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  1. Could I take the bottom right 2 please
  2. Hello yes the jotul is a f163 and it is wood only I believe I prefer burning wood as coal seems to cause more damage/warping of parts
  3. I also have one of these just come in it's a true centre piece to a home Crazy heavy and jotul have a 25 year guarantee so they must be sure of this I would have this but just done a charnwood island 2 that the wife has her eyes on having installed in our house Anyone after one drop me a PM Thanks
  4. I have finished my clearview pioneer 400 its stunning condition new seals glass fire bricks and baffle It's ready to go I am happy to send via courier if needed
  5. Received mine today thanks to @morezone Really impressed thanks
  6. I am getting mine from martin he is amazingly quick at dispatch and always well packaged
  7. I hope not for everyone on here if something wrong Could be genuine reason 🤞 I am smgoing to get a tube in the future but a few commitments first
  8. Bump If not takers on these I will probably just keep Thanks for looking
  9. Again just cleaning up some of my silver 2x 5 swiss francs 1x 2 swiss francs- really nice condition £15 for all 3
  10. I bought these with the intention of doing a date run but I have to buy everything in pairs for my kids to make the split fair I dont see me doing 2x dates runs hence these are up for sale They are really nice and I am gutted to part with these £80 for the lot Or would swap for silver bar/bullion or towards gold with cash to make up the difference
  11. I am having a shuffle about with my junk silver and am selling the following mercury dimes x 50 £1.30 each discount for 10 or more 1x Walking liberty 1918 £6.75 1x1964 Kennedy £6.25 Plus postage Photos to follow