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  1. Schnitzel- A nice gift related to 1934 (in the States at least) are the dollar banknotes dated 1934. They were marked with "Silver Certificate" on the top of the note instead of "Federal Reserve Note", as they are now. They can be found pretty easily on eBay for relatively short money, depending on condition. This was around the time the US abandoned the Gold standard. Interesting historical stuff.
  2. I saw on youtube recently, someone posted a video of their collection of vintage 1oz silver bars with classic Corvettes from different years.
  3. I will keep a lookout for your future posts.... I'd love to find 25-50 of them locally, just so I can play with them (no kidding). They remind me of pirate silver. I know we're really lucky in the US to be able to buy pre-1964 silver coins almost anywhere at reasonable prices, but I would trade a bunch of Franklins, Kennedys or Mercury dimes for a sackful of Thalers.
  4. Thanks. I hear you about the silver content, but it would still make it more interesting than just always picking up more silver dollars, and other various halves, quarters and dimes.
  5. How often do members see the Maria Theresa Thalers in your local shops? They are not very common in the local stores in New England, but when you do see them they never cost much more than the actual silver value. I realize that the originals may be more expensive, but the restrikes have been continuously produced for years. Are they priced accordingly in the UK/EU, or do they carry a premium over junk? I'd love to buy handfuls of them instead of always just picking up US junk silver, for a little variety. Thanks.