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  1. Great post today. Coin I won on the coin cabinet auction on sunday 1878 2.5 dollar eagle. First time using them and a great experience from start to finish. Also a couple cheeky koalas from @kiskelo auction.
  2. I use ebay for my date run coins and have had some great deals. Over the years I have saved the good sellers in my list and try to use them. Very rarely use people not on my list. Have been stung once before in the early days of coin collecting. but am now very careful. Ebay is a great resource if your careful. Good luck and stay safe guys 👍
  3. Putting this back up till tomorow morning as I'm off so can make to the post office. Reduced to £215 or would consider offers of 10oz 999 silver
  4. 3 lovely 2020 ladies and a little 92 lady Thanks @richatthecroft stunning price as usual and top class service 😁
  5. I tend to buy what I like as i love hunting around and getting grate stuff. Everything in my collection though I would sell if terrible hit the fan and cash was needed. If money was in the bank it would get spent on stuff we dont really need so I'd rather have my savings in pms whether that's my silver collection or my gold stack. Before finding pms I collected nike trainers (which all get worn) so was always a big outlay with no return. The wife although not intetested in pms as a collection loves them as a store of wealth.👍 If I'm gunna buy the shiny I figure I may as well enjoy what I buy
  6. Bought here on the forum. This is also on ebay so if I get a bid will be withdrawn from here👍 Will be sent out SD on Monday Looking for £215 delivered Feel free to message me with an offer Would also consider a trade for 10z of 999 silver PPFF or bank transfer Thanks
  7. Been neglecting my kook date run recently so picked up a couple yesterday, turned up today 👍😁
  8. Welcome to the forum Liam Firstly BBP silver is always very expensive compared to most other dealers for silver IMO, and in these uncertain times most dealers have increased there premiums on silver coins. Also mintage of certain years can be a factor. With ebay these auctions only end with what people are willing to pay. I still buy from ebay from time to time as can pick up some nice finds.ive picked up some cracking good deals in the last week👍 All i would say Is make sure u test the coins as soon as u get them i still test everything as I've been stung in the past. Older and wiser now 😆
  9. I have one of these and love it. Nice purchase. Nice info to. TfS
  10. I completely agree with Melon. Push the draw back to the date of your event. It's all for a good cause. All the best to u and the family
  11. I work in the nhs as a chef. I cover a couple hospitals om the south coast and I've been working non stop to help plug gaps with sickness ect. Scares the c**p outta me as my wife has ms and her treatment basically kills off her immune system. Scary times indeed. Keep safe TSF
  12. Received today. Lovely coin bar
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