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  1. Yes I can keep them in. My pocket or stash them. In glove compartment or so other hidden place but and it's a big but... If something happens and you or the car gets smashed up would my coins be insured if they were not in a safe ? Again I presume that will depend on value of coins and type of safe... So to cover all my bases I would like to purchase a safe to place in my vehicle that would allow valuable items to continue to be insured while traveling in my car
  2. Hi and many thanks for the link. I will check it out Of course the chance are rare but you have vehicle insurance to cover the possibilities of being in an accident but here's the thing I am not 100% sure if my insurance would cover the coin and bars dependent on the value if an accident happened especially if not secured properly I don't know about you but I would want all my bases covered and more hay but that's just me but thanks again for the link
  3. I'm. Sorry I am unable to help but what a beautiful thing even if it's not silver I will be keeping my eye out just to buy as a decorative item
  4. Hi thanks for the reply @sovereignsteve firstly I'm. No that daft to leave anything valuable in in my car... As for bring hijacked that is a possibility but not concerns me as 12 years in the Royal Marine commandos did teach me a few thing on how to deal with that To stimulate your curiosity here's a question. Have you ever been in a car accident caused by another driver and had to be cut out the car by the emergency services? A number of years ago it happened to me, not nice, and to anyone I hope it never happens to you... So having valuable coins in a safe when traveling in a vehicle would be something I would want. Thanks again for your reply
  5. @OldunThanks for the welcome. It's not a strange question in my head in the house you /I have a safe I didn't ask where the safe was. If I'm. Traveling with coins, bullion I want it just as safe. Again I didn't ask nor want to know where you place it I am just simply looking for a recommendation on what safe to get for myself
  6. Hi everyone I hope you don't mind this noob asking what my be daft question ! I am looking for some advice on what Car Safe to get to place in my vehicle when transporting coins and bars . couple of questions Firstly - do you use a safe in your vehicles ? Secondly - what car safe do you recommend to get and place in my car ? Thanks in advance Jaggy (Craig)
  7. I know I am a total Noob here but can I reserve one / go on the waiting list please. the bar looks absolutely stunning and will be my first poured bar if I am lucky enough to get one , numbers wise if 123 is not taken would love to have that if not im easy osy . thanks Jaggy
  8. Hi to all , Jaggy here (aka Craig) 😊 I would just like to say a few wee words of introduction . As you would probably guess Im a proud Scotsman and I'm a Weegie . I have been collection a small amount of coins and Bars and would like to get into it more . Started collecting Scrap in the hope to eventually do some pouring of my own.. I have lots and lost to learn and may be one or two daft questions and look forward to learning from the experts and interacting with all on the forum and what better place to be and learn on the frequenter sleepless nights Jaggy