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  1. I was brought up on this lovely inside knowledge fun combi...
  2. Let's face it, a monkey and his cousins could do what Lineker and his crew spout (just reading what others have written) and it is the same terrible every week...and the monkeys would do a better job.
  3. Now the money is running out, the witch hunt for those that abused the system in the good times when (in some cases borrowed) money was lavishly spent or misused is on.....and it is not just The BBC but city halls, local councils, government, private citizens, you name it...they are all fair game now.... and as for that truly dreadful Greene fella, he is just another Maxwell....for this old enough to remember...plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose....
  4. Tangentially related but lol https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48559871
  5. Aye, it is a heck of a thing you are attempting. Win, lose or draw, my hat is off to you, sir. I wish you dry, cool weather....
  6. Spot on. Don't forget to have a second pair somewhat worn in or well worn in in case your preferred ones fall apart or start to change shape and hurt. Footcare is without doubt (socks included) the single most important consideration. Good luck
  7. One month to go now. Hope the training is going well and your boots are well worn in.
  8. It’s the economy. Years of cheap government borrowing has distorted expectations....Blair kicked the orgy off and successive groups followed simply because it was available....and won elections.
  9. Bonus pic...busted out of their cages and released into the wild.....
  10. They fit in the wallet nicely, as do sovs.....gotta love the Saffers and Brits for practicality.....try going through customs with gold worth a certain percentage more than spot depending on the country......paperzzzzzz please....
  11. Why dont you go talk to people in Germany and Switzerland then...they speak English there too......and if you have already, what companies/people have you spoken to ?
  12. Idiots read twitter. That’s why I like what Trump is doing. He treats the media like the biassed idiots they have become. Real politics and diplomacy is obviously done behind closed doors.....
  13. 20 x 1/10 Krugerrands plus £75 as part of an exchange for some graded stuff.