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  1. Yesterday all I received was junk mail from H&B asking me to buy the Wallace and Gromit 50p for the same price you can buy it at the Royal Mint. Never mind fracking, it’s H&B who are killing our planet.
  2. I just got in from a walk with my dog Barnaby (who hasn’t been well) and it’s FREEZING in London. Terrible, really. Agree with @Abyss that the 50 Pesos looks stunning. Love the kilo bar and hope to have one in 2020. Also remarkably enamoured with the gold standard!!! I’m soooo fickle... My plan was just to buy when and however I could. This meant my stack grew slowly with lots of little coins etc. I’ve subsequently changed and now save for bigger items. I’ve stopped collecting 1/10s and now concentrate on Sovereigns and 1/4’s. I can afford one or two a month depending on work and whatever is left over goes on silver (pretty much exclusively ASEs to fill tubes and BYB). This is one of my favourite videos so far. It really struck a chord with me. Thanks.
  3. Actually @CadmiumGreen already called it...see his comment above!
  4. Others may know better (and definitely will!) but I believe it’s an Indian Princess Head. Beautiful looking coin...
  5. Lovely bit of cooking that. You should create a little stamp for the potatoes so they look like sovereigns...you can get them for pieces of toast so it looks like Jesus has appeared...why not George and the Dragon?
  6. Perfect! Thanks BYB. I will PM re payment and the numbers that I have. Thanks again! Andrew.
  7. Welcome to the forum. If you manage to develop the magic formula, please do share it!
  8. Good work! On the issues at hand...why risk a business for a load of 1oz bars? Makes no sense at all to risk it all for £20 here and there.......even if there are 100 of them it’s still just not worth it given the amount of gold they deal in... As is clear from this thread, people will stop buying from people who do this...
  9. This sounds dodgy. I cannot in a million years think a reputable dealer would let anything fake pass through their doors. Too many checks in and out etc. They even film packages being put together. Totally senseless to even suggest anything other than someone having a wise crack here. No other explanation. I am possibly the last one to stand up for this dealer, but at the end of the day, they are only trying to run a business and this sort of thing can ruin a business. Maybe everyone on the thread could edit their messages to remove reference to the dealer in question?