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  1. Fantastic advice thank you, happy to buy anywhere if they can match gsbe prices, Searched for gsbe address myself just now and cant find an address so im guessing a walk in service isnt possible, Never the less im sure il come back from Belgium with a nice amount 🤞 just trying to stay one step ahead of VAT which im sure will happen, were taxed on everything else 🙄 Thanks again Adam.
  2. Good to know i personally only stack britannias and sovereigns so il take your advice on board and get to work hard stacking, less holidays this year more precious metals 😁 Thanks for your input. Adam.
  3. Evening, Just a question for anyone who has maybe bought over the counter in Europe before, Im curious if VAT will be added on to purchases from the likes of goldsilver.be, silver-to-go etc once the UK leaves the European Union at the end of this month, Im going to Belgium in march on a 2 day mini cruise from Hull and i got thinking, i wonder if you can buy a bulk amount of silver over the counter from goldsilver.be to bring back to the UK? Assuming VAT will be added to purchases from Europe its one way to keep the cost down on stacking Anyone have and information or personal experience buying in person from Europe? Is it possible to buy over the counter from goldsilver.be? Thanks Adam.
  4. Bump price reduction now under spot £280 plus postage
  5. Forgot to mention bank transfer preferred
  6. 1979 full sovereign for sale, gold price at the time of writing is £1207 per toz im selling for under spot price £280 plus postage RMSD strongly recommended at £6.60 anything else is at the buyers own risk Thanks for looking
  7. Yes UPMA ive got an order ready to land any day now availability will be for upto 10 of each utah goldback 1,5,10,25 and 50 Il update as and when there available, alternatively you could contact UPMA yourself Adam.
  8. You have started a collection 😂 now you'll have to try and source the 10,25, and 50 utah goldbacks to make it a complete display........... Im a little OCD like that.
  9. Yes sure please message me to arrange payment.
  10. Evening i have 6 utah goldback notes for sale X5 of them are 1 utah goldbacks asking £4 per note X1 of them is a 5 utah goldback note asking £20 for that one, all in perfect condition. Postage of your choice to be added on payment via bank transfer please.