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    1. PCGS PR70DCAM Quarter Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns and Sovereigns; 2. Bullion Sovereigns and 1oz Britannia; and 3. Silver bits of history.

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  1. BUMP and relisting with reduced prices - see initial post.
  2. AndrewSL76


    I *think* he is acknowledging a delay in saying thank you for such a beautiful coin. This is why I love this forum.
  3. I should add to the above that the opinion is only based on my own experiences and I appreciate that many people prefer NGC for their own reasons which may be equal to mine in terms of NGC providing them a better service. I can only speak about my own experiences and choices.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I prefer PCGS but would take a NGC at the right price so it can be cross graded. The only issue here is that I think the standards at NGC are different to PCGS (i.e. lower) because a couple of NGC coins were returned as they would not grade at the same level (both were PF70 and I had asked for PR70 they would only do PR69 on both). This is one of the reasons I prefer PCGS - I believe that their standards are higher which is why you get less higher grades and they tend to sell for better prices.
  5. Cheers @shawy2510. I do use Ebay but the coins ALWAYS arrive covered in finger-prints etc. where I can get graded I do for this reason........I have bought raw from Chards recently (my first order) - a 2010 and a 2018 and they were both in stunning condition and should (I think) get a PR70 once I am able to start sending to PCGS post C-19. I should shout out to @LawrenceChard because I ordered last Weds evening and the coins were with me on the Friday morning. Brilliant service.
  6. Is no one proudly talking about their Coin Cabinet auction purchases? I managed to get two items. The 2015 Quarter Sovereign and the 1987 Half Sovereign. Very pleased. Also wanted the 2016 Quarter Sov and had placed the next bid up but my internet dropped and it didn't go through. I was crazily willing to go up to 400.00 for that me mad, but it's one I've been after for a while! Whoever got it (if on here) well done - it is a stunning coin!! Pictures to follow on the 'today I received' thread...
  7. A nice piece from Backyard Bullion pre Edinburgh hallmarking. This is a .999 Silver mirror square. It’s number 2 of this series. There is no CoA. Asking £50.00 with posting additional. Open to reasonable offers. PayPal FF or Bank Transfer.
  8. As per title, two lovely bits of fractional gold. 2007 Panda 20yn MS70 - £100.00. 2013 Panda 20yn MS70 - £100.00. Have both for £200.00 delivered. Postage is not included if buying individual pieces. Payment via PayPal FF or Bank Transfer. Post will be sent this afternoon, Tuesday 1 April 2020 (if sold!) before 5pm Any questions, please let me know. Andrew.
  9. Yes, they said first week of April but then again I received an email yesterday telling me the last captain cook coin was delayed due to the pandemic. Perhaps this will also be delayed... Lovely coin by the way @MoAtef. I didn’t go for the 1oz in the end but it is a lovely coin!
  10. Thanks for these updates @CoinStruck. I am a recent convert to PCGS and am looking at their rates for membership so I can send coins for grading on a regular basis - including some changes from NGC holders etc. Do you self service for PCGS or use a dealer? I’d like to do this myself and wondered if you sent everything to the US yourself and if so, whether there were any issues with doing so. Thanks in advance! Andrew.
  11. I am looking for a 2018 Quarter Sovereign - Proof. Please let me know if you have one that you would be willing to sell. I am ideally looking for a PCGS PR70 or an NGC PF70 but if you only have an FDC then that is also very good! Thank you! Andrew.
  12. I am trying to get a Proof 2020 Quarter-Sovereign but note that they are only sold in sets (minimum is the three coin £850.00 set). Before I proceed to buy the three coin set and then sell the two that I do not want, has anyone bought the set and decided that they want to sell the Quarter? I would be happy to pay £150.00 including postage which I think is a very fair price. If you are in this position, or could be persuaded to be, please let me know! Thanks, Andrew.
  13. Thanks @Charverdude. Please contact me to discuss delivery etc. Thanks again, Andrew.
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