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  1. Yes that certainly is an option which gives everyone the same amount of cash. The issue then I guess is how do business owners meet their other obligations (rent, utilities, insurance etc) so there are still businesses trading when the government support runs out. The option is a nice one but again flawed as this current one is.
  2. It's not right no, however they have to pump money into the economy somehow and it has to be both fast and easy to administer. The moment you add in even one extra factor or rule it slows the whole process down and we then have massive problems in the country as it grinds to a halt. Hopefully some of the cash people receive will be used to engage the services of these sole traders/personal service companies once the movement ban is lifted, so everyone gets a slice and we get back to normal more quickly than we otherwise would.
  3. I suspect everyone will be paying a bit more to the Exchequer come next year
  4. Absolutely correct. Given the scale of the handouts it will all be based on information existing within HMRC prior to the crisis.
  5. I guess this will already have been answered previously (my apologies) but if you order now on the 'pre sale' price is that what you pay or can the price still fluctuate @BackyardBullion
  6. I'm about 7 years quit but have been sucking in lozenges ever since. Wreaks havoc with the guts, all the artificial sweetener but still I think better than lung cancer. The best thing is after a week or two you can run again, food tastes better, teeth get whiter (and fingers) and you don't stink. So many benefits. I wish you all the best, think how much more shiny shiny you can buy with the cash you save.
  7. I do a 5k a week, just to know that I still can. Starting off I could run for about 30 seconds but if you keep turning up and having a go you will find all of a sudden you can 'run'. Being 42 I do much more strength and conditioning training - 2/3 times a week. Just got back from 'leg day' - will feel that one tomorrow Bear in mind, even if you run for 10/20/30 seconds you are running, and therefore a runner. There is always someone better and worse at it than you so just have a go.
  8. Stan, as an accountant I would recommend speaking to your accountant. There are countless situational permutations based around your own personal circumstances and no amount of research will get you to a satisfactory answer. I wish you luck though.
  9. East Yorkshire - bit of wind, bit of rain, bit of a normal day in Feb so far...
  10. I'm still not 100% sure I would call myself a stacker. Have picked up around 100oz of silver and about 3oz of gold in the last couple of years. Problem is I have a penchant for old pennies and a few other bits and bobs so whenever there is a spare few quid it's a toss up between bullion or something more numismatic.. depends on the mood. In terms of investing I find better returns can be had on the markets - funds making 10 - 15% CAGR for example, but do appreciate bullion as a store of wealth and can see why folk would do it more 'full on' that I do.
  11. Got this fine looking box from @Alun to display the QB silver 2oz. Many thanks
  12. Really like the back of the team GB one. Reminds me of the WWF one
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