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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    let me know if you have any LMU gold coins. Specially Italian / French / Swiss Coins

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  1. 1 day bump with reduced prices. Please let me know your price suggestion or any swap offers.
  2. Greetings everybody,I have a few cool coins for you 2005 Coloured Silver Eagle Elvis Presley 70th Birthday, Vegas centennial - £31 ONO 2005 Coloured Silver Eagle 20th Anniversary Edition - £37 ONO 2005 Proof set (5x State Quarters + the 6 coin set) boxed - £18 ONO First American Coin set Indian Head 1907 and Buffalo Nickel- £10 ONO 2006 B Franklin "Scientist" Proof Silver Dollar in case and box - SOLD 2006 B Franklin "Founding Father" Proof Silver Dollar in case and box - SOLD 2009 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set of 4 Coins in box - £10 ONO All coins untouched in original slap and with Certificate of Authenticity. Free shipping, Paypal +4% or FF preferred, but bank transfer is good too. My very first time posting here, please be patient with me :-) I have to get better at this, pictures don't do justice to this amazing coins. Sorry for the delay I've uploaded the pictures 15 times, always in the wrong order.
  3. Good evening Karl I PM you today, did you se my email? You did reply, my bad, I want one of the Old dated Victorian ones.
  4. Would you sell the sovs separately? I think I asked you in another topic about sovs already, sorry for bothering you!
  5. would you have any other sovs at that price, no more than 280 incl postage (NW London)?
  6. Hey Gareth do you still have the coins?
  7. Ho ho ho everybody, merry Christmas, I hope you are having a blessed time and I wish you all a wonderful 2020. I have 100s of the old 1 penny most of them Elisabeth but many George and Edward too. How/Where can I sell them? per Kg or are they somehow collectable coins? lots of 1967s that look new... thank you guys in advance. Any advice , web-link or good read would be appreciated.
  8. for how much did you sell the 2 pesos
  9. I have a 1915 full sov. I can send you a picture if you are interested. How much are you looking to spend? I also have a few 2018/2019
  10. can I ask for how much did they sell?