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  1. nice to hear that I'm not the only one waiting in the limbo... 🙂 funny... I call once last week to double check and the lady couldn't tell me much. She sees my order, but no date for the postage or payment. hmmm I'll keep you updated. Fingers crossed.
  2. Greetings, I'd be intrested in the lot but I'm away until after Easter, do not reverse them for me, but let's keep in touch.
  3. Thank you! Did you ever tried something link this? I saw this one too... But it can't weight the coins... I thought the other might be better? But I probably will by this one. Thank you!
  4. Newie question, I know some of you can smell a fake, but I'm horrified at the fact that might, one day happen to me! Do you know where I can get one if this plastics testers for the thickness / diameter / weight? Specially for Sovereign and half Sov Thank you guys.
  5. Hallihallo, could you let me know how many 10 Lire Italy 1863 - 140 do you have? quality? and it you could send me picture of one would be great! Liebe Grüße aus London. Al
  6. I just want to confirm the post from @TheGoldAngel I just got a 2019 for £226,99 and £2,90 postage :-) thank you you man for the info, appreciated.... I've been looking for the 2019 for long time now.
  7. Minting-Error? just kidding! Thank you @Oldun, you are very active here... I'm just starting!
  8. AlL

    where to buy Sovereign 2019

    Sorry for writing too much, I don't want to break any roles. Forgive my ignorance !
  9. AlL

    where to buy Sovereign 2019

    oooo didn't know about that... I might get a membership then... hmm let me see... thank you anyways!
  10. AlL

    where to buy Sovereign 2019

    thank you Oldun, I'm new to the forum... So... I go to the forum Buy/Sell section and search...? or is there another eaiser way to get there! Thank you very much for your help in advance!
  11. AlL

    where to buy Sovereign 2019

    thank you very much... didn't see this earlier... I'm getting to know the forum better now... Thank you again!
  12. Hey guys/gels thank you for the warm welcome. Here is my first newbie question: Where do you like/advice to buy new Sovereigns? 2018/2019 this are 2 cheapest I got online... coininvest £246,29 and chards £246,33 Any help is welcome and very much appreciated. AL