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  1. Bottom Line Up Front: Considering the current Gold to Silver spot ratio, when should a Silver Stacker start to add Gold to a fledgling stack? Background: I am new to the game. I decided to start buying PM in Feb 2019. I quickly accumulated 200 oz Silver mixed between ASE, Generic Rounds, and 1 each of the Queen's Beast 2 oz. My purpose for buying PM is as a long term investment and hedge against a currency killing event. I have no intent to for profit in the short term or "needing" this money in a current paradigm crisis. Discussion: I want to continue adding Silver to the stack, but I'm also attracted to Gold. However, Silver just seems so cheap right now that I feel like all my cash set aside for PM investing should continue to be directed towards Silver rather than Gold. Each time I look at buying a 1oz Gold Eagle I cant help comparing it to all the Silver I could buy. That's why I'm asking you veterans for your wise opinion. When do you think its appropriate to start adding some Gold to the stack? Is it based on Silver to Gold spot ratio or is it an ounce to ounce ratio of your personal stack? Of course this all boils down to personal choice, but I'd still appreciate hearing from those with more experience than myself.
  2. Hello all, I am just checking in here as a new member to the forum. I have discovered silver as a hobby in the past month after stumbling on some youtube videos. I got sucked down the rabbit hole so to speak and decided to allocate a few percentage points of my investment portfolio into silver and gold. I am really enjoying everything available on youtube and decided to check this place out as well. Lucky for me San Antonio, Texas has a number of good coin shops and gold buyer stores. I even caught a cool little coin show recently.