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  1. Not as good of a deal as some but free shipping in Canada for orders over $100 https://preciousmetals.td.com/shop/en/tdmetals/silvers?fromPage=catalogEntryList&beginIndex=0&orderBy=3&pageView=grid
  2. https://preciousmetals.td.com/shop/en/tdmetals/silvers?fromPage=catalogEntryList&beginIndex=0&orderBy=3&pageView=grid I had it shipped to my local Branch
  3. Frost. I bought 5 TD silver rounds for just over $24 cdn per round yesterday and the shipping was free on orders over $100. I looked around and I found it to be the cheapest overall price per oz. I would love to be able to buy it at an oz at a time it would be much easier for me to save. I don't want to pay a ton over spot shipped so that would hold me back it would be nice to have an oz or two purchased automatically every pay day and shipped or deposited in a vault
  4. Kevn


    Hello everybody. Kevin from Canada here I found this forum after watching video's from BYB. I purchased my first ever of silver rounds today as I see it being a good way to diversify my savings. I've also been collecting scrap silver from high voltage fuses for a few years and I have about a pound of it now. I really didn't know what to do with it until watching the BYB vids, now I plan on pouring some 1 oz bars with it. Ill be looking around the forum looking for information as I go. Thanks for letting me join in the fun