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  1. By doing it at this time, it brings asia and the rest of the world into play......
  2. Not me brother...this one is for the long haul and to bookend the Victoria sotd I have.
  3. I managed to at least get a “in progress” and paid within about 20-30 seconds of it going up......it’ll be interesting to see if I have actually been successful.
  4. Gold is a defensive play (protection) against currency devaluation and a lack of confidence in governments. In reality, things relative to gold rise or fall. When “a thing” falls, the value (rather than the price) of gold relative to that thing rises, but most people only focus on the number attached to gold in their own currency as an indicator, and naturally so.
  5. Picked up a bunch of buys from earlier in the year that had been waiting for me.
  6. No, you missed little...most swerved it to the best of my knowledge. A 100 years from now, picking one up now might have been wise but who here will care by then.....stuffed in amongst a decade’s worth of “specials”, the only one worth collecting being the 2017 series...?
  7. The Royal Mint really pushed the boat out (sarc) and quickly produced a cupro-nickel uncirculated 2019 £5 Queen’s Beast Lion for £13 that you had to pre order by yesterday, August 1st for delivery in September. I have ordered one. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/interests/sport/Lion-of-England-2019-UK-5-pound-Coin/
  8. I was referring to proof sovereigns in the same year with two portraits of the same monarch, whereas yours was of two portraits in the same year of different monarchs but your point is a good one :)
  9. @Tn21I am not selling either if mine so it is not a plug, just useful, I hope, information after this particular coin had already been sold :)
  10. Good year to have a proof sovereign. Only three times in history has a sovereign had two different heads on in the same year and 2015 is one of them. (I have both heads for 2015, the 4th and 5th) https://goldsovereignexpert.com/coins/368/2015-Gold-Sovereign/ It is the first time since 1893 and only the third time overall that the gold Sovereign has featured two different bust designs in the same year. Both previous instances were during Queen Victoria's reign, first in 1887, followed by 1893.
  11. Unc 10p Alphabet Set swap and 2020 Olympic 100 yen set (being dribbled out in 4 phases (2 phases finished), starting last January through to July next year. https://www.mof.go.jp/english/currency/coin/commemorative_coins/20181207en.html 100 yen coin (76 pence) bought for 100 yen each.
  12. It would appear so https://internal.theassayoffice.com/legislation/current-legislation @BackyardBullion can help you further but everything should be in the link I have provided.
  13. Managed to complete all the silver coins in the Beatrix Potter series (with the 2016 gold coin) virtue of an obscure website I found online where I live that was selling this one for the equivalent of £100 delivered. I never thought they would have one still at that price but lo and behold it was delivered just now after a wait. Completed sales go for minimum £150+ at recently, so am quite happy with that. The set is a family keeper for my kid and as she grows up, I hope the Beatrix Potter coins bring her great joy (and then she can do what she likes with them). https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter 2016 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684