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  1. meh, another series... Too many series and I am getting tired of them coming out every month... These mints need to slow down. Too much of a good thing becomes boring...
  2. Looks like normal toning to me in the pits and if I saw this in my LCS I would not even question that coloring for a minute. If you are that worried about it test it with a sigma metalytics machine. I think you are fine. Who is really going to counterfeit bison bullion?
  3. very cool, all mine is a mint cloth bag... 😂
  4. I pre ordered some of each size from Monument Metals but these are selling out quickly everywhere!!
  5. Great looking round and hope to pick all variations for sure.
  6. Just wanted to let you know guys the coin arrived and it tested out fine and actually looks way better in person. Pics below. Thanks guys!
  7. I might be a buyer if I could find it online anywhere here in the states. I swear KOMSCO must hate publicity and press releases.. You have to hunt them down to find these new special releases.. hahah
  8. Ill have it friday and test with the sigma and let you guys know. 👍
  9. Thanks so much for that information! I did not know that and feel much better about bidding on this. HUGE HELP!!!
  10. Does anyone own this set? Found out about it the other day but cant find any information on it? I also saw they released a 5 oz gold medal of 2018 Chiwoo but never see it anywhere. Komsco have the worst marketing team in the world? hahah
  11. I asked him to weigh it and waiting back for a response… Thanks! Added 0 minutes later... Auction style but at $344 certainly seems like it should be a full sov..
  12. Hey Guys - I am seeing a good deal on ebay but not sure if its a full sov or a half. I asked the seller he doesn't seem to know. So is there anyway I can tell from a photo? Here are the pics of the auction. Thanks Guys!
  13. Same and never have a problem... bidding is bs and I stay away from it. Both selling and buying..