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  1. Hi, I would like to order: Egyptian Dragon - 1 Silver and Copper Norse Dragon - 1 Copper Chinese Dragon - 1 Silver and Copper Welsh Dragon - 1 Copper Aztec Calender - 2 Copper
  2. Hi, Today I received my Christmas Prizes and also some other coins which I purchased from SilverStan. It took me a while to decide which coins I wanted to purchase, thatΒ΄s why it took a while. I am very happy about all the coins/ bars I received, especially the Apollo Coin which was a nice surprise. Thank you,
  3. The prizes and surprices look fantastic this year. I will be adding to my prize when itΒ΄s drawn.
  4. Hi, I want to join and I will be donating a 1 oz. Silver Koala 2017 and a 1/10 oz. Silver Nefertiti Coin.
  5. I was going to order that one too! Guess IΒ΄ll have to wait.
  6. ItΒ΄s one of my favourite movies ever!
  7. IΒ΄d like to join also. I will donate a 1 oz. silver Koala 2016. Prize draws are fun!
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