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  1. Isn’t it so funny that a silver proof is still available from the Mint yet they are for sale on EBay... I agree that 30k is high for a quick price surge and resale, but for those who want to collect it for the long haul, it is a good number. I’ve passed on this one. I don’t need like the coin. I think I preferred the mock up with Farmer McGregor in the background going ape-sh*t.
  2. It’s another midnight release. Is it going to just be like the proof set in terms of packaging appearance or are they going to be releasing the coins in the usual plastic covered paper folders? Anyone know?
  3. The quality of the Hawking gold proof may be putting people off?
  4. Is anyone interested in buying this coin? PM me if interested?
  5. Following on from a discussion on the forum, I have requested information from the Royal Mint in respect of its Policy and Strategy on mintage figures. I am not sure if I will get a clear response or whether or not their counsel will appropriately respond, but the wait begins as of today. We should have a response within twenty working days from Monday. Update to follow when the response comes in. The basis for the request is an attempt to understand what the specific policy or strategy is in relation to decision making on mintage figures. Does, for example, the decision include consideration of profit over and above materials, design and production costs, or does the Royal Mint simply aim to meet and balance costs? A breakdown in decision making may reveal for example that the numbers being produced for a certain design may only break even (taking into account material, design and production costs) when a certain number are sold. It may be proven, for instance, that the costs payable to Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler for the Gruffalo are more than those to the estate of Stephen Hawking - meaning a higher mintage to recover overall costs. We will hopefully know soon. Andrew.
  6. Thanks for that - I wasn't aware that the mintage on that coin was so low. Always good to be told and understand proper facts!! A side point - but how do the Mint actually decide on mintage figures? It seems that on one hand they issue low mintage (Hawking and 50 years) but then on the other hand it can be so high (Paddington Silver Proofs) that they are still for sale and could even have been bought at half price due to a recent voucher code that was doing the rounds..... Given that the Mint are a public office and you can submit Freedom of Information Act requests, has anyone ever sought their mintage policy or their yearly strategy document(s). Could be an interesting question or two for the Mint to answer? I will do this now and start a new thread and update in due course. Andrew.
  7. On the point of advice, I recently bought Maple tubes and have been filling them from a mix of sources (mainly Hatton Garden, Ebay and Silver-to-go). I really like them and have not, as yet paid more than 17 for an individual coin. I am really starting to like them. I also have been stacking the QB coins and recently got a couple of Lions and Griffins at a good price. I agree on the Oriental Border coins - they are overpriced - but I like them and hope that the value increases upwards as with the others over time! Hopefully the next order will include the Valiants as I want to get a few and really like this group order idea. Wish I had heard about this sooner... Andrew.
  8. Thanks for this - really appreciate it. The order for this month doesn't give me enough notice, but good to know that this is an option. Thanks again, Andrew.
  9. Dear me - I am learning very slowly - what is the 'group order'? Can you please send me a link to the details? Very curious about this!! Thanks, (and sorry!)
  10. The Valiants are nice. I haven't got one yet, but I may in the future. The 2018 and 2019 are both available from the Mint Bullion page. A.
  11. AndrewSL76

    Sales Advice

    Very fair and sensible advice - thank you very much. I am very happy to do things this way because you are bang on the money - trust moves in both directions. Thanks again for taking the time to respond, Andrew.