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  1. Looking to sell my 2001 1/10 Britannia It's in really nice condition. £160 posted SD Open to sensible offers Will post out same day Feel free to message me for any more info Thanks
  2. Thanks @richatthecroft for these libs. Few more holes filled And thanks to @StackSellRepeat for the 3 chariots and my mystery coin. As always 2 fantastic forum members sending truly stunning coins.
  3. I have now placed on a certain auction site also so once I get bids they will be removed from here. Thanks
  4. Sell on here directly at a slightly reduced price(no fees) and they will sell like hot cakes IMO
  5. 2x 2015 sold👍 £115 including Free Sd post takes the remaining 6 libertads
  6. Last reductions. Would be very happy with half sove trade. Thanks
  7. Jamesd


    Welcome to TSF buddy
  8. Something a little different from @SilverStan today. I am so happy with this and funds permitting will add some more of these stunners. LYDIAN mint is one of my favourite and hard to get hold of as they no longer exist
  9. 1x 2019 1x 2015 sold. Price updated for offer