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  1. Hmmmmm mine says held too. I was hoping it would have been delivered by now.
  2. I'd be interested in three 100g bars .... when ready I'd like the same serial numbers as those I have for the 1oz bars pls.
  3. Sorry, I've not been on the forum the past couple of week. My three arrived a while back: 69, 23, 24 Very nice too, I'm now going to look at the 100g thread. Cheers
  4. I've said it before, I'll say it again; You've all got far too much disposable income
  5. Tricky one. The circumstances can include: The bank made a payment without the correct checks that the funds were available. In essence, they can get the money back to cover the bank's own interests. Unauthorised payment (without the account holder's permission). A mistake in the account details (paid the wrong account). A mistake in the payment amount (eg. paid £1000 instead of £100, etc.). It is suspected by the Bank that the funds within the outgoing account may be subject to being reclaimed by another bank/account or the courts/police. i,e. placed there by dodgy cheque or suspect debit card, etc. It is a much safer means of receiving funds due to the limited possibility of a chargeback, which credit cards and e-money companies (like PayPal) are subject to.
  6. It is the question of the business cost to replace the item, not it's retail value. Same as car insurance with a total loss, the insurance wants to pay you how much a car dealer can get a car for .... presuming we are all car dealers.
  7. Actually, they can be reversed, under certain circumstances.
  8. tjb-preciousmetals http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/tjb-preciousmetals But for cheaper deals, find us on our own dedicated website, Google TJB Precious Metals https://www.tjbpreciousmetals.co.uk/
  9. We currently stock the PAMP Fortuna 1oz and 5oz silver bars. Also the 1oz PAMP Rooster Lunar bar. We also have Scottsdale Mint bars (1oz,100g and 5oz Stackers), 100g Metalor bars, 100g Geiger Security Line bars and 1oz RMC bars. Our stocks are a bit low at the moment, but we have more stock arriving soon.
  10. Thanks, I've always thought of having these tiny coins slabbed, but was worried they were too small. Cheers
  11. We are glad you are pleased with the service from TJB PM. But who's Mike, my name's Keith?
  12. How small do they go? I have a nice Queen Victorian Silver Three-half-pence that's only 12mm
  13. I think eBay removed that a while ago. eBay want to encourage new buyers, not discourage them if they are blocked from buying anything.
  14. You should consider making more of those 2oz silver bars, they were stunning.
  15. I saw the descriptions and all the photos (including any marks like that one unfortunate scratch) and feel it's a stunning set and I'd be happy to own it.