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  1. What online auction place if not eBay... Gumtree?
  2. Exit plan all together from stacking or changing "strategy"
  3. @HighlandTiger yes. I use the £3.99 and a cheap scale and that works fine.
  4. love Skanderberg too did you see this videos
  5. I agree, it should be banned. Replicas and copies will still leak in circulation but rather have that as the ambiguous system we have now, because NOW everybody could word a text selling a coin in such a way that its confusing and Mal-intented.
  6. Hey Pete, I'm in Harrow, not far from you, would you be happy meet and do a cash transaction? I understand if you won't do that... :-) a coffee shop is fine with me... however I'm away for work next week.
  7.  do you still have the 1922 Swiss 10 Francs @ £115
  8. Thank you for that... I didn't know what/where to post this info...
  9. hey guys just to let you know, maybe someone is interested I got a phone call from our friends from BHC and they offered me a 1/4 proof eagle for 649 and 2019 proof full sov for 595, maybe you all got the same call. :-) I hope this is alright, I'm not advertising, I don't know if this are good or bad prices, I just want to inform the forum and maybe someone jumps on the offer.
  10. grrr, I'm always a bit too late... Let me know next time you have some spartans.
  11. what is left then... sorry if missed something...
  12. greetings from London
  13. Moin, moin.... the 10DM you mean are this ones right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKv9itCjhiQ I'll PM you.
  14. https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/selling-gold-coins/268