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  1. Can I have Kangaroo , horse and sheep & elephant please 😀
  2. Johnnyp

    Hi, I am new

    Hi Jim I am also very new to this Forum and have only just got into this fascinating hobby, so haven't got your years of experience. Ive found the forum very welcoming and a great source of information which I'm sure you will only add to. Take care pal John
  3. Have all of these bars gone ??
  4. I would love one of these , thank you for offering them. 😊
  5. If you waited for the perfect time to buy you’d never buy at all my plan is : buy when I can afford to , at the best price available 😊
  6. I just had a look on their site and price now says £239 !
  7. Hi everyone I’ve stumbled into collecting coins through a friend this past year Am now looking at both Silver & Gold. With very little knowledge on the subject this site looks to be a wealth of information. I’m very much looking forward to learning on this site as much as possible about this fascinating hobby. kind regards 😊 John