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  1. Looking to stock up on my platinum stack, anything considered Thanks Adam.
  2. Bump now offering this £170 including 1st class signed for, can be sent SD at your expense.
  3. Evening I'm sitting here thinking about the petrol/diesel ban in the automotive industry by 2040, Now some of you may know batteries contain silver oxide, so it's got me thinking naturally the demand for batteries is going to sky rocket by 2040 in the automotive industry and if silver is needed for those batteries equally the demand for silver should also sky rocket? And in my book the higher the demand for silver the higher the price should or WILL rise, I personally see silver overtaking platinum and rhodium as those two metals shouldn't be needed in electric vehicles, I actually feel plat and rhodium dying by 2040 especially for industrial use Maybe this is the year for us stackers to finally cash in big on our investments?