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  1. I see they do a 3oz incuse version.
  2. Here's another pic @TonyS, you will be pleased with your purchase I reckon..
  3. hehe... so it is... thought that was a trunk on the right .... recently had my cataracts done ... think I need a refund...
  4. The medals are great , would be a shame to split them seeing as the horse has the elephants feet and vice versa....
  5. 50g silver from Sberbank of Russia.... for a wild guess... : )
  6. Thursday I got a very very nice Perth Dragon bar from @BackyardBullion on fleabay, first one from the Perth and well impressed. Today I received an awesome Incuse Maple Leaf, this is absolutely superb. .... and to cap it all .. the mighty reds won down south....happy days. Can't upload anymore pics..
  7. Is that a Perth Dragon 1 oz I see in the pic?. If so I'd like it and a Pamp 1 oz if you have some left.
  8. I got these today, Nice little set of Ukraine silver banknotes, 9 in all. Can anyone tell me anything about them , they are 7.78g or 1/4 ounce. I have seen the equivalent 4 ounce ones but nothing on these.
  9. Hi all, just a light hearted question, I have just started stacking with just half a dozen coins so far. I don't touch the silver and its all in capsules but I have a hankering ( is that a word ) to jangle some about in my hands. So what's the best to jangle/rattle from hand to hand?... I fancy maybe some silver dollars or half dollars but never handled any ... half a dozen or so would seem about right.... more weight or less is best ?... now getting too technical. : ). .. Any suggestions and comical replies welcome . Cheers and good rattling
  10. Hi all, just started at this game and am getting the bug. Mr Googles fault....