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  1. No coins today but been after this book for a while and picked it up for £5 on ebay. Well chuffed. And a couple more NGC boxes for my slabs and self slabs. They will keep me going for a while thanks @morezone
  2. Love it and want one at some point but not paying that kinda premium. £300 would fill a lot of my lib gaps 😁
  3. just saw this and was about to add to basket and it sold 😥 great price. Gutted
  4. Thanks to @Jimmock for letting me acquire these lovely 2018/19 orientals. 2020 cant come out quick enough 😁
  5. If only it was a motorbike lol. Very cool piece though
  6. Jamesd

    2020 Germanias

    Have no real interest in this series. Far nicer sets on the market imho👍
  7. There really nice looking bars. Nice one 👍