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  1. Thanks for the tip. I’m still new to this forum so I shall in the future 👍
  2. Never had a problem myself on purchasing items on this forum. As for the feedback.. I have only ever received 1 positive feedback back as a buyer. even though I’ve always paid straight away and made a handful of purchases. I don’t leave feedback personally anymore unless I receive it myself.
  3. Received the 1.05 round today and absolutely chuffed to bits with it. It’s perfect 👍 Thanks byb
  4. Put me down for 1 round please. many thanks
  5. 🤔That’s what I think it is.. 🌔🌎💫I’m sure I’m on the right track..
  6. Mmm ..Stars on a black background? Solar system ‘planet ‘boards of some kind? As in earth ,moon etc.?
  7. Please put me down for 1 if there are any spare. many thanks
  8. The ‘Brexit blues bar’ I came so close to putting my name down for one of these, but sadly had to buy another vehicle in an emergency. I’ll get my hands on one sooner or later.
  9. It’s not just me then..thanks for replying
  10. Anyone else having problems loading website??
  11. Great vid and info.. Maybe a stupid question but I was just wondering is there a way of testing silver shot (grain) ?? To tell the difference between 925 or 999 grain..or is it easy to tell the difference by the eye and touch..?