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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    let me know if you have any LMU gold coins. Specially Italian / French / Swiss Coins

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  1. it might be too late now but get in touch with @ATL85 he is the supplier for the movie itself... ahahaha
  2. thank you very much, all the best with you 67
  3. Sorry for asking, but I'm looking for a preowned not-graded Kruger, obviously with less premium. Wold you happen to have one?
  4. I'm interested on your Kruger. I'll PM you now!
  5. AlL

    1oz Gold Krugerrand question

    nice... I was looking into that offer right now... thank you for the confirmation.
  6. I've been saving all this year to get a Kruger, and now with the Gold prices going up, I might need to save a bit longer... I missed a chance a few months back when a friend from work was selling one really really cheap... grrr where can I get one at a low premium price, nowa days?
  7. I just PMed you bud!
  8. sweet where can I get one of those? https://germaniamint.com/britannia-germania-2-oz/
  9. I'm interested in all your stuff.. my wife will kill me... but I definitely will take the 1897 £135 but maybe also the half Guinea and the 1973 IOM. Let's MP each other!
  10. A bit off topic, I'm interested but what is the best way to send money to an EU bank acc. I'm on HSBC, I sent a bank transfer in the past and it costed me £4 and a rubbish exchange rate. I used PayPal recently to sent in Euros, the exchange rate was better but (my bank or PP) charged me £14 extra.
  11. can you send me some prices for the brits?
  12. Could I have 3x Heimerle-Meule Combi-bars... with the most economical postage!