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  1. Oh man!!! What a beautiful idea........
  2. I am just going to wait for the release of the BUNC version which will retail for 13GBP and will be unlimited, but still released at 7am as if it is a massive deal...
  3. Has anyone seen this story this morning? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48392141 If there are 100 of us with £1k to spare, in case picked in the ballot? Win it, grade it, (find out it is fake, haha!) and then sell it on. Flip flip flip... I was joking but the more I think about it.......
  4. Hello, If anyone has any Peace Dollars and/or 90% Half Dollars that they are willing to sell, can you please contact me with some pictures and what you would like to sell them for? Thank you, Andrew.
  5. Fair enough. Let’s just hope we get some sensible politics in the next few weeks and the gold price may dip a bit.
  6. I may be ordering a few things this week so will look forward to receiving in June. I have to just decide whether to do this or go to the coin fare. @BackyardBullion do you know if the EM will sell smaller bags of junk silver or specifically sell certain coins (i.e only walking liberty half dollars etc.?) Cheers!!
  7. Is it possible to buy 90% silver American coins there? I have recently started filling up some tubes and would love more peace dollars and half dollars.
  8. If you are in London you should have a look at Hatton Garden Metals. They do some fairly well priced sovereigns. If outside of London you need to factor in the postage...
  9. This is exactly what I did. I joined in March and paid first subscription in April. The forum is different once you have a subscription as more of the threads are open to subscribers - importantly the buying and selling threads. I have made a few deals on here and it is so friendly and there are bargains galore! Could not recommend it enough.
  10. Can report that all good. I received the Canadian Maple box I’ve been looking for (less than 7€) and a few other nice little pieces at a good price. Even with postage and PP fees it was excellent value.
  11. I have my own collection and am trying to sort this for my neice and nephew!! They love them and I want to encourage them with this!!
  12. Apologies for late response. Sold privately off the forum. Was made an offer that was too good to turn down. Added 0 minutes later... Sorry, not that I want to sell. Thanks for enquiring though.