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  1. Talk about suspense!!! Fair enough. I’ll keep my eyes open!
  2. Probably a slow news day story - every now and again they talk about coins worth thousands that in fact you can find in your pocket if you look. Not much else is happening around the world for the journalists to write about, so why not raise some old stories about circulating coinage. As an example - in June, The Express printed this: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/1142623/ebay-rare-coin-sherlock-holmes-50p-coin-selling-uk-value-worth-royal-mint The only type worth reading from this story is: it is not necessarily rare or worth as much as the selling price would suggest.
  3. Good advice!! Thanks. I already have a 1oz bar but am looking at his website with increasingly worrying frequency!!
  4. I’ve gold bars for sale too. Not 1oz but 1g. There are a few 1oz bars including one that I think @Robjw is selling.
  5. I’m hoping to order in Mid August alongside some other goodies from BYB!
  6. Hello and Good Morn! So, there is this sixpence that is screaming at me to buy. A lovely little thing from a few centuries ago. I also have this stack of gold 1g bars that are looking at me and saying 'we are totally going up in value' and so I am having to make a decision... Anyway, decision made - I am selling two Pamps in order to free up the cash needed to complete the sixpence deal. If the price appeals - please let me know and I can send out today. Choice of postage is yours. PM me if interested, please. The two in the pictures are the very two that are for sale. Price is the same for both - £48.00. If you buy both together, hell, lets call it £93.00. I think this is a fair price given that these are on Ebay for anywhere between £55 and £60 at this time. If you disagree with my pricing and want to tell me that it is wrong, then I encourage you to do so. As I always say, pricing an item is an art form and no one is perfect. I know what the forum rules are and I am not asking you to break the rules - just iterating that I am happy to be told if the price is too high. Oh! and make me an offer if you like? Payment by either Bank Transfer or PPF&F, please. If you want to collect rather than pay postage, I can meet near my office by Hatton Garden, Chancery Lane - coffee/tea on me! Cheers, Andrew.
  7. Love that song! As well as the Brits and Austrian Phils I collect the American Eagles too. I am also stacking bullion QBs - have a number of each so far and filling the tubes is extremely satisfying! It's about what you like at the end. I have recently started stacking Peace Dollars and 90% Half Dollars. It is easy to build a large stack fairly quickly and the weight builds up before you know it. If the price of silver remains around the 12 mark for the next few years that will give a good opportunity to build up. In ten years who knows where it will be. My plan is to hold everything for at least 20 and then sell sell sell......... A.
  8. Thanks to @ilovesilverireallydo I today received four Peace Dollars and 10 lovely Kennedy Half Dollars. The jingle is mental. I’m probably going to be smiling all week wishing our fiat could at least equal the noise!!!!
  9. Peace Dollars and Kennedy Half dollars received - lovely quick service. Super fast and thank you for making my pockets super jingly today.....imagine what it must have been like in America in the early 20th century - walking around with loads of coinage jingling....the cupro coins just DO NOT do it, do they!!
  10. Looks to me like a PF67 at best. Will be interesting to see the unboxing video from @Numistacker.
  11. Massive thanks to @ilovesilverireallydo Awesome deal. Cheers!
  12. I’ll take the 1927D Peace Dollar. I’ve just posted asking for these. If you have more of these or the half’s, please let me know!
  13. Evening! I am looking to buy some of the following. Please can you let me know if you are either selling or know someone who is selling? 1. Peace Dollars - depending on condition, but up to £20.00. Dates and P/D/S not relevant (though no, I don’t expect you to be offering 1921 or 1928 at that rate!!) 2. Barber Half Dollars - as above, dependant upon condition but up to £6.00 or lower if bulk available. 3. Walking Liberty Half Dollars - as above, dependant upon condition but up to £6.00 or lower if bulk available. 4. Kennedy 1964 Half Dollars - as above, dependant upon condition but up to £6.00 or lower if bulk available. If you are able to help and share some pictures or give an assurance that the grading is appropriate - as trust is a premium with me, and I trust others, that is also ok. I can pay via either PPFF or Bank Transfer. If you live in London I would also be able to collect if acceptable. I am aware of the forum rules, but I am also thick skinned and would encourage anyone who thinks these prices are unrealistic to get in touch and let me know. I’ll never learn otherwise. Prices quoted are on the basis of what I have previously been paying. Thank you! Andrew.
  14. Yeah, spotted it and have tried to delete, but cannot......cheers for saying though. A.