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  1. Jackobayliss

    for sale 2017 gold proof piedfort x2

    Hello all I am selling x 2 gold sovereign piedfort 2017 COA:3293 & COA 1739 all in origional royal mint packaging, never been taken out of capsule £870 each posted UK if you would like both coins we could make a deal 07961339572
  2. Jackobayliss

    200 year anniversary gold sovereigns 2017

    To be honest good idea to sell them and probable £2,100 for the five piece
  3. Jackobayliss

    200 year anniversary gold sovereigns 2017

    In your opinion what would a fair price be ? Just out of interest
  4. Jackobayliss

    200 year anniversary gold sovereigns 2017

    If some one was willing to take the lot I wouldn't be too greedy as I have been suckered into paying for a holiday by the fiancé 🙈😅 so now I have to sell something that I know in the future is defiantly going to sky rocket in price 😩 Yes i would love to but there is so many crooks and non trust worthy people & eBay always backs the seller in my experience and based on the value it's something that is putting me off even selling them on eBay
  5. Jackobayliss

    200 year anniversary gold sovereigns 2017

    I will be putting a post up within the next couple of weeks for the 200year anniversary if these are of interest I will have the full set.... The strike on the day sovereign -BU Piedfort sovereign - PROOF Five sovereign piece - BU i am just wondering if there is any interest ? Unsure of price as as there is many variations about at the moment
  6. Jackobayliss

    The New Peter Rabbit coin sold out?

    still available at Westminster collection @Kman http://www.westminstercollection.com/by-theme/2017-beatrix-potter.aspx
  7. Jackobayliss

    Silver Deals.....

    @Paul thank you for this I have ordered some will call them tomorrow any way just to clarify... if all goes well I will add some extras onto my order 😀
  8. Jackobayliss

    Silver Deals.....

    @shortstack68 where is this coin fair ?
  9. Jackobayliss

    Silver Deals.....

    Do you think these will have any sort of toning/milk spots/ damage etc ? Never dealt with this company before @Paul @Shinus73
  10. Jackobayliss

    Valuation- Silver Britannia proof 1997 1oz

    thanks for your responses people yes I have COA condition is excellent, there is one small spot approx 2mm at the bottom of the coin, you can not see it on photos and just about see it when looking for it
  11. Jackobayliss

    Valuation- Silver Britannia proof 1997 1oz

    Just wondering what price I would get for a Silver Britannia proof 1997
  12. Jackobayliss


    Hello guys where would the cheapest place be to buy a stack of pandas 30+