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  1. They look amazing. The square is my favourite. 😁
  2. Nice coin good price glwts 👍
  3. Jamesd

    wanted Sigma

    Sigma website currently have the above version on sale for around £513 with 2 wands which is a great price. Not sure what shipping is but buying from them directly would be cheaper than anywhere else I've currently seen. Once my move back to the UK is done I will definitely be getting one as they do not ship to guernsey 😔 hope they are still on sale then.
  4. Haha I will catch one soon enough 👍👍
  5. Gutted I missed this. Can't take your eyes off the forum for a second.
  6. Actually make it 5 I'll pm u now 😁😁
  7. Some stunning pieces from @MickD this week. Truly great guy to deal with. Many thanks
  8. Best to buy direct from Bleyer for these bars IMO. They have stock.👍 Lovely bars. Can't rate them enough
  9. @MickDI'll take em buddy. Out and about but send me payment details and I'll get sorted later today. Ace present for a friend 😁 Cheers