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  1. Seconded he knows his coins if he can he will be able to help
  2. Argh " too late too late will be the cry when the man with the bargains has passed you by " Really nice coin for spot price great seller too
  3. Nice both nice pieces got to love the ingot
  4. Received 2 deliveries today 3 half sov shield backs from @silversurf thanks for these as I have been after some for a while👍 Then 2 half sovs from @Pete again thanks so much really happy with these too 👍
  5. Just finishing off a charnwood island 1 It's like new proper full rebuild acid dipped and new parts like new now
  6. Fair play I thought of doing the same as when in a hurry easy quick finds are more likely to be taken
  7. Suppose your right as it would have been worth more then It's frustrating as if fake they should be destroyed or marked save them doing the rounds
  8. To be fair I was going to do a half crown run and will return to it a some point There are a lot available so I agree unlikely they would be counterfeited but I know crowns are so who knows So frustrating the market is flooded with trash Could do with a sigma tester or someone offering a test service on here for beer tokens or a small fee That would be cool
  9. Magnetic as in similar to the way silver reacts or sticking ? It shouldn't do either as only 50% Did you pay a much for these as cant see it worth copying these