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  1. Good morning all, Just wanted to thank everyone for a warm welcome. I have already posted list of the silver for sale, if anyone has any pointers or tips, please do reach out to me. Thanks again and have a great day Silverfoot.
  2. Thank you very much....
  3. Hi All, Thank you for all that gave a me a warm welcome, Please find below a list of my Silver coins for sale. Australian Lunar Series 2 1) Year of the Tiger, 10 coins, 1 ounce, £40.00 each 2) Year of the Dragon with Privy, 10 coin, 1 ounce, £40 each 3) Year of the Dragon, 6 coins, 1 ounce, £40.00 each 4) Year of the Goat, 10 coins, 1 ounce, £30.00 each 5) Year of the Snake, 11 coins, 1 ounce, £30.00 each 6) Year of the Horse, 10 coins, 1 ounce, £30.00 each 7) Year of the Monkey, 3 coins, 1 ounce, £30.00 each 8) Year of the Mouse, 1 coin, 1 ounce, £30.00 9) Year of the Rooster, 1 coin, 1 ounce, £30.00 10) Year of the Ox, 1 coin, 1 ounce, £30.00 11) Year of the Rabbit, 1 coin, 1 ounce, £30.00 12) Year of the Dragon, 3 coins, 2 ounces, £80.00 each 13) Year of the Rabbit, 1 coin, 2 ounces, £60.00 14) Year of the Horse, 1 coin, 2 ounces, £60.00 15) Year of the Goat, 1 coin, 2 ounces, £60.00 16) Year of the Dragon Series 1, 1 coin, 1ounce, £80 Thanks for looking, any questions, please let me know and have a great day Silverfoot.
  4. Good evening everyone, I am from north London, I have a small stack that I have collected over the last few years. It breaks my heart that I am going to have to let it go (because there just soooo shiny), unfortunately I need the funds ....bills, maintenance etc. I shall eventually compile a list of what I have with snap shots. Its all the Australian Lunar Series 2, Dragons, Tigers etc. Thanks for you time and watch this space...