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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Pre 65 USA silver coins and small gold coins.

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  1. @Fathallazf@ Any new info about prices/is it possible to send via Posti?
  2. Posti (postal service) been strugling with China ecommerce, i guess. There is also lack of competition, poor management, not enough staff at ground level, expensive adventure to Russia and other mistakes. Now they try to make euros in other ways too, example last summer you could order postman to do gardening. Living costs depend who you ask. I would say that those are high.
  3. https://www.posti.fi/henkiloasiakkaat/laheta/kirjeet-ulkomaille.html See 1st section on "Lisäpalvelut Priority-kirjeisiin ja Priority-Maksikirjeisiinin". Show that for the Posti guy and maybe he understands. You need prove how much the shipped item is worth.
  4. Strange. Because Posti (finnish post) sells insured international letters and mentions example metals in description. Remember this because it was expensive and thought that how i ever can sell in this forum/internet when Posti takes something like 40€(?) for shipping in EU. Few years ago R-Kioski teamed up with DHL. Was expensive too, dont know has it changed. Edit; tell me correct prices if you get it shipped trough Posti 🙂
  5. Im also fan for pre33 gold and silver too. Morgan and Peace dollars are joy for eye. Anyone have tips where i could find 2,5$ liberty head? https://www.bullionbypost.eu/world-coins/american-eagles/american-gold-quarter-eagle-250/
  6. Just thought to post size comparison: 5 dollars indian head vs 1/4 oz golden state mint silver indian head
  7. Bought from ma-shops today: - 1oz libertad 1993 - peace dollar 1922. Should be on my hands in 8 days. On coming weekend i have planned to order some gold. Maybe 2 1/2 pesos if can find at good price.
  8. Nice/mahtavaa! 👍
  9. Hello from happiest country in the world, Been lurking sometime so i decided to join. Not so much stacker for myself, more like collector i guess. Nice hobby where you dont lose all your money and get some "me time". Mostly pre 65 usa silver coins and small gold coins like 1/20 - 1/10 oz, 2 and 2,5 half pesos, ducats etc.