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  1. I got another spam from them today for some £999 set - just went straight to the shredder bar the postcard for my growing collection. Your address is locked into past orders but I wonder if you changed your delivery/billing address to zzzz zzzzz zzzzz would it just 'dead letter' all the future spam. Maybe worth trying for anybody that's fed up with spam. I'm not for trying/doing it yet myself anyhow, like a few others I might try my hand for another sov or two in a few weeks.
  2. Coins and now beer as well - get in, Grumpy Dave 🍻
  3. I see they now have it at £229 on the main landing page rather than having to hunt about for it with codes. I'm going to get sucked in like a black hole again
  4. I've had 4 in total from them with no issues bar the postal onslaught - I'm collecting the coin postcards they include just to remind myself just how many 'unmissable offers' I've got in total, I'm up to about 10.
  5. Thanks for the heads up Wolves. They're the crowd I bought my last 2 from about 6-8 weeks ago. I might dip my toe in for another 2. They're dreadful postal spammers though - must be a letter nearly every 4 days or so advertising wildly overpriced gold proofs and general silver. Still worth it for another bargain.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes. I'm trying to stick to sovereigns while I get started because they seem the best value. I get my head turned occasionally by the 1/4 oz (and over) Britannias and Queen's Beasts but I'm going to stay disciplined for now anyhow and keep to the George and dragon sovereigns.
  7. Hello everybody. Just joined up after lurking for a few months. I'm relatively new to gold investing. I bought a couple of sovereigns towards the tail end of last year and a couple so far this year so I'm just shy of my first oz. I just try to buy as close to spot as possible if I see a good deal. Anyhow I drop by the forum most days so I thought it was about time I joined up. PS Shout out to all the youtubers for their great videos too, especially Graham Diamond - your videos are fantastico!