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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gold Angel,Sovereigns, Krugerrand, Gold Eagles, Queens Beast Range and also historic British gold coins

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  1. Exactly @sovereignsteve hense why im aquiring as much information as possible on the chance of being able to add this edition to my collection just not for 200k 😂 I have seen nice examples just over the 100k mark which is in my budget
  2. Shame would of been very intrested to see the orignal artwork! Yes the ones im looking at are well over £200k
  3. @ilovesilverireallydo Truely incrediable thankyou very much for the education its a coin i've been atempting to aquire for along time. Never knew Benedetto designed the first incrediable!
  4. I'm interested in why the 1839 Una & The Lion £5 was commissioned by Queen Victoria? What was the purpose if it wasn't circulated?
  5. I would highly recommend acquiring the 1989 £5 if you are building up a collection of quintuple sovereigns they are truly a marvel and the premium isn't anywhere near the single sovereign
  6. Would sell my house for an 1837 Una and the lion £5 😂
  7. welcome to the forum from the uk
  8. Welcome @7x50 from uk
  9. Hello welcome to the forum from the uk @Ozzyguy
  10. Incredible I didn't know this thank you for your wise words!
  11. Truly stunning coin have never owned a high relief I think I will purchase one from Apmax. Thankyou very much @trozau
  12. Thankyou @trozau I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for this great help!
  13. I will try to keep track of this closely and wait for a few others to go on sale could just have been bidded up by the seller's friends? Thanks for your help Dean
  14. Thanks for that I will read this now