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  1. jvic

    1824 Half Sovereign Score

    well I am pretty sure this coin is not in 2k condition. At the very least I got me a very nice coin.
  2. jvic

    1824 Half Sovereign Score

    Just curious how much do they usually cost in the UK?
  3. I found a 1824 half sovereign inside a gold melt bin in my coin shop. Paid melt + tax (5%) for it. I call it a win. Added 0 minutes later... will try to get better pics soon.
  4. Gothic Crown offered for sale by the Royal Mint. I was browsing the historic coins website and I stumbled upon this thing for offer. Never thought the Royal Mint would offer a Gothic Crown for sale. If this has been posted I apologise beforehand, just thought it was interesting.
  5. jvic

    1966 Irish 10 Scilling

    It was big, chunky, and unpopular I think.
  6. each coin weighs 7 grams and has 2.8 grams of silver.
  7. Spot and I provide free tracked shipping as well.
  8. They are all 1942 second version to 1968.
  9. Minted to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916, 2 million minted but 1,270,000 were later melted.
  10. Want to sell these 40% Swedish 1 Krona coins for spot. I will provide free tracked shipping. Accept PPFF, Interac e-Transfer, and Transferwise.
  11. Ticket no. 2 https://thesilverforum.com/topic/21810-swedish-40-1-krona-coins/
  12. Good to hear that you only spent 5 quid on this.