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  1. Expensive July for me next year then, Wife’s birthday and she went to Mayflower school!
  2. Shergar


    *Cough* what is Tooled?
  3. Shergar

    closed June tidy

    A cracking pair of Stock Horses arrived from Mick in bomb proof packaging! Buy with confidence 👍
  4. Am I imagining somebody on here offering a bells and whistles excel spreadsheet to share?
  5. I reckon they have adopted a blanket policy across all sales outlets - it would tie in with this.
  6. If you want a nice steady utility with a fair yield check out Northern Electric NTEA.L
  7. Here too: https://www.collectology.co.uk/collections/peter-pan They are tat, but my youngest owes GOSH an awful lot so I probally will treat her to a set.
  8. True to their word H&B delivered, 2 day turnaround. Surprisingly only registered Royal Mail. Their chance I guess? I also got my first “offer” the (admittedly rather nice) US Mint gold moon landing dollar at *just* £699. However the same coin is *just* €449 from EMK in Germany. So there is a sovereign in profit there!
  9. Reservation placed.... lets see if that translates to a firm order?
  10. I’m going to stick my head above the parapet and say £0.41p is staggering value for web sales hosting, integrated shopping cart and secure payment. eBay/PayPal are far, far from perfect but find that kind of reach for that price. I’d stick the 10p’s on in a batch of 6 for £5.99 registered Royal Mail and you’d likely be up £2+ a batch x 31 lots. £62 return for £19 outlay.
  11. Will a final answer ever come from the South African mint? Business suicide to confirm if it is true, before you even think about the fraud potential. I would imagine they published what they have as brick wall had been met so to speak.
  12. https://www.swissmintshop.admin.ch/cshop_mimes_smt/8C/8CDCD4590EE41EE7BED587C56474FF96.pdf
  13. Interesting stuff... mr-dead raises a good point about ‘legal tender’ can i throw a spanner in the works? Gold and silver proofs of legal tender, where do they fit in?