A&E, they're right.
  6. I'm a week without too. It felt like someone cared ... even if was only to try to fleece me 😀 Still ...
  7. I had a nosey myself there. Their website does look a bit temperamental but it seems to go eventually to checkout if you keep refreshing and generally fannying about back and forth. I didn't follow through with an attempted order though - there's a limit of 2 sovs by the looks of it and if you're also limited to just 1 bullion sov order overall, it's a 2-stop shop then and maybe another bucketload of spam to deal with.
  8. Some great %s so far for TBP https://twitter.com/britainelects D7haO3-XYAEuExl.mp4