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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I collect (silver) coins and bars and fractional silver plus pre 1919 UK coins plus a little bit of 925 /Sterling Silver Jewellery

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  1. Absolutly stunning Dragon vs Vikings Ultra High Relief pieces of art I Love them
  2. JaggyThistle


    Just a quick update I ordered on the 17th and the coins arrived today and that was despite having the Easter weekend in between so very happy with the service I received and the speed at which my package arrived and I look forward to using Eldorado coins again and again ( the predecimal coins did not come from them the came from ebay )
  3. Today my first order from Eldorado coins in Germany arrived Ordered on 17th and despite the easter weekend they arrived today very happy with the service and I look forward to ordering from them again and again 5 x Noahs Ark Armenian 2019 1/2 oz coins and from Ebay a pre 1919 shilling and 6pence
  4. Your a gentleman sir.. This forum is fantastic 😊
  5. And thanks to B&Q for their wood cutting service to the mdf to the right size fitting over the cooker 😁
  6. Yip Only. 925 in that crucible and mold and new ones will be ordered when I start on. 999 but. 925 will be my practice until I am way way more experienced Kitchen is only place I have would love a dedicated workshop /studio but don't ever see that happening so kitchen it is 😏 And than you and everyone for your kind wishes and encouragement
  7. What better way to spend a sunny bank holiday Monday attempting my first ever Hand Pour I decided that I was going to attempt a tiny 7.77grams ( 1/4 oz) of .925 scrap jewellery to see how it melted , how my pouring techniques was and if my cheap and cheerful hand torches were up for the task well I can report the following I need more practice much much more practice I need a furnace ( with my birthday coming up in may I will be treating myself to one) I had lots of fun in my 5 attempts so although did not manage to get a full 1/4 ounce bar I did manage to get a 4.20 Gram bar which it may be small but I am rather happy with it for my first day of trying to pour I have posted a few wee pics below of my exploits and result hope you like and I look forward to learning and practicing more
  8. Today ( and recently ) I received 1oz Geiger bar 1/2 oz year of the Pig 1/4 oz bar
  9. JaggyThistle


    I know this post started in 2017 but after watching stacker noobs YT I placed my first wee order with them today so I am looking forward to getting the tracking info email and more so when the coins arrive Being that it's my first multi coin purchase I have ever done (only ever bought one at a time so far from fleebay) so it's a small order to see how to do things for first time but I am now like a child waiting for Santa to come 😀
  10. massive congrats and may you from from strength to strength and us brits are use to paying VAT on practically everything being collectors coins does that make then 5% vat or still 20%vat ( or is that just for imports - Tax , VAT customs, Import Duty makes my head spin and im not in business ) . I never hear of a poor accountant so a good one will be worth their weight in Gold and silver and to be honest I thought VAT was already paid on the items I am going to ask another daft scotman question does the trade sales in TSF now have to comply with HMRC and have VAT paid on them or is that a not affected as its a private sale again many congratulations and I look forward to hearing one day of your Millionth pound sale Jaggy
  11. On my meager military pension I treat myself to silver now and then ( when i have the pennies to buy) to add to my very small stack of silver and coins Today I received 3 items My first 1oz Oriental Britannia A 1/2oz kookaburra silver Bar And a 1gram Silver sun coin Only have my cheeop smart phone to take a pic at this time but that too will improve over time
  12. I'm. Sure I heard that the EU just this week has voted to stop the clock forward in spring, back in autum but with all the other goings on regarding Europe it's not been widely covered same as article 11, 13 re links and copyright so I wonder if this is will be the last year we miss an hours sleep
  13. I have a small but growing collection of challenge coins and don't tell my ex as I use to ask her do you need that many handbags but I now seem to have an ever growing number of tactical backpacks. In the past in the old 27/81 cb days I had a huge collection of QSL cards, when I have a fair few hundred baseball cards from 90s that are stored in proper folders and wonder if they will be or at least a few of them worth something in another 20 years or so and I use to collect ATC (artist trading cards)