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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Pre 65 USA silver coins and small gold coins.

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  1. Actually i dont own any 5 pesos (yet). But have few 2,5 pesos and one 2 pesos. 5 pesos just often seem most smart coin to buy in auctions etc.
  2. Ladder Capital reit is worth to look and study. Very down to earth management and they have own skin in the game.
  3. Hah nice to know, that one has come long way up to scandinavia.
  4. Didnt receive any coins but got "holder" for dimes
  5. My bet is they merge it before next downfall. To hide and save what can be saved.
  6. Never been in coinshow or -shop. Have to travel +500km to closest one. Must say that above all pm vids in youtube, like to watch those where stackers/collectors visit at their lcs.
  7. Germans also sell a lot to other countries (my wild guess). Example in Finland silver is under vat but when ordering face value silver from Germany, there is no vat. And some shops have decent postage fees, so it comes cheaper to buy from Germany than closer like Estonia (=Europeanmint).
  8. My first 20 swiss francs. And also first time when receiving bit "extra" whit coin.
  9. Im afraid of that. Especially after reading trough this topic. So much beautiful coins.
  10. Bought 20 swiss francs this week. Was kind of "accident", saw it on auction going for 209€ so i bid 210€ and thought that it will rise before closing. Well now 20 francs is on the way to me.
  11. @Fathallazf@ Any new info about prices/is it possible to send via Posti?
  12. Posti (postal service) been strugling with China ecommerce, i guess. There is also lack of competition, poor management, not enough staff at ground level, expensive adventure to Russia and other mistakes. Now they try to make euros in other ways too, example last summer you could order postman to do gardening. Living costs depend who you ask. I would say that those are high.