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  1. Any more quarter libertads for sale?
  2. Thanks guys for the welcome. Like chris i also have a spade guinea in my stack , and unfortunately it has also been drilled. I too couldnt resist it at the price , about 10 yrs ago, but i wish id bought more sovereigns at £86 , and 1 oz gold eagles at £400 whilst i had the chance!! I think my favourite coins are the onzas/libertads and the 1.2 oz mexican 50 cent coins. I see i just missed the chance of a quarter ounce libertad for sale. That may just have been just too irrisistable for me!!
  3. I stacked some gold n silver bullion 10 yrs ago. I bought what i liked but not numismatics. I am intersted in fnance, investments and have precoius metals stock investments also. Canadian and U.S. listed mainly. Cant resist a few more coins n bars though! I Love the hand poured bars, they are gorgeous! Never seen them until now.
  4. Hi could you put me on the the waiting list for one bar. They look beaut! Thanks