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  1. There is an asterisk after the stated price. We cannot see the small print from your photo @diesel. I am guessing it is something like this: £2799.95 * * the decimal point may have accidentally slipped.
  2. I zoomed in and they’re 2013. Tempting, but. Must. Keep. Stacking...
  3. The email only confirmed the auction was coming and a view of some of the items. If you PM me your email address I can forward it to you.
  4. Sometimes. A lot of it is common sense though.
  5. Coin Cabinet have just announced their Auction 13. The preview list includes the attached...
  6. I think they should change the design each year. Have competitions etc. Anyone care to remember 2009 and the Blue Peter coin. What about a sovereign like that? 😂 Saying that, wasn’t the new £1 coin designed by a child? That’s a grand design.
  7. ‘Modern day’ Turkey. He butchered that poor dragon to the disdain of the ancient vegans. AND he did it in Libya. Who knew?!
  8. Can anyone please let me know if they would be interested in buying a gold proof 50th anniversary of the United nations (1945-1995) coin? I do not currently have pictures, but have been offered one at (what I think is) a really good price and wondered if anyone wanted it...I am not so keen, but wanted to spread the love. I would NOT be making any profit here!! Stock pictures etc. can be found here: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/proof-sets/proof-2-coins/double-sovereign-1995-un/ Seller is asked 650.00 GBP. I can get this and send it on for that sum plus postage of choice. If interested, let me know otherwise I will confirm no interest. Cheers! A.