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  1. Oldun

    Gold on its way up

    The US was on holiday Monday so the Asian market bid it up probably. It will be interesting to see the reaction when the yanks come back to work.
  2. Now this is how you pack, Royal Mint ! Thank you @TheCoinConnection Excellent ! Smidgeon over £200 delivered. Double bubble bagged, and vacuum sealed after an inspection. Cant ask for more.
  3. Pure modern coin.....some may like it but I am not one of them. Queen have a worldwide following, so probably enough interest out there for this amount of mintage amongst the die hards.
  4. Oldun

    Silver Gold Bull

    I bought a couple of their cheapest 10oz silver bars. No issues.
  5. Maximum purchase is 6. I put 100 in the basket for a laugh and it said maximum of 6.
  6. Because it was not in The UK, or Europe, or N or S. America.
  7. On a separate note, a silver una and the lion sold for the equivalent of £418.49 plus shipping today (not on ebay).
  8. It should be easy to decide what to do then. College funds will need investing first depending on how old they are now and include factors like if you believe there will be inflation or deflation etc. I notice you are in The US. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/08/debt-student-loan-forgiveness-betsy-devos-education-department-fedloan/ Nice decision to have to make. Either way, you are going to be in the black on your initial purpose.
  9. Krugerrand was going at the right price last week so couldn’t resist. Just arrived.
  10. Tough question. The real question is, if you sold it, what would you do with the money ?
  11. Over 8,000,000,000 were minted so if you factor in £300 I paid for the coin then add £30 if I graded it with no guarantee of getting a 65 and it might just be better for me to keep my coin raw and safely stored. This one sold early January for £330 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1958-Full-Gold-Sovereign-NGC-MS65-Mint-State/274160902260?hash=item3fd5436074:g:EvEAAOSwZH1eAS5c
  12. Would it be worth grading though? will cost me £30 for sure when all is said and done. Do 65s go for a sum ? I will have to check to assess the risk.
  13. Ah, that company is well-known for putting hugely unrealistic prices on coins.
  14. There is no “one way,” to take it. Bloody hippies ! Lol