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  1. Sorry I realised I didn't specify I am after silver ones at the moment
  2. Does anyone have 2x2018 oriental britannias they would be willing to part with please Will to pay a fair price Many thanks Mike
  3. If this was a half at the relevant price I would snap your hand off as it's a birth year coin relevant to me Good price though 👍
  4. So tempted as both really relevant dates
  5. I will look into postage and let you know thanks
  6. Knew you would know mate I didn't want to pester though Hoping i have priced these correctly
  7. Stamped sterling on handles I know usually these type of knives are sterling handles with epns blades as harder metal where needed Weight wise pure silver content I would be guessing maybe someone on here could assist from previous dealings
  8. Thanks for the offer i will keep it in mind but looking for a generic coin as I collect in pairs so need to get a 2nd of whatever I get fairly easy
  9. Hello I bought these with the intention of melting silver this wont be happening for a long while so wondered if any takers on here Asking £20 or will take a morgan dollar or similar Thanks for looking
  10. I will only buy my PM's from the sellers I trust and ebay is full of scammers I can honestly say that there are really good people on here buyers and sellers I have nothing but respect for you all 👍👍👍👍