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  1. I don't think we shall see these offers for a while as i think their trying to avoid over loading delivery services etc..I maybe be wrong i usually am..
  2. Here Martin Lewis has a video that explains a bit more..
  3. Thanks for the reply bud. I shall sit and wait but not hold my breath.They seem to make things so over complicated i end up giving up.It will be impossible to talk to anyone for wks.
  4. I applied for universal credit last wk as this was as I believe the only option at the time for self employed..I had a reply off them which said to ring to make an appointment for a interview before I would receive any payments. Impossible to get through so that’s as far as I got with that. Now I’m thinking ...will they not offer me this new scheme as I’m down for applying for universal credit..🤔 I would be a lot worse off on the uc than the new scheme.. time will tell I suppose as it’s impossible to talk to anybody on the dog n bone.😣
  5. This morning I watched my dog do it’s usual trick and drag it’s a#s up the garden.. I couldn’t help thinking that could be myself in the coming month’s 😂
  6. I heard something like that but wasn't sure.. That's a shame i quite liked the first one.
  7. When will chapter 2 of this series be available?? Any one with any info?
  8. Just what my friend has been looking for.can I take one these please
  9. Ye never knew about the missing leg though on the horse .it’s just another easy way of staying clear of them by an easy check of the photos 😉
  10. Just came across the website “fakebullion”and they highlight that there is a leg of a horse missing on the fake stagecoach 1 oz bars. If this is right there are a few on eBay at the moment..🤔
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