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  1. Same and never have a problem... bidding is bs and I stay away from it. Both selling and buying..
  2. If That Engelhard is a bare back with nothing on it that is a rarer piece.. Worth around $40 US 👍
  3. I don't buy many but have the complete set of South Korea Komsco Mint colorized series. Only see them on ebay and they are a pretty penny but I am stuck in the collection and will continue it.
  4. So excited, just ordered my first piece from BYB and could not be more excited to get this nice 250G silver slab! 👍
  5. Just ordered this 2019 version yesterday from Bold Precious Metals. They had the best price I could find out there.. 👍
  6. Still looking for the 2019 gold tiger but just ordered this beauty below this morning from APMEX! woo hoo!
  7. Pickups from yesterday. Got the Gold Sovereign from my LCS for $300 which I thought was a great deal seeing how good this coin is. The hand poured stuff was from MK Barz and they key is awesome! Have a good weekend all!
  8. If I were starting again more gold and only 100 and 10 oz silver bars. Forget the coins/rounds and series..
  9. That is not normal. Every Chiwoo proof I have ever purchased came with COA Booklet and a capsule... I would question them on that..
  10. Awesome, my 4 year old daughter has started to show interest in coins and I hope she sticks with it. Congrats on teaching your daughter right!
  11. I have bought from them many times and been happy. They are charging sales tax now though through ebay so that was a bummer...
  12. I hope this coin really appreciates over time. My LCS had these last summer and I picked up 10 for $16.45/Per. 👍
  13. Awesome video and would love to get one! How much for me? Live in US. Thanks!
  14. I think Komsco hurt the series by adding too many low mintage sizes, privy’s etc..I think people that liked collecting the series gave up. Its tough to justify paying $380 for a 10 oz silver medal... I admit, I have been close to bailing on the series (even the entire mint itself) a few times. I will get the 2019’s but that will probably end my collection.