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  1. Oldun

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    I would start withjust regular bullion sovereigns first to get a feel for it all. Jumping straight in to a large premium coin that might well lose you money might not be the best way to start. I would very much advise you to tap on the link provided above which will take you to the thread where wise veteran heads have discussed this particular coin. Just tap on the picture above.
  2. Oldun

    Brexit status ...

    This wont hurt.... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-47251643
  3. Oldun

    New stacker and already hooked

    No. The nearest I came to that was an overnight stay on a mate’s moored boat ! Welcome to the forum.
  4. Oldun

    Anyone like Chess?

    Ah, joking aside, a nice draught set would look good with your leaf emblems on each piece
  5. Oldun

    Anyone like Chess?

    I reckon you should make a Silver Forum Monopoly Silver set.......that would be epic sell em in Harrods for 1,000 quid a pop........... @BackyardBullion
  6. Oldun

    New stacker and already hooked

    Welcome...boat dweller...as in live on a boat ?
  7. Oldun

    Anyone like Chess?

    Now that is travel chess
  8. Oldun

    Anyone like Chess?

    Reminds me of this.
  9. Oldun

    If silver shot up in value.......

    Loooool. It is so obvious, it is comical....fundamentals....pfffft...preening politicians claiming it with others’ money.....pfffft
  10. Oldun

    If silver shot up in value.......

    It was 1997 btw https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/commentisfree/2017/jul/05/cool-britannia-inequality-tony-blair-arts-industry
  11. Oldun

    If silver shot up in value.......

    It is so simple. Once I started to “trust” the government again, I would sell it all. All I am forced to read and think about is how untrustworthy politicians are.....when that starts to change, I sell....qed. I dont think I will be selling anytime very soon. Remember Blair screaming Cool Britannia...what a friggin comedian and what was the price of pms ? Lol.
  12. Oldun

    Brexit status ...

    The irony is that Blair opened the gates to immigrants in the full knowledge, later revealed, that new immigrants always, and totally understandably, vote left for free stuff (thereby ensuring Blair for his subsequent terms the selfish prick, whilst sending our lads to their deaths under bs premises...at least have the dignity to say we don't give a bad and want the oil).....and vote left for hospital care, housing etc etc to be able to establish themselves... fair do, never look a gift horse in the mouth.......The irony is that that their kids and ensuing grandkids etc actually vote right and anti immigrant as they also then have something to “lose" in the way of housing, jobs, higher taxes, inheritance etc etc as a result of the later incoming immigrants...funny huh ? Human beings are so predictable.
  13. Oldun

    If silver shot up in value.......

  14. Oldun

    2019 Four-sided gold proof quarter sovereign

    Sorry but this is just throwing your money away....you’d be better off buying a regular bullion sovereign and then blowing the rest on a night out.
  15. Oldun

    Brexit status ...

    I am looking forward to a simple no deal, thereby peeing off the NI lot who think they can play silly buggers with the voting process in parliament (May was a total twat for calling an election last year and causing this issue) and then leave the (to all intents and purposes) coalition with ultimately irrelevant NI politicians, with the Conservatives thereby forced to call an election (hopefully May departs anyway causing an election). May departs, and noone in their right mind votes for Corbyn and we get a third party candidate that tells the truth that we will have a terrible time in the next decade because it is baked in by the global financial crisis pummeling down the lane at us and watch from the relatively speaking sidelines as the EU disintegrates thinking great we dodged a bullet (the EU as an extra weight dragging us down would have been sheer madness and including the fact that we dont want their intractable dictates and laws dictated to us by unelected officials) and off we go into our own (bad enough without the rest of it) reset under our own laws, for better or worse. How hard is that to understand and why are all politicians at all levels such cowards that they cant speak the truth ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iMewtlmkV6c