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    silver bars and coins, half and full gold soverigne. 1870 silver Spanish 5 pesatas are my guilty pleasure

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  1. I've literally had a crappy ebay experiance today. Bid and won on a couple coins today, I was the only bidder and the guy obviously wasent happy with the price my bid won on( even though he set the starting bid price) he then messaged me and said that the post office wouldn't deliver to me here in guernsey. ( also rubbish as guys on here send me stuff all the time. No different sending here than mainland UK) he then cancelled my order and that was that. Just a joke. Never had this lie told to me before 😕 luckily there are a lot of great sellers on ebay just a shame these idiots are left to sell. I have reported to ebay but as usual nothing will happen
  2. Nice @SilverStan delivery this morning. Thanks buddy there Ace 👍
  3. Well happy fathers day for all those dads. Wife has been sneaky and between herself and @BackyardBullion Sorted this cool chunk of silver for me😁 Amazing work as always. Thanks buddy👍
  4. Very nice. Once Holiday is done next month this set is on my list. Congrats buddy. 👍👍
  5. Welcome to the forum buddy 👍
  6. Just picked this up for next to nothing.from a local antiques shop It's a later 5 shilling. But pretty cool
  7. Two lovely 1oz bars £35 including signed for postage Will be posted Monday morning. Thanks
  8. Selling my Armistice quatre sovereign from Hattons of London £75 including signed for postage. Won't be posted till Monday Thanks for looking
  9. Hey guys. Looking for 1966 100 pesetas and 1920 George v shillings. Message me with price ect if u have any. Thanks in advance 😁 Have a great day
  10. Is the sovereign still available