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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Pre 65 USA silver coins and small gold coins.

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  1. I see, i pay 5,89€ The Numistatist per month for latest number and archive.
  2. Im reading The Numistatist trough their app but not sure if want to continue subscription. So im asking recomendations or what you other forum members read?
  3. Any good source where read about 20 lires (italy) bit more?
  4. Just ordered 10$ 1894 liberty head. Nice mixture of gold and history. Now hoping local post will do its work properly. Worked ass off to fund it.
  5. Something little to start weekend. 1877 S. Dont understand much about grading and dont own any graded coins. But is there any worth to grade common strikes like these?
  6. I sure envy americans, having few lcs in almos each town
  7. Something similar. I guess im buying long as i have my work and there is something to spare after all expenses and hobbies (and spending to au doesnt feel bad).
  8. Just few dimes and quarters. But im wondering why on earth seller put so many stamps on the letter...guess have to start collecting stamps too.
  9. Thank you for tip, ordered few airtite capsules.
  10. Hi all, Just wondering, what is best place/site to buy capsules? Specially for smaller coins (pesos, fractional gold).
  11. Actually i dont own any 5 pesos (yet). But have few 2,5 pesos and one 2 pesos. 5 pesos just often seem most smart coin to buy in auctions etc.
  12. Ladder Capital reit is worth to look and study. Very down to earth management and they have own skin in the game.