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  1. Either spelling is acceptable apparently
  2. This is great and it does highlight the 'double' premium on half sovereigns, why is that?.
  3. looks like a light wire brushing on the cooling silver then maybe 'dipping' the brush in to lift the silver as it sticks.
  4. Super Panda from @Agpanda today, really good to deal with..
  5. Thats ridiculous … makes me want to cry....
  6. Ive stumbled across PetE-Bay, more sovereigns than H&B.... some very nice coins at very nice prices Pete, wish I was a rich man..
  7. Apologies to SG86, shouldn't hijack his ad for some very nice sovs, good luck with the sale.
  8. Ah, sussed it ,,, this is Today I Bought, the other confusing one Im getting confused with is, confusingly, Today I received ... 😜
  9. Has there been a load of posts deleted from this section?
  10. Just look down this section a bit and you'll find Atl is selling Brits at £14.80 each....
  11. Look in the Trade section for your area on this forum, generally someone selling 1oz Brits , Eagles or the like at reasonable price ...
  12. 😂 Can you say that on the forum.....