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  1. Brothers in arms ! Most memorable non riding day was being at the top of the hill, just after the starting area at The Isle of Man TT early 90s when Norton’s 3 stroke won it after several decades. That was an incredible day. Sat on the wall on the left 3: min 2 sec mark, and a very nice lady from the house brought us out cups of tea. Was there for most of the practice week, Mad Sunday, and race week. Lots of fun.
  2. Will get a lighter black leather jacket for the Spring-Autumn days and of course pop this on the shoulder.
  3. Nope. The jacket is just to go pick up the bike next year....and then for dry winter days. Those B3s are esily the warmest, although the old timers used to just stuff newspapers down the front of their jackets ! Rain will require other gear, of course. You are talking to a bloke who did a mostly racing 5,000 mile bike tour in full leathers and knee sliders in two weeks, camping etc and on a GSX 750, and who raced 250 two strokes on circuits and then eased off and onto Harley Choppers back in the day....I have definitely had my fair share of thrills.......and rain ! I have ridden bikes to work and toured in every kind of weather including snow ! Most memorable soaking was in jeans and a leather jacket on my hog (1340cc) with an open fcae helmet in the dark in the pouring rain on a highway for 6 hours straight.....that was fun !!! I never knew a human could get so wet !
  4. Getting my bike gear together....cant beat a Shearling sheepskin wool B3 bomber jacket for warmth. And some anti fog bobster bug eyes. Cheap and antifog but may go full dambuster goggles if they dont work right or just put some shades on
  5. Worst result for Labour since 1935, and that includes Michael Foot ! What did they think was going to happen.......monster majority for the cons.....so the DUP can now do one and p*#£&ss off along with the SNP. Don Valley has been Labour since 1922 and has never been conservative. It is now, with the 6,000 plus votes for the Brexit Party making a huge difference in an con majority of just under 4,000 over Labour. Even the Labour minister there backed Boris’ Brexit set up......
  6. Start with as cheap as you can get silver if it is a little each week (unless you are going to get a little gold eah week) and before you do anything, make sure if you know what you would do if you needed to sell, either quickly or slowly. Ebay etc charge fees to sell so you will really need to research locally and also have a good look here as the buy, sell set up here is excellent. No fees and if you want early doors chances of access to sellers, consider purchasing a silver membership here......
  7. It's a 1995 model. Single disc brakes were on them from the get go. http://www.bj250.de/html/i-bj250a.html Probably will want to get side saddles. and as for the pillion seat, that'll will stay for now but a good chance it will come off as it will then emphasise the back wheel better. Got my 59 badge and that will be going on a jacket soon ! Next will be to figure out a helmet. Has to be open face with fighter pilot goggles surely !!! lol.....
  8. https://www.motorcyclespecifications.com/kawasaki-estrella-custom-1995-99/
  9. Today, I bought myself a lovely little runabout for £1800 mot and taxed. Getting her tidied up over the New Year for a debut next Spring. A year’s full insurance will be £200 and comes with £1200 worth of free roadside maintenance and pick up back to the shop if needed. Great deal.
  10. Be aware that it gets sent back by boat (the cheapest way) so will take a lot longer than you expect to arrive back in The UK......from experience....from Tokyo anyway
  11. I voted family inheritance. The only chance to actually own this design from the original die. Only a life event would make me sell it.
  12. Long story short, I now have a 2017 proof 7 coin set without a coa and a 2019 proof 7coin set with a coa after a 2 and a half year wait. The 2019 set was sent free shipping as an apology for there being no coa with the 2017 set.
  13. 50K is a no brainer but not before you buy the two on ebay for less 🤣
  14. I think we will see credit cards disappear personally. Phones and cash going forward.