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  1. Queens beast 1/4 oz gold lion & Falcon £685 posted UK special delivery
  2. Hello @Marc sorry I haven't been online, I sold these via Facebook yesterday morning
  3. Appreciate your comments guys, it would be such a shame to split the set.
  4. Would consider exchanging for queens beasts 1/4 oz bullion coins
  5. 1988 Britannia gold proof set for sale £2,230 posted special delivery
  6. I would like to buy queens beast 1/4oz gold coins around £325 mark What’s people got ? Happy to purchase between 6-8 coins
  7. Hello do you still have the QB coins still available ?
  8. Hello are the lions still available, sorry I had to wait for a replacement phone
  9. To be honest good idea to sell them and probable £2,100 for the five piece