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  1. I love that idea of starting a new stack now with all the knowledge us seasoned stackers have today. If I were to start over today I would tell you forget all about variations of coins and bars and stay far away from high premium silver. A lot of non sense really and at the end of the day you will most likely never get your premiums back if you ever need to sell quick to get fiat cash. I would buy 100 oz silver bars as the base of my stack and then just generic 1 oz silver bullion as close to spot as possible. Gold, I would stick with 1 oz generic gold bullion or old pre33 US gold that has been cleaned or polished which can be bought at a cheap price. Biggest advice I would give is to not get caught up in the variations of coins and rounds, stay away from series and just stick to worrying about two things. The price of spot when you buy and the price of spot when you sell. The rest is fun but is not the smartest when it comes to looking after your money. You don't want to be worrying about what series/coins are hot now and then in three years from now no one cares about that $50/oz premium you paid... Stick to spot.
  2. I keep track of every buy and use my spreadsheet to help track dollar cost avg. I also track which bullion I am getting the best price at and what levels of each type I have. Below is a screenshot of my sheet. Just a great way to keep track of everything and keep you moving towards your goals. Without this I would be 100% lost when it comes time to sell..
  3. I agree the cost of the sigma is expensive but thus far it has detected over 12 oz of fake silver bullion I have purchased and also found a fake quarter oz of gold. Now I see how some say its too expensive to buy and I will just use a magnet or whatever else method. If you ask me, its too expensive not have one and have fake PM's hiding away in your stack..
  4. You should really look at getting a sigma metalytics tester. I have it and it has been a lifesaver for both verifying your purchases as well as saving you from worrying about your collection and being real or not... https://www.sigmametalytics.com/
  5. I highly doubt he paid what the new Chiwoo rounds are selling for. The 2016 Chiwoo you are lucky to purchase a BU version for under $100 US. APMEX did have a ding and scratch version of the 2016 chiwoo up on their site but that still commanded $75 US..
  6. I agree the premiums are stupid on these but I went in for the first round. I have all three variations along with the proof. After this though I am done with the Germania mint and most likely will not purchase the additional series. I typically will make the gamble on a new series first or a new mint and grab up the first run stuff and then I stop buying. I will hold these for a few years and see if I made a good buy or not.. Regardless, the rounds themselves are amazing and glad they are in my diverse stack.
  7. Dont get me wrong I love the rounds and the designs. Ghost is an awesome round for sure. They just dont help the avg cost bottom line. Esp the $379 10 oz zi:sin’s.. the collector in me loves them though even if my calculations dont haha
  8. Morning Guys - Saw provident metals yesterday put up a flash sale and they were offering Britannia's, Australian Koala and South Kores ZI:SIN Canis rounds. I only had one BU Canis and when I saw them at $17.45/Per round I had to get 5. Two hours later all the Britannia's are sold out and the Koala's are sold out as well. The Canis round had only moved 100 rounds where as the other two sold hundreds in hours. Since the start I have been into the Komsco stuff buying at least 1 of every release they have. The privy's, the 10 oz'ers, the gold etc... If no one cares about this series though I don't want to continue to pump my hard earned money into this series. I fear when I go to sell in 20 years the premium will be nothing and I will have taken a huge hit. What are your guys thoughts on these series? Does anyone collect them or am I pissing money away continuing to collect this series.. Do you think the premiums will rise or will this series die a horrible death and be worth nothing more than a generic round? I feel the amount of variations and different releases they are doing is watering down their brand and it might really end up hurting them.. Too greedy to cash in the on the initial success perhaps? Thanks!
  9. This is on ebay and I have one and they are awesome for the price. Looks like this will ship to you as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Graded-Certified-NGC-PCGS-Premier-Elite-Coin-Slab-Aluminum-Storage-Box-Case/152849088855?epid=1954130307&hash=item2396840157:g:wcwAAOSw44BYlp-S&frcectupt=true
  10. Today was an expensive day for me.. haha Got my monthly commission check and spent the whole thing with these prices. 2015 1 oz Gold Britannia from APMEX - On sale $1332 Random Year 1 oz Gold Engelhard Prospector Round from APMEX - $1366 100 oz Scottsdale King Stacker Silver Bar - Ebay from Scottsdale deal $1571 Kilo Asahi Poured Bar - Ebay $514 Now the tough part to wait for them to arrive and also hold off on buying anything until next month..
  11. Where do I buy these? The look amazing!
  12. For me personally silver is a means to gold. Once I get gold I feel an accomplishment, almost like a win that I got another ounce of gold in my stack. Silver is not the same buzz or rush when purchasing. I have thousands of oz's of silver and yet only have 20 oz of gold.. Once my stack converts to gold I would never think about going back...
  13. @Abyss Hi Abyss, thanks for the info on the pickup thread. I will be sure to try and add stuff in that one. I was hesitant on the Germania rounds but did end up getting them well below what most sites are charging so figured I would take the chance and see how these do. The 5 oz Aztec rounds I got from Provident metals for $85 a round. The two gold 1/2 oz south korean coins I got for $10 over spot each and the graded Buffalo coin was an ebay deal bought for $65 over spot. Have a good day!
  14. Hi All - New to forum but really like the conversations and discussions. Thought I would share my last month haul total. Was a good month and found some great deals. Stack on and would love to see other peoples pickups! 👍