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  1. So far, thank you. I hope clicking the little ‘cup/medal thing’ means I’m appreciating your reply?
  2. Hi all, Let me start off with an apology because I’m sure these are questions you get all the time. I did do a bit of a search on the forum before posting this, I promise. Firstly, I’ve only bought from bullionbypost so far which I was happy with, until my last delivery of privy rooster Britannias which sadly came in such a poor state. So, where do you recommend a small time, once every couple of months purchaser of a few hundred pounds worth, orders from. I’ve heard mention of outside the UK? Secondly, I’m off to work in Canada for a few months. Would you suggest I look at buying out there (if so, what)? Lastly, I’m collecting silver. Anything I can grab at a cheap price. All I want is to invest a few quid here & there now whilst employed to help me in the future & so any top tips are so hugely appreciated for future investment. Again, apologies for what I know are probably you’re most mundane questions. Kind regards
  3. Hi all & thank you for letting me onto the forum. I’m at the start of my stacking at the moment with a little bit of silver & a tiny bit of gold. It all started when I was asked to organise prizes for the works Christmas function & wanted to go for something different, so bought 1kg of silver as a prize. I added a few quids worth for myself & went from there. The majority of what I have is 1oz silver Britannia’s (some privy), I have a few Queens beasts & some 1oz bars. Im buying for investment & will buy when I have a little bit of spare cash. Thanks all