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  1. Got this fine looking box from @Alun to display the QB silver 2oz. Many thanks
  2. Really like the back of the team GB one. Reminds me of the WWF one
  3. Posts like this are excellent. Many thanks for your time and knowledge of the area. It makes me want to do this tomorrow
  4. This is inception level deep.. far beyond my ability to comprehend
  5. Thanks for your concern - I'm good with it to be honest. There will be a bargain to be had when the fund is tradeable again so will likely double down. I haven't lost my shirt and this definitely isn't the worst thing to happen to me in terms of stocks. It does make you feel a bit sick though when you buy into something and it tanks. I thought I'd caught the low with Thomas Cook. Mais non Monsieur!
  6. Agree here. This book is very quick to read and incredibly effective in illustrating to the reader the correct mindset when trying to build wealth. I'd read it sooner rather than later.
  7. I just got burned by this. I was going to pull it a couple of weeks ago but didn't push the button as I remembered he pays a dividend on the 31st. Tried to sell yesterday and....
  8. Saw this in the Times today. Very funny but I also think it's a bit of a red letter day today
  9. According to my analysis silver will definitely go up, or down, or up then down, or down then up. You just watch..
  10. I know what you mean. I go for old pennies to scratch my numismatic itch. However my head is always quickly turned by some sort of shiny shiny that I must have, then the set, then the variations, then the.. ooh look a new shiny shiny... 😆