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  1. I see they've a half page ad in the Sun today for up to 2 half sovs at £129.99 each (on the website too). I'm still not going to bother though after the trouble others had.
  2. You've probably had a lucky escape there. If the BC had a theme song, surely it would be this
  3. I just don't bother answering if I don't recognise the number, then look it up on https://who-called.co.uk/ to see if anybody else had it around the same day or week and what it was, and then block it permanently on BT call protect (or my phone but it only holds 30) if it's reported as a spammer from someone who answered. The spammers always come back with new spoofed numbers but I think the less you answer, the more your number gets knocked off their hit lists, hopefully anyway.
  4. Bloody hell, he looks in an awful state whatever the full story. You need one of the John West salmon boyos in your corner
  5. I found another relatively recent link from companies house, only published on 10 June it says, that doesn't make for good reading either and kind of backs up what you're saying there @Pipers https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5cf8f3a4e5274a5f1a84ca37/Mr_G_Webb_v_The_Buckingham_Collection_Limited_-_1401239.2019_-_Judgment_-_6.6.19.pdf
  6. I see one of Grumpy's relatives is seeking a new home on ebay 😀 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gold-Metal-Sparkly-Turtle-Trinket-Box-Metallic-Jewellry/173936542463?hash=item287f6d02ff:g:47UAAOSwl7dc-YOS
  7. This is terrible tbh. I really hope you all get sorted with refunds at least. If I'd have seen at least one picture post in 'today I received' from the BC, I'd have likely been in the same boat, as that's what eventually prompted me into trying out H&B. As RichRock has posted from companies house, they seem to have a fishy record of regularly changing company names and addresses all round Bournemouth, and hardselling things like washing machine insurance. I found a couple more interesting links from sites I'd use myself when I don't recognise a phone number coming up on the display. The Royston middle name makes googling a bit easier, where people mention it. https://www.unknownphone.com/search.php?num=03332120815 https://who-called.co.uk/Number/03332128954
  8. I could definitely see the whole business model of selling lots of loss leaders subsidised by subsequent smaller sales of overpriced coins falling apart depending on when you started up. If H&B started in 2014 according to cos house, they had a handy 2 years of generally falling gold prices for the model to bed in, and ultimately see them through 'bad/expensive' years. If BC only started up towards the end of last year, the uptrend on gold since could very quickly knock them out. Bad/unlucky timing. I'm maybe reading too much into it all
  9. Good stuff. I'm glad I sat Buckingham out though to see others experiences first. Even for the value sovs, I couldn't have handled the wait you lads are going through. I saw this on google reviews (last one from steve sharp) so it must be in their T&C
  10. Now that the good offer's gone, you should definitely send a 'stop all junk' letter/email to H&B along the lines of https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/letter/letter-to-stop-unwanted-direct-marketing-with-an-article-21-notice I can vouch that it definitely works. I'd had about 25 spam offers in total before I decided enough was enough, sent off the notice and I've had nothing since.
  11. You lucky sods. Badly regretting my not striking while the iron was hot there Anyhow well done on getting some very cheap sovs in the current climate.
  12. And no strict limit of 3 per household on that bargain either ... sign me up!