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  1. Yes UPMA ive got an order ready to land any day now availability will be for upto 10 of each utah goldback 1,5,10,25 and 50 Il update as and when there available, alternatively you could contact UPMA yourself Adam.
  2. You have started a collection 😂 now you'll have to try and source the 10,25, and 50 utah goldbacks to make it a complete display........... Im a little OCD like that.
  3. Yes sure please message me to arrange payment.
  4. Evening i have 6 utah goldback notes for sale X5 of them are 1 utah goldbacks asking £4 per note X1 of them is a 5 utah goldback note asking £20 for that one, all in perfect condition. Postage of your choice to be added on payment via bank transfer please.
  5. Me please if still available?
  6. Beautiful collection you have there, those trade dollars fit right in Thanks for the props.........Keep stacking!
  7. Price drop £240 includes special delivery.
  8. Bump now offering this at £250 posted via next day special delivery.
  9. Just x2 2016 pandas remain.