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  1. hi... it's me again 👀
  2. All sold ... thanks 2009 Austria Philharmoniker £16 2 x 2018 Kangeroo - some milk, see photos £15.50 each 2015 Britannia - some milk, see photo £16 2011 ASE - eagle slight scuff, see photo £15.50 2018 Incuse Maple Leaf £20 2013 Maple Leaf £ 17 Some pics are out of focus slightly but shows milking well. or buy the lot for £110 or exchange for Pandas ( not years 1994, 2009, 13, 15, 16, 17 ) Payment by PP F&F Postage at buyers risk and choice.
  3. There's nothing wrong with having a posh fork to eat your chips with... 😂🤣😂🤣
  4. 72 ish sovs there ?? wow, I can't even imagine. I'm blown away..... or rather my mind is ....
  5. Anyone 'into' these , I have just acquired a 100 mon and they are very interesting. Would like to know how you keep them as they are fairly large. Anyone got some for sale ?
  6. Thats a question I've always wanted answering, also why grade, I don't know the cost but it can't be inconsiderable, do you reap the rewards when you sell?. What is the actual point of grading less expensive coins, like my silver panda above, whoever graded that didn't get his money back for sure, I know how much I paid for it and it wasn't much more than an unslabbed one. More expensive coins I can understand as they may well sell better and for a fair bit more.
  7. Here you go, side by side with NGC to compare sizes too.
  8. The London Coin Grading Service http://www.lcgrading.co.uk , costs £99 per year membership and you have to be a member to submit coins for grading, which is £15.75 per coin or 2% of its value whichever is the greater. Their slabs are a bit weird too, they have 'legs' so probably stack but aren't flat like 'normal'. I can take a photo of mine if anyone is interested. They grade from 1 to 100 too, not as the Sheldon Scale (1 to 70). Be good to have a UK grader though but you have to be grading a lot to get your moneys worth for the £99 sub.
  9. Stu66

    Gorny & Mosch

    Magic , thanks, so it looks like 15% for a sovereign and 15 euro shipping ….. jobs a good un..
  10. Stu66

    Gorny & Mosch

    Anyone bought from these chaps, I'm trying to find the auction commission rate but can't seem to spot it anywhere, also a confirmation of shipping cost . Link to terms and conditions https://www.gmcoinart.de/Terms_and_Conditions.AxCMS thanks
  11. Stu66


    You're not Rolf Harris in disguise are you?...😂
  12. Thats correct @JunkBond
  13. Yeah, done that already @h103efa, no joy.
  14. Theres a P.S on that too.... Its graded and in a slab ..😜
  15. Depends where hide my sovereign to get it in the country.. I might not want it once its been recovered 😂🤣