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  1. Thats ok but I hadn't got to the point where I was willing to stop, until I got suspicious I was happy to keep bidding. It was only when I studied the bids that made me a little angry and I packed up.
  2. Well well… **** me with a burnt chip... at a quick glance he has an item , slabbed , sold on 5th May and sold again on the 26th May...
  3. Hmmm, I'll have a butchers at that ……. stay tuned pop pickers
  4. Well I didn't win it , the 2***s guy won it but that doesn't help me , he could have been unhappy with the price he was getting and bid up. ..or am I just too cynical... will be keeping an eye out for it relisted at a later date... it is slabbed so will keep the number.
  5. Looks like I will win the item , dont know , but I am happy with the price too.. ...Its the same scenario as ive had a couple of days ago … I bought a new car and both the dealer and I seemed happy with the deal which makes me feel uncomfortable as in that case I think I could have got more for mine... : )
  6. The seller is one I follow and has nearly 23000 99.9% feedback.. that's whats pi**ing me off more
  7. The guy 2****s has had 64 bids total . 60% with this seller , r***2 has had 43 bids , 100% to this seller , a***h 10 bids , 100% to this seller … that's in the last 30 days
  8. I'm currently bidding on an item on FleaBay and checked the bidding history and noticed that a couple of the bidders have had all their bids to this same seller , obvious to me it is him bidding his item up. This seller , I thought , is a reputable one … am I wrong or is he taking the p**s. Can I name him on here?
  9. ok let him have it … I dont want rare stuff … you cant get spares for it...
  10. If that s the case I will bid twice value and throw in an extra 30 % to be sure.. … you did say it was rare .. didn't you..
  11. That's true , I thought roos were red
  12. That'll sell on eBay.. no problem.....hmmm … maybe a bit too yellow though.
  13. It has 3 bids and is at £120 at the moment with 4 days left..