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  1. Wow looks amazing bargain price too compared to other And low mintage makes it even better
  2. It's very true tools are a big part of DIY I have burnt through drills and angle grinders and heat guns To be fair fitting a woodburner can be easy it's the liner that costs
  3. I thought about doing the same but then thought about solar panels and electric heat Expensive but should be hassle free
  4. Bargain price mate i am not flush at present otherwise I would snap this up Good luck with sale I reckon it will sell at this price no problem
  5. Very true I went a season on soft wood never again preparation is key plus a quality burner I am putting a charnwood island 2 in new year nearly double the one I have now and that puts out decent heat
  6. Have you looked into sawdust briquettes cheap if you can find a local supplier I like seasoned ash I get it 60 a builders bag
  7. Hmm far Have a look on my post see if anything takes your fancy there always couriers Save yourself 500 pounds on most let's you spend on PM😃 No more plugging my own fires if you need any advice happy to help
  8. Where are you in the country as if close you could have a look at some I have in stock The majority of cost is fitting and woodburner itself Once fitted you will save on fuel bills If getting one make sure its defra approved if you live in smoke control area
  9. If I can give you any advice it would be do you have a cheap supplier for wood/coal if so a boiler may be a good idea however they do cost a fair amount and the boilers take a lot of the heat from the fire so the amount of heat In the actual room where its fitted might not be as cosy as you would think I prefer running a dry woodburner and having the central heating as back up best of both worlds Drop me a PM as I have some stunning fires ready to go at around 50% of new price All the brands I have are very good
  10. I have some dimes if you want some
  11. I am going for a par of each of this series as I do like them
  12. Welcome to the forum there is a vast array of knowledge here and many bargains too
  13. 19 each plus postage prices were best I have seen I jumped on them quick and glad I did Now on the hunt for the dragon and Phoenix and the double dragon coin Buying in pairs is expensive too
  14. Just received these 2 coins I have been after these for some time at the right price and a big thanks to @arshimo2012 he sorted these and posted in record time