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  1. Saw this in the Times today. Very funny but I also think it's a bit of a red letter day today
  2. According to my analysis silver will definitely go up, or down, or up then down, or down then up. You just watch..
  3. I know what you mean. I go for old pennies to scratch my numismatic itch. However my head is always quickly turned by some sort of shiny shiny that I must have, then the set, then the variations, then the.. ooh look a new shiny shiny... 😆
  4. 25oz bullion today. Missed the last group order and had fear of missing out 🙃
  5. I really like the design of the Hawking one, might actually prefer it to the WWF one which is my current favourite 50p. Think it will be popular. I love coins, me 😂
  6. Decks of cards - mostly from holidays to serve as a reminder but interesting decks too Added 0 minutes later... Quite the eclectic mix!
  7. Landed a 2016 Sov and 2019 3g gold Panda today. I have an old whisky jar that I throw my change into and crack it open once a year/when it's full. There was luckily enough for these fellas.
  8. Not personally but a close friend of mine writes about commodities on Seeking Alpha. One of his followers in the US had a good year and sent him a fractional Eagle as thanks. He then gave it to me. Winning!
  9. True true. Got to keep the baby fed