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  1. Has anyone else had any discrepancies with bullion by post? I ordered some 2019 privy rooster edge Britannia's. Received coins, just put them in box without really checking. Paper invoice said above, just come to check them and they are 2017 standard coins as far as I can tell, electronic invoice on their site says ”best value Britannia coins"? If I'm being a bit dumb, apologies, very new to collecting. Just seemed a bit odd to receive a paper invoice stating what I actually ordered, different to what I received and their on-line invoice States.
  2. Yeah. I got it to pass down to my daughter who is 9. So by time she gets it, hopefully worth something to her.
  3. For information this is what you get with the item
  4. Hi people. Very new to this, don't really have a huge amount of time to go through all of the forum threads, which to be honest, to a newcomer are quite overwhelming. So a couple of questions. Where are the best places to buy silver from? What is the best coins to invest in? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks P.
  5. Hi guys, very new to this subject. Brought myself a few silver Britannia's, Pandas and the (don't slate me) 4 sided quarter Britannia sovereign.