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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum
  2. Welcome to the forum - fullof knowledgeable members for PM information And great deals too
  3. Hello I am hoping someone has the following available to update my collections 2oz silver bullion type 2x falcons 2x white lion 2x horse of Hanover Can either swap for oriental brits or cash or mix of the 2 Happy to wait if needed Many thanks mike
  4. Received these with thanks from @terakris really pleased with them Thanks again
  5. Inwould be interested in swapping maybe what you thinking ? PM with options
  6. Keep them together if you can future worth surely will be more plus they look really nice as a set
  7. Shipping could be an issue too
  8. Just wondering if anyone has 1 spare I can either s for a 2018 oriental brit Or willing to buy outright Happy to wait if current situation worsens
  9. Wish I could mate I will get these one day Unless I can interest you in a swap for a woodburner 😆
  10. Roy I am so tempted I keep eyeing the beasts if this mess wasnt happening i would take the pair but wife has been put on 80%
  11. Received these super quick thanks to @morezone 5☆ I swapped some of my silver to make room for these Error coins too
  12. So tempted to stack 1kg bars soon few things to sort but seem all the experienced members on here stack that weight
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