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  1. Oldun

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    Different funds have different appetite for risk so that figure maybe overall. And if they had ventured in in usd in the last 7 years, they would be even more heavily underwater.......so the guys running these things know what they doing in an incredibly difficult market with increasing payouts due as each day goes by. There is simply no comparison. Stockmarket has won hands down......so far.
  2. Oldun

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    Pension funds have anywhere between less than 1% and upwards to 20% in extreme cases but don’t quote me exactly on that. Couldn’t tell you anything else as I’m not privy to that info. Then there are the speculators and commercials.....
  3. Oldun

    Today I Received

    1826 sovereign. Thanks @Marc Top bloke with top coins of all grades. Recommended. This one suited my budget and my small collection....baby steps...
  4. Oldun

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    If the stockmarket drops and people get margin calls, the first thing that will get dumped is gold. Flip a coin, could go eitherway but my opinion, and that is all it is, is that it may have further to fall.
  5. Oldun

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    Raid. Canada, US, Japan all on holiday Monday. China back from a week off. Commercials net long....someone did a smash and grab. And add the bond set up, gold was ripe for it.
  6. The Chinese will have to devalue the yuan as there is no way they can win a trade war with the US. The US buys far far more of their stuff than the Chinese buy of the US’
  7. You must be reading different analysis then. That’s all.
  8. Oldun

    Brexit and selling

    Since when does tax ever go down ? That is all I know. Only exception was uk gold when tax got removed 20 years ago as they couldn’t give it away.
  9. This is a repricing not a topping pattern some reckon. Everyone thinks one way so chances are it wont be a topping pattern. That is all.
  10. My first choice of Italy bringing Europe down is taken so I will go with a short term financial collapse of China leading to worldwide depression before they rise up and run the show.....15-25 year timeline.....wonder if anyone will remember this thread by then !
  11. Oldun

    7 month experiment

    Just shows how authoritarian they are....getting out just in the nick of time. The euro and the union will be in a terrible state once the finances are shown up for what they are...watch Italy....
  12. Oldun

    Gold Proof Sovereigns

    2015 is an interesting year. Two different heads for the year on the proof. That hadnt happened ina long time
  13. Sorry. Poor execution of am average design. Just another bullion coin. Not worth whatever premium comes with it imho unless v close to spot.
  14. Oldun

    2014 1/4 oz Britannia PF 70 valuation

    It is just a thing of beauty. People pay far far more for paintings, cars ovens or even tvs or computers ! The artwork just seems to draw the eye in and hold it there. When buying a painting, you dont consider the base cost of the canvas and paint. p.s. I picked up the proof for nowhere near 5x the spot price. Just need to have patience and timing and a wee bit of luck.
  15. Oldun

    2014 1/4 oz Britannia PF 70 valuation

    There does seem to be something about the design I find it hard to put my finger on....there is just something that makes it stand out.