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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Pre 65 USA silver coins and small gold coins.

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  1. Hope to get first silver bar this year. And some small gold coins when see offer or realistic auction. But overall, i bet im buying less this year. Car needs some fix in the future, taxing of gas is rising and i need to drive more this year for various reasons.
  2. Nice, didnt notice. Now cant be unseen 😄
  3. Bought 10 mercs today. At home i noticed one of had strange carving on neck.
  4. Germans are huge fans of Mintos and other similar services.
  5. Coininvest has free shipping for orders over 1000£ or equal amount of € at friday
  6. Got some mercury dimes but i need more to reach goal
  7. Yes thats true but mostly because of lenin. Story continues after that and even recent years there been russian news how it wasnt legit (because lenin wasnt in real charge at time). In same category goes latest news/"studies" (this summer) how stalin victims are now finnish occupy victims. And on jeltsin time, russia was in good path to get in part of western economy. Findalization isnt conquering, its more cheap. And on era of fast media, its evolved. I wont spam more, i will find proper topic from offtopic section if we like to share opinions.
  8. Usa is losing its power to china. Fiat money is printed more and more and globalism is spreading. Strong leader countries look like they are in good run in middle of this shift. Critic is then claimed phobia. Russian people are nice, polite and have own sense a humour. Capability of russia is just off the roof in internet and often forgot how hard life for average russian can be and how its boiling. S-400 isnt working yet for buyers and electric warfare is same level as all other countries that spend massive ammounts on army. They just dont (electric jamming, hacking) hide it so well and its part of strategy. Before middle east they tried to get guns in india. That didnt go well. And in long run russia tries "finlandization" on whole europe. I know that china and usa try/are doing same. Thats why europe should stand on its own feet more united.
  9. Posting my opinion as i see often in internet that russia is somekind of superpower. Thyer super only in bluff. They are messing their missile tests, sinking own subs and buy their cheese abroad. St Petersburg cant even clean their own water (finland build and funded plants). And top of all they are feeding fake news all around. Russian numbers about economics are as good as chinese. No one really knows. Thats why they are buying gold. For normal russians dollar is the money they use. My hometown was in trouble last winter as local banks refused to change rubles for dollars (they dont keep dollars in reserve). Next ten years will be exciting as (if) putin needs to be replaced. My guess is russia will break in parts.
  10. Ounce of gold or 16 ounces silver was common workmans pay in month. (On late 1800 usa).